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This explains about Tia's medallion as well as the other twelve and who wears them. Enjoy!

The medallions started to be given at weddings around the first dynasty by one of the greatest Pharaohs of all Time. This pharaoh only had two daughters, ATA and Menka. Each medallion has something different in it’s center. Only the first and fourth are almost idenitical except their centers. All the others have a mixture of ancient writings from the land that was married into as well as a different center.

The oldest line began in the first dynasty with the ancient Egyptian princess Menka. She was the eldest daughter of one of our greatest pharaohs. When a Scottish foreigner by the name of William Anders came to honor her father she saw the man’s two sons Marcus and William the Second. Menka fell in love with the eldest Marcus Andreas Anders. The pharaoh gave the day they married three things. The medallion of Magic was given to Menka, so she would always return to her home. This medallion was the first and has been said to be in total Egyptian with a picture of Isis as it’s center.

The two other royal presents were the same but different. They were magical chessboards. They weredesigned with three things in mind. One, to keep a record of every person in that line. Second, to keep a record of every game ever played on it and finally to keep any secrets that it owners want known only to the later generations. Each chessboard  hold a secret compartment that can only be opened by the true master of the board. One was given to Marcus Andreas Anders and would add to but never truly change. The other was given to her father– in-law William Marcus Anders.

She left with her husband Marcus and his family. For a while there was peace between the Medjai and wizards, then about a hundred years ago, the goblins and wizards wanted what was in our tombs for the gold that was there. When we refused them entry, they declared war. Menka’s line and clan choose to side with the Medjai. After the war there was only the thirteen tribes left. It was then that the wizards turned on the ones that they believed to be traitors, Menka's line: the Andreas clan . The Medjai found them burned and her children missing. The leader of the Medjai made a list of the medallions and their current owners that was kept secret . The Medjai always hoping that Menka’s line would be one day found.

The second medallion to be made was the Medallion of the Dead and was said to have Osiris as it’s center. This medallion was given to ATA on her wedding day.It was last seen around the neck of Tarik’s mother’s sister. Though that was over twelve years ago.

The third medallion was the medallion of Justice and was last seen around the neck of the Auror Leo Potter. It is written in Egyptian and Rune. It is said to have the God Ma’at at its center.

The fourth medallion is the Pharoah Medallion. It was said to be identical to the Medallion of Magic with only one difference. It has the God Horus as its center. At the time this was presented to the Princess Bunefer, another gift was also given. It was made by her grandmother,ATA and called the Bunefer Locket. The reason ATA made the locket was this:

Bunefur wedding was unique as it was the first time, that a princess had falling in love with one of the Royal Guard assigned to protect her. ATA decided to test this love and chose the Bunefur Necklace as the test. The locket is saidto only be able to open on their wedding day. I can also tell you that Bunefer passed the test and the Medjai were born.

The medallion is in the hands of Tarik Sadiki, though the locket has always passed to the eldest daughter. It is now in the safe hands of Tarik’s niece.

The fifth medallion was the Desert Medallion. It is written in Egyptian and Arabic. It has Seth as its center. The last wearer of this medallion was Hawk of the Night. He also had a wand that was his mother’s. The wand was said to have been specially made. The medallion is in safe hands, though the wand is missing. There is hope that the medallion gives of the birth of a daughter.

The medallion of Wisdom was given back in the sixth dynasty to Bunefer’s granddaughter. She married an man that was named William Anderson. The center of that medallion has Thoth and is written is two languages. The medallion was last seen in Canada.

The medallion of Destruction was made in the seventh dynasty for the VonKurfurst family. It is written is Galic and Egyptian with Sekhmet at its center. Last seen around the neck of Lowella VonKurfurst’s daughter as she run from her family’s killer.

The medallion of Sky was made when a Medjai made a princess of Greece named Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. She gave it to her son Prince Adalbert Nikiforos Lytras’ wife Sonya as she was a user of magic. It was said to be written in Egyptian and Greek with the God Nut at it’s center. The last known wearer was their daughter Kyra Therese Lytras.

The medallion of Creation was made for the wedding of a Medjai to a Scottish Lord by the last name Ferguson. It is written in Gaelic and Egyptian with the God Amun at it’s center.

The Embalming medallion was made at the wedding of  Amir Abdo-Ari to the greek woman Tiana Xena Digby. It is written in Greek and Egyptian, though only dating back about 114 years ago. It has the God Anubis at its center. It is also somewhat smaller than the rest, so showing the disapproval of this marriage.

The medallion of Music was given at the wedding of a Magi to a Irishman by the name McBurr. It is written in Runes and Egyptian with the Goddess Hathor at it center. Though the chain has been lost, the medallion is in the safe hands of Dempsey  McBurr.

The medallion of Cats was given to the first Native American to marry an Magi. It was written in Apache and Egyptian. It has the Goddess Bastet at its center. It was last seen in Texas.

The Earth medallion was made for an Medjai woman who married a Sioux warrior. It was written in the Sioux’s language and has very little Egyptian. It has a picture of Geb at its center.

The Sun medallion was made for the wedding of the Medjai princess Cassandra to the Auror Luke Dawson. It was written in Runes and Egyptian with the God Ra at its center.

These medallion wearers make up the Medjai council. This select few choose the leader of the council. That leader is responsible for guarding the ruler of Egypt and any laws concerning the Medjai. The council members are known as Magi. Though it has been known from the beginning that if the Medallion of Magic ever returned, the bearer of it was the rightful ruler of Egypt and the Magi. The current Amir Tarik has come to believe that the medallion is back and has sworn to protect the bearer at all cost.
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