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It really works but does it help? Created for The Writer's Cramp Contest
I’m tired of living this way.
Fifty pounds in five days, or so they say.
I’ve tried all the others;
It wouldn’t hurt to try another.

I'm fed up with the fat that hinders and does embarrass;
Weighing me down, with every step I’m left breathless.
Willing to exchange my breath
For a self inflicted death;

But before I swallow these bottles of pills,
I’ll try this email claiming no treadmills.
Fifty pounds in five days, what do I have to lose?
Who knows it might not be a ruse.

A bottle of juice, I swallow twice a day;
That’s what the instructions say.
First sip I take sends chills down my spine;
I wonder if this is what I saw on Dateline.

Another day, another sip;
I must be careful not to skip.
Well aware of the placebo effect,
I keep my hopes low, with nothing to expect.

But the next day I can’t ignore
The difference from before:
The decreased flab on my neckline
And the reduction of rolls on my waistline.

Long at last, a product that delivers.
Now I’ll have no more sneerers.
The answer to all my problems
In a tiny bottle filled with venoms.

The pounds kept falling,
But I kept feeling
Fat in my skin,
Though they said I was thin.

I continued to purchase
The bottle of blackness.
Losing inches and pounds by the day;
So light, I could almost fly away.

But the image in the mirror
Was always so much bigger.
In desperation I still find myself
Willing to kill my ugly fat self.
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