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When you loose a friend, you will never be the same...
He grabbed his gun, pointing it to his head, and it took 2 seconds for the shot to be heard all over the building.

Matthew was a sad kid, or depressed anyways. He used to be one of those outcasts you see alone at the school cafeteria. He claimed he was never bullied, well at least that's what he told me.

I drove across town after I had heard about Matthew. I was petrified from thinking about it. A tear ran down to my chin, as I took a left, and made it to the parking lot of the building, where a dozens of people were standing scared.

When I was 16, I invited Matt to my cousin's party, which was supposed to be one of the biggest parties of the semester. Matt refused to go because he said he was not feeling well. I selfishly left and had a great time at the party, but still I was kinda worried for Matt.

I quickly got out the car and ran my ass off to get where he was lying, and as I got closer and closer to his body, I could feel the emptiness.

Me and Matt were always friends, close ones. He would always tell me when something was wrong and I would do the same. He would share all of his secrets, like when he caught his mom drinking when she claimed to be sober. He also told me about how he never met his dad. I always tried to console him, but he would never smile. I think that was it, he was never happy.

Last night, I was with my girlfriend in my house when I got a call from Matt. He was mumbling about something I could not understand because I was drunk by that time. Then I heard something I had never heard coming from him, a soft sob. He started talking about us and how I was always there for him even if I didn't know much about him. He hung up and left me confused, until the next day.

This morning I woke up a little hungover. I took a shower, ate breakfast, then went to work. When I got to my office, my secretary, Joanne, jumped off her seat and gave me the biggest hug anybody had ever given me before. She said that she was so sorry and that she was there for me. I just nodded and went straight to my office without even asking what had happened.
There is a little tv in my office, when Im finished with my paperwork I tend to watch news. So I turn on the TV and go to the first news channel I find. They were covering a story about aman who killed himself and then flew out the window of his apartment. The police identified the body immediatly. I stood up right away and drove to the scene.

As they picked him up the cold pavement he had fell on, I saw in his coat a small note hidden in a pocket. I told the guy to remove it so I could read it, but it was evidence so I had to wait. I just sat down and cried like it was the first time I had ever cried.

3 Days Later.

Im getting on my way to the funeral. As Im driving, I stop for a cigarette break. Im looking for my pack in the glove compartment, but as I dig deeper, I find a note, written by him, and it said:

" My dearest and oldest friend,

For many years I have been unhappy, and for so long I have been on pills.
Even though I was hanging from a thread, I decided to cut it myself with my
scissors. Don't ever be like me, and just keep on living. I had my problems
which were too overwhelming. You have a beautiful life ahead of you, and don't
you ever cry for me, because you know that I will be watching you, just like
watched me. So farewell my friend, I will see you sometime when the time is right
and God needs you up here with him.

Your Friend, Matt."

I lost my friend Matt when he was young. I hope that you will not go through the same suffering times I had. Please, listen to the heartbroken. Be the shoulder to lean on. Be a friend, and never let go.

Thank You.

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