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by Jessi
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A poem I wrote about my true love and how I feel
Thinking about you
It drives me crazy
When you nod your head
I think I'm going to die.
I miss the old us
The way we used to be
Saying 'hi' no matter who we're with
I wish we could go back.
I miss how I'd wait for you to say 'hi' first
All because I was too shy
I miss the way I see you and look away
I miss the way you make me feel.
The way you ignored me
That didn't feel good at all
But I'll let it go
Because I don't want to lose you.
I miss the butterflies
I get them when I see you
And they won't go away
I miss that feeling.
I miss being something to someone
I miss all the emotions you put me through
I might have hated it at times
But now I'm here just missing everything.
I'm missing you
Everything we used to be
I miss how I wanted to grow old together
I miss the nicknames I had for you.
I miss how I had our future planned out
I miss daydreaming about our wedding
I miss everything you are
Everything you do made me laugh.
No matter what you would say
It always made my day
I miss how sad I got when I can't see you
I miss all the things you put me through.
I miss how my friends
Would run up to me and say
That they seen you and how you looked
I remember wanting to see you.
That's all I'd do is go look
Even if I know you won't be there
I miss trying to talk around you
But not able to find a word to say.
Everything was fun
Something actually mattered
I felt like I might live
I miss those days.
You meant everything to me
I hope you know that you still do
I could go on forever
About how I miss and remember.
But that could go on forever
So I'll tell you one last thing
And then I'll leave:
I'm in love with you.
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