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A visit to the family turns out a turning point

I learned never to say never when I was just a cub, cause it simply meant you were tempting fate. My first urge was to just switch on my car's engine and drive away. I did not belong here, as it been pointed out to me a thousand times before. I was the only Red haired in my family, i was also the only one that could not phase. I was not human, by genes I was half werewolf....but unlike my family I never phased to wolf form. On my seventeenth birthday I left my clan's land and this was the first time i returned.  It was my Twenty First yesterday. I have been gone for four years.

I was not a pure blood. I had fairy blood flowing through my veins. My grandfather could not explain why I failed to phase. Other half bloods did. It was more difficult than for a pure blood. Many half bloods died on their first phase. I apparently phased to escape those that killed my parents but i cant remember that. It was not like I have not tried since then.

There was a loud knock on my window and my grandfather stood outside my jeep's door. "Well girl are you going to sit here all day or are you coming in?" My grandfather  was his usual grumpy self. I got out and hugged the man that raised me. As if i have never been gone he waved me up the stairs. Before we entered the house i looked up in the sky. Above us shone the full moon.

Everything seemed to be the same, gran was in the kitchen and the different members of my family was there too. I seemed to have been in time for supper. Gran's pork chops and salad and sweetbread filled my tummy. I listened to the conversation around the table, answered the few questions I got asked. "Yes, I had a job.". "No, I was very much single." "No I was not in trouble." That question got my cousin who asked a angry glare from my grandfather. 

Only one question I could not answer. Simple cause I could not answer it for myself. Why I was here. The hounds went mad the same time everyone of us lifted our heads as a sound came from outside. The air was suddenly tense, there was a feeling that made my skin crawl. My grandfather got up and opened a trapdoor that I knew led to the cellar below. Someone opened a window and whistled. The two massive Irish Wolfhounds came sailing through.

Gran unlocked a safe that held guns. The smaller cubs and the pregnant females were send below and then the two hounds were sent in after them and ordered to guard. I expected to be sent down with them but instead Gran thrust a gun in my hands. There were a few things we were all taught, how to handle a gun, how to cook and how to hide if need be. Money, food, water, clothes and car keys were passed down to the females in the cellar. They were given guns to protect themselves. Lastly the dogs were ordered below. A tunnel to the underground garage was connected to the cellar. If our attackers broke into the house they would escape along it and drive to safety.

Grandfather ordered me to follow him and we slipped out the backdoor. I took the safety off the pistol I held in my hand. The smell the wind brought to me made my body tense and I growled. "Easy Tess.", my Grandfather whispered into my ear. The growl startled me, I learned not to do that as it was not something humans, among whom I found myself the last four years, did. I learned to blend in among them.

Again the breeze brought the half rotting smell to my nostrils. Pain shot through my body starting at my shoulders. Grandfather took the gun from my hands as my body raked with pain shook I heard bone snapping and bit my teeth together to not scream. I heard cloth tearing, for a moment everything went black...then i became aware of two gray paws standing next to me. I got up and looked down to the ground in front of me. I saw two huge reddish brown paws.

Grandfather's "voice" boomed into my head. "Easy, Theresa Maria Moon. We do not want them to know we are here yet." The huge gray wolf that was my grandfather licked my shoulder and I grew calm. The pack was linked telepathically. I pushed my self to the ground and licked his muzzle, my tail tucked in and my head and ears down. Showing my submission to him as alpha. More wolfs joined us and some of them in human form as well.

Suddenly aware that I should be further to the back of the pack , I started to move. My Grandfather's eyes locked me where I was instead."No pup, I want you at my side." I licked his face, my tail moving slightly from side to side. "Yes Grandfather." I answered my tongue happily hanging from my mouth. "Avoid getting scratched by their claws. You have no idea where that was. If you attack, do so only when you are sure you can kill it."  He instructed.

We crept closer till the stench was so strong that I had trouble containing the rage that suddenly flooded my veins. We were suddenly on them and Grandfather barked his order to attack. All fear of failure dissapeared, there was just the rage and the need to attack. Instinct took over. They did not know what hit them. We fought them with all our might and we killed every last one. Adrenaline still rushed through my veins like hot lava and I paced up and down.

"Tess! Come with me." my Grandfather ordered and turned to the forest. I followed. We entered the forest and my Grandfather started to run. I felt the ground under my paws and the wind blowing through my coat. The forest sounds and smells flooded my senses. After a bit we walked and I realised we were checking that non of them were hidden here in the forest. I grew more cautious and put my nose to the ground.

We were downwind from a rabbit. The night air carried its tantalizing scent to me and my stomach decided to growl. Embarrassed I looked at
My Grandfather only chuckled. "Hunt it pup. You deserved it after tonight's work. I wagged my tail and started to track the rabbit. It was feeding and did not see me until I was on it. I snapped at its neck before it uttered a sound. Then I carried the carcass dropping it at my Grandfathers feet. He pushed it back to me and laid to one side.

Hot blood flowed down my throat as I ate. I finished it as if I never before had food. I walked to a small stream close by to satisfy my thirst. Then I followed him home. I felt....exhausted when we reached the house. My Gran led me to a room and I fell on the bed, my body starting to ache. I could not keep my eyes open any more and fell asleep.

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