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A Spider's Web

      The instruments which scientists are using to develop fusion energy
      evolve in complexity and power. What they are trying to do is generate
      energies needed to cause hydrogen to fuse with helium. This is the
      fusion going on in our Sun. Once the fusion process is started, it will
      continue on its own as long as hydrogen is available, generating more
      energy than was used to start the process. Hydrogen fuel is available
      from sea water.

      Lasers are used to generate the power needed to start the fusion process.
      Hydrogen is held in a hollow glass sphere which has the diameter of a
      strand of hair. The sphere must be suspended in mid air. In order to
      reach 90 million degrees to start the fusion. 24 lasers with 12-trillion watt
      beams are aimed at the sphere. But, how can the hollow glass be suspended?
      Strands of glass were not strong enough. Spider silk is used with the added
      benefit of being sticky. Despite the technology of fusion experiments, nature's
      sophisticated spider silk cannot be artificially matched.

      The Mayan Sun worshipers worshiped the spider as a deity. They believed the
      spider's web held the destiny of all life. The Sun was suspended in a web by
      the mother of all life.

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      With the presidential elections approaching. It is interesting to consider
      the origin of the occult in the American Revolution. The Hell Fire Club in
      Brittan gave financial support to the American Revolution. The occult Mage
      Sir Francis Dashwood held a close friendship with Benjamin Franklin.
      Franklin subscribed to the Rosicrucian mystical belief of pragmatism and
      visionary inspiration. Franklin founded the Colonial Bank and described
      the Revolution as a break with the "Bank of England's usury." The Hell Fire
      Club contributed to the Colonial Bank in gold.

      The White House has been haunted by several ghost. Many of which
      were plantation slaves. Both Roosevelt and Kennedy claimed to have
      seen them as well as Abraham Lincoln's wife. Truman believed he had
      a conversation with Thomas Jefferson.

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