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(soft vore, f/m, hyena/rabbit, furry, digestion, scat)
(soft vore, f/m, hyena/rabbit, furry, digestion, scat)

Heidi would agree to anything in the throws of passion; especially when her partner touches the hyena in her most sensitive area. Little does she know that her bunny friend has a particularly strange fantasy, but the hyena finds it very hard refuse once she’s agreed.

By JuiceFox

Heidi would have never agreed to Steven’s deal if she had known what the bunny had in mind. The hyena didn’t really have a choice at the time; Steven had gotten her so horny that she would have agreed to anything.

The deal was made one late summer’s night, the week before last. Heidi’s college room mate was out at a party so the hyena had the room all to herself. Heidi was in a lustful mood so she gave her friend with benefits a booty call.

Within minutes the white rabbit had the hyena begging for satisfaction. Steven circled his finger around the lip of Heidi’s tailhole but, tortuously, kept it from slipping inside. Up until then, the rabbit had avoided this area. In fact, he wrinkled his nose in disgust when Heidi mentioned how much she enjoyed being fisted by her ex boyfriend. But, for some reason, the bunny paid particular attention to her most sensitive area that night, two weeks ago.

“I’ll give you what you want if you do something for me in return,” Steven whispered into Heidi’s ear.

The hyena had become so overwhelmed with desire that she answered, “yes,” without question.

Heidi could tell that Steven didn’t enjoy what came next, but he did his best to pretend. The bunny licked his fingers and eased them into the hyena’s tailhole. Steven continued up to his shoulder and improvised from there. The bunny pumped and felt his way through the hyena’s intestines until she exploded over his chest.

Heidi knew the rabbit had an aversion to tailholes so she appreciated the effort; but she didn’t think anything of the agreement they made. The hyena dismissed the deal as a strange bit of foreplay and soon forgot about it, until Steven brought it up that night.

Heidi’s room mate was at another party so she called the bunny again. When Steven got there, Heidi was ready and rearing to go. She hoped that her tailhole would receive as much attention as it had in their previous session, but she was soon disappointed.

“You promised that you’d do something for me,” Steven reminded her.

Heidi’s heart sank. By the rabbit’s tone, she could tell that she wouldn’t be getting what she wanted that night.

“I want you to eat me.”

The hyena’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “Why would you want someone to eat you?”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “Probably for the same reason why you like my arm up your tailhole.”

Heidi’s face went red at the bluntness with which Steven spoke of her kink. “Why are you asking me to do that to you?” said Heidi. “You know I’m not into that sort of thing.”

“Well, I’m not into fisting, but I did it for you.”

“Why don’t you ask my room mate instead,” Heidi suggested. “Sierra would jump at the chance to add another bunny to her diet.”

“I don’t want to be digested; I just want to be held for ten minutes and let out again,” said Steven. “I know you don’t like eating prey, and that’s why it has to be you. You’re the only one I can trust to let me out.”

Steven couldn’t seriously expect Heidi to live up to a promise made in the throws of passion. But the hyena felt guilty. The rabbit had been willing to satisfy her sexual fantasy. How could Heidi say no when he asked for the same in return? As unfair as the deal was, the hyena couldn’t bring herself to break it.

“Fine,” said Heidi. “But it has to be quick. I don’t want Sierra to find out.”

Steven wasted no time. The rabbit stripped naked in a matter of seconds and leaped onto the hyena’s bed before Heidi had the chance to undo the first button on her blouse. Heidi had never seen the rabbit move so fast. It was no wonder how he survived his high school years.

Heidi removed her top and bra but didn’t see the point in taking off her pants. The hyena climbed onto the bed with the rabbit and did her best to make his fantasy as enjoyable for him as he had made hers. But Heidi didn’t know where to start.

“Err, gee,” the hyena began awkwardly. “You look like a tasty bunny. I’m going to enjoy, uh, eating you.”

Heidi didn’t understand the appeal of eating or being eaten, so flirting in this manner was proving to be very difficult. Thankfully, Steven cut her attempt short.
“Maybe we should just go straight to the swallowing part.”

The hyena was relieved, but still didn’t know how to proceed. “Err… How?”

Steven laughed. “Just put my feet in your mouth and start swallowing.”

As instructed, Heidi gathered the rabbit’s feet and brought them to her mouth, but stopped short. The hyena didn’t agree with predation and – even though she planned to let Steven out unharmed – the idea of it didn’t sit well with her. But Heidi couldn’t back out just because she didn’t feel like it, so she delayed. “What if you don’t fit?”

“Don’t worry about that,” Steven reassured her. “You’re a hyena. You’re built to eat guys like me. Who knows, you might even like it.”

Heidi didn’t want to like it but she couldn’t stall forever, so she put her morals aside and jammed the rabbit’s feet into her mouth. Heidi glided her tongue across the soles of the bunny’s feet and hummed as if she were enjoying it. Steven’s breath accelerated into an erratic pant and he quickly got hard.

The hyena swallowed and the rabbit shuddered with sexual delight. Steven was enjoying every second of the process but Heidi just wanted to get the whole thing over with. The hyena swallowed in rapid succession until she reached the bunny’s hips.

Heidi lifted the bunny into the air and swallowed as hard as she could but the rabbit had gotten stuck, waist deep, in the hyena’s throat. Heidi bucked her head and gulped as hard as she could, but to no avail.

The powerful peristalsis of the hyena’s throat muscles quickly became too much for Steven’s throbbing member, and he exploded during a particularly strained swallow. Cum overflowed the hyena’s mouth and helped to lubricate the rabbit’s way.

Heidi saw no reason to continue after Steven had gotten off so she tried to spit him out, but the bunny was too far along. Heidi tried to bring her head forward to prevent gravity from pushing the rabbit down any further, but Steven’s body was forcing her throat to remain straight.

Steven did nothing to prevent his descent. In fact, when Heidi’s lips reached his armpits, the rabbit lifted his arms out of the way. The hyena had no other choice but to swallow Steven the rest of the way.

It was a great relief to get the rabbit down but, after the last gulp, Heidi was exhausted. As Steven curled up inside her, Heidi lay down on her bed to allow the rabbit to do his thing. As Steven jerked off, Heidi’s belly convulsed.

It took only two minutes for Steven to reach his climax but Heidi needed time to regain her energy. The hyena relaxed for the reminder of the agreed ten minutes; but ten minutes soon became fifteen, and fifteen soon became twenty. Steven waited patiently for half an hour before Heidi could summon the strength to lift her head from her pillow.

The hyena leaned over the side of her bed and stuck a finger down her throat to initiate her gag reflex. Bringing the rabbit up proved to be a more arduous task than getting him down. After ten minutes of retching and heaving, Heidi barely brought the bunny up halfway.

Heidi’s concentration was interrupted by the rattling of keys. The hyena looked up in time to see her lioness room mate enter. Heidi quickly swallowed Steven back down and tried to hide her swollen stomach. “Sierra,” she said with surprise. “You’re home early.”

As usually, the lioness had returned from the party with a squirming lump in her stomach. “This one had a girlfriend,” Sierra said as she stroked her bulging belly. “I thought I’d better sleep him off before she realizes he’s missing.”

This hit a raw nerve with Heidi. Sierra had eaten the hyena’s boyfriend and Heidi had never forgiven her for it. In Sierra’s defense, the lioness didn’t know the squirrel was Heidi’s boyfriend at the time. It was very unusual for a predator to bring a prey to her room unless she planned to eat him. But, to Heidi, that was no excuse.

Ever since that misunderstanding, Heidi lectured her room mate on the wrongness of predation every time the lioness ate a fellow student. This time, however, Heidi was too preoccupied with hiding her own gut to berate Sierra over the contents of hers.

“Aren’t you going to tell me that I’ve been a bad girl,” the lioness continued when the hyena remained silent. “Aren’t you going to tell me that prey have feelings too.”

“There’s no point,” said Heidi. “You never listen anyway.”

“But I do, I do,” Sierra teased. “I now realize that prey have feelings.” The lioness shook her belly to renew her prey’s indignant squirming. “They feel wonderful.”

The hyena bit her tongue and Sierra eventually lost interest.

“Your no fun tonight,” said the lioness as she undressed herself. Heidi hoped that Sierra was undressing for a shower but instead the lioness sat naked at her desk and logged into Facebook.

After all her preaching, Heidi couldn’t let Sierra find out that she had eaten a bunny. The hyena had to regurgitate Steven away from the lioness’s prying eyes. But everything was closed at night, so leaving the room would look suspicious. Heidi couldn’t even use the excuse that she needed to go to the bathroom because their room had an ensuite.

Steven grew impatient. Heidi had to cover her belly with her blanket as the rabbit began to kick. The hyena managed to hide the bunny’s movements but the squelching sounds did not escape Sierra’s hearing.

The lioness eyed the hyena suspiciously from her desk. “Dinner not sitting well?”

“Just an upset stomach,” Heidi quickly replied. She tried to get Sierra out of the room. “Don’t you want to have a shower before you go to bed?”

“I can’t stand up long enough to have a proper shower when I’ve eaten,” said Sierra. The lioness switched off her computer and walked over to the hyena’s bed. “You know, if you ever did decide to … experiment; there’s no shame in that,” Sierra said in a strangely reassuring tone. “You can’t know whether or not you like something unless you try it.”

Steven wouldn’t stop squirming and it become very hard for Heidi to hide him from Sierra. Before the lioness noticed what was going on beneath the sheets, Heidi lay on her stomach to hold the bunny still. “I’ll keep that in mind,” she said. “If you don’t mind, I’ve got an early lecture tomorrow and I’d like to get some sleep.”

Sierra stared at Heidi for a long moment before leaving the hyena alone. “Whatever,” said the lioness as she switched the lights off and climbed into her own bed.

Heidi stayed on her belly as she waited for her room mate to fall asleep. Sierra was a heavy sleeper – especially after she’s eaten – so Heidi planned to sneak away when she was sure the lioness was asleep.

Disgusting sounds burbled from Sierra’s belly as the lioness digested her prey. Heidi constantly checked to see if her room mate had fallen asleep but her eye was constantly drawn to the lioness’s stomach. The rippling movements of Sierra’s belly were strangely hypnotic, almost like a lava lamp.

The hyena lost track of time as she watched the anonymous lump in the lioness’s stomach transform from a solid mass into a sloshing soup. By the time Heidi managed to tear her eyes away, the hyena’s own stomach had done the same to Steven. Heidi rolled onto her back and desperately poked her belly for signs of life, but what she felt was unrecognizable.

Heidi was horrified. It had been an accident, but there was no getting around the fact that she had made a meal of a fellow student. Everything she had said against predation suddenly felt meaningless. Heidi had become just as guilty as any other predator. She should have never agreed to Steven’s wish.

But there was nothing Heidi could do about it. She had to let her digestive tract finish what it had started, so the hyena let herself sleep. After all, Heidi still had an early lecture in the morning.

Heidi slipped into a deep food coma and didn’t wake up when her alarm went off. When the hyena finally opened her eyes, her stomach had become relatively flat again. A hideous belch erupted from Sierra’s side of the room and the air filled with the rancid scent of digested meat.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that in here,” said Heidi as she tried to block the smell with her blanket. Without warning, Heidi suddenly felt a tremor in her bowels. She tried to hold the gas buildup in but it only made it louder. The sound reverberated embarrassingly between the hyena’s legs.

“Look who’s talking,” Sierra teased.

Heidi went red, but she was glad that her room mate’s feline nose wasn’t sensitive enough to detect the faint traces of rabbit within her fowl release. Heidi hopped out of bed and got dressed as Sierra lazily stroked her similarly flattened belly.

Heidi became frantic when she realized that she had slept in. She was late for class so she had to skip her morning routine. The hyena shoved a notebook and pens into her bag and unlocked the room door.

“Don’t you need to use the bathroom first?” said Sierra, but Heidi was already out the door. “Suit yourself.”

When Heidi arrived at the lecture theatre, all the aisle seats were taken, so she had to squeeze past a number of student’s before she could sit down. The first ten minutes went by without incident but Heidi soon felt another tremor in her bowels.

It was more than wind this time – Heidi had to go – but she was trapped between tens of students on either side. Heidi didn’t want to push past them a second time and was afraid that she might let one off if she tried, so she held it in.

It became very hard to concentrate on the lecture as the pressure built. Heidi gave up on taking notes and focused on keeping things contained. The hyena had to let some gas leak out from time to time but it was never enough. Most of Heidi’s classmates didn’t notice her silent indiscretions – or at least pretended not to – but a labrador with a keen nose gave the hyena a disapproving look.

Heidi was desperate by the time the lecture ended, but she still had to wait for the students in the aisle seats to leave first. Heidi shoved impatiently through the departing crowd and raced for the public toilet outside.

A bunny girl was using the mirror to put on her makeup when Heidi entered. The hyena suddenly felt nauseous but she couldn’t reach the toilets in time. Instead, Heidi arched over the sink beside the rabbit to throw up. All that came out was a large clump of white fur; Steven’s fur.

The bunny girl’s eyes went wide with fear.

“It’s not what it looks like,” Heidi tried to explain but the rabbit didn’t listen. The bunny girl sped out the door, leaving her makeup and bag behind. It was probably for the best because Heidi didn’t want anyone to hear or smell what she was about to do.

The hyena locked herself in one of the bathroom stalls and released her burden. The relief was welcome but the movement began to give Heidi a funny feeling. Clumps of fur and undigested bone fragments tickled the hyena’s tailhole as they passed into the bowl. Heidi soon found herself panting at the strange sensation. Her body pulsed with pleasure and she exploded with sexual excitement.

The guilt was overwhelming when the gravity of what had just happened sank in. The hyena’s body did what it was designed to do and Heidi got off to it. As much as the hyena hated to admit it, she enjoyed it.

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