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Jennifer finds out about Bradley's accident and he learns she was ill.
Rainey was escorted home by two of Bradley's men and they were nice to her. Bradley took Rainey's hand and thanked her for her help and she kissed his cheek. Bradley blushed but admired the young lady.

The next morning, Miles stopped by to see Megan. He frowned when he saw the gypsies in Bill and Vicki's woods. He wished he could shoot Manolito. Miles went to the door and knocked on it. Megan answered the door. She hugged Miles and kissed him. Miles embraced her and hated to let her go.

"Megan, Darling why are the gypsies here?" Miles frowned.

"It is a good thing that they were here. Jennifer and I went to Jane's a couple of days ago and coming back, Jennifer and I got caught in a rain storm. Jennifer was running a fever and was so sick. The gypsies showed up here and Manolito's mother Zalita had a potion to cure Jennifer. She is all better now. I am so glad they are here." MEGAN COULDN'T NEVER TELL MILES THAT SHE USED A MOONSTONE TO SUMMON THEM FOR THEIR HELP. SHE WAS FROM THE FUTURE AND PRESENT. MILES WOULD NEVER UNDERSTAND THAT ONE.

"I guess it is good that they were here. I don't think Bradley knows."

"No. I haven't had a chance to go tell him." Megan smiled.

Just then Jennifer entered the room.

"How are you feeling?" asked Miles.

"Better. Thank you." Jennifer poured a cup of tea and Megan offered Miles some. He took a cup.

"There is a ball at ther Olsons next weekend. Would you like to go?" Miles asked Megan.

"I would love to. Jennifer, I am sure Bradley will be asking you soon." Megan looked at Jennifer and she still looked sick but was able to function.

"I will see how I feel by then." Jennifer loved balls but she wanted to leave with Calin and the gypsies.

Just then a carriage arrived. It was Jane. Jane knocked on the door. Jennifer let her in.

Jane hugged Jennifer. "I was so worried about you and Megan since it stormed the other day. Glad you made it home. I see the gypsies are here."

"I got a fever being caught in the rain. Luckily, the gypsies were here and the one woman had a potion that cured me."

"Oh, Dear. I am so sorry. I hope you are better."

"I am. Come in and have some tea." Jennifer offered.

"Hello Miles and Megan. I take it you are here to ask Megan to the the Olson Ball."

"I am. Megan will be going." Miles eyes twinkled.

"I am glad. I have been asked by a military soldier Colonel David McGowen and I have accepted. Father approves of him."

"That is wonderful, Jane." Megan hugged Jane.

Vicki came into the room with lemon tarts and Miles was the first to grab a couple.

Bill had just come back from Bath because he had to buy supplies. "Hello, everyone. I heard in town that Bradley was out in that storm and a tree branch hit him in the head and knocked him off his horse. He has a minor head injury."

"Oh, Dear. I should go see him." Jennifer said in a low voice.

"I was headed over there and I will be glad to take you over. Megan, too. Jane, would you like to go, too?"

"I don't know if we should all go. Please give him my best." Jane said she had better be going. Jennifer walked her to the door and Jane left.

Rainey was up bright and early. She went over to see Bradley and bought him some cherry pie and sugar cookies. Bradley invited her in. Rainey wore the best dress that she had, a bright powder blue dress.

"How are you feeling, Mr. Kentsworth?"

"Better, Miss Rainey. Thanks again for all your help."

"My pleasure, Sir. Do you need me to clean house or anything?" Rainey made some lemonade.

"No, I have a maid coming over. I do want you to tell you that there is a store in Bath that sells clothes and I have paid for three dresses and all you have to do is go there and pick out the three dresses you want. I appreciate what you did for me yesterday."

"Thank you, Mr. Kentsworth. Oh! Are you going to the Olson Ball next weekend?"

"I plan on it but I will probably be with Jennifer, my sweetheart."

Rainey's face fell. "Can you save me a dance?"

"Of course, I can. I would be honored." Bradley smiled.

Just then Miles, Megan and Jennifer came to the door.

"Hey, Bradley. I heard about your accident." Miles said.

"A limb knocked me off a horse and gave me a head injury. Miss Rainey helped me get home."

Rainey smiled. Jennifer was jealous. Bradley gave Jennifer a hug and kissed her.

"I am glad you are better. Megan and I were out in that storm and I got a fever but the gypsies were staying at Vicki and Bill's and Zalita gave me a potion to make me better." Bradley knocked his glass of lemonade off the table. Rainey went to clean it up.

"I am glad you are better. I guess we both had bad luck. I am glad you are here now. Oh. I would like for you to meet Rainey. Rainey, this is my sweetheart Jennifer, best friend Miles and his sweetheart Megan."

Rainey was polite as Jennifer, Miles and Megan was polite to her. Rainey usually dressed in men's clothes but she was glad she had dressed up today.

"Mr. Kentsworth, I should be going. Thank you for the dresses. I will be picking them up and I look forward to a dance with you at the Olson Ball."

Bradley held Rainey's hand and she kissed his cheek. Jennifer wasn't happy. HE HAD BOUGHT HER DRESSES AND PROMISED HER A DANCE AT THE BALL? HE WAS POURING IT ON THICK. THIS SUCKED! Rainey waved good bye and left.

"I think she has a crush on you." Jennifer said.

"She is young and sweet. I don't think she leaves home much. She lives with the Timmons and she was kidnapped and beaten by gypsies and Mr, Timmons found her in a field and they took her in. She reminded them of their daughter Angie who died when she was sixteen. You know I love you, Jennifer. Will you be going to the Olson Ball with me?"

Jennifer felt like she didn't have a choice. "Yes, I will be going with you." Bradley hugged Jennifer.

"Are you alright and over your fever? If I had known but I wasn't able to come over last night." Bradley looked sad.

"I am fine. I am sorry I couldn't be there for you." Jennifer wasn't sure what to say or feel.

"Shall we all go to the ball together again?" Miles asked.

"Sounds good to me." Bradley said.

"Jane said to tell you she is thinking about you. Bill was in town and heard about your accident." Megan said.

"Would anyone would like some cherry pie, sugar cookies and lemonade? Rainey made them." Bradley thought Jennifer looked jealous and he was glad. He bet that Calin had been over to see Jennifer and he bet those gypsies were the ones who had kidnapped and hurt Rainey. Another reason to get rid of Calin. He hoped those gypsies would leave soon. Jennifer didn't like Bradley buying dresses for Rainey and he was going to dance with her at the ball. Jennifer would be at the ball but she had to choose. Bradley or Calin?

Beautiful Poser of Jane Austen by best friend Angel.
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