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Personal thoughts about my life as it happens.
Tonight was supposed to be just a regular night.. well that's how it started off, until my wife decides to air out some dirty laundry in front of our friends. I am not your normal type of guy. Like most guys I tend to hide my feelings and swallow shame and burp it out as laughter. Insecure would probably be the best word to describe me, but if you ask me I am also COMPLICATED. I  have no problem saying what I want when I want to and how I want to. This is not the case with my wife, you see she thinks that all I care about is my who and I totally forgery about who she is and her own ego. Somebody please humor me by answering this question.

I am an insecure guy. This is me. If I ask my wife to stop following her ex on Facebook and twitter what would you as a respectful wife would do? Now this is where we traded blows. She claims that I don't care about what her friends would say if she stopped following her ex. First off my thought about that is it's bullshit. Why should she care if her old friends say anything about her not friending her ex on Facebook or Twitter. We've been together for 7 years, married for 5 and regretting getting married pretty young. Am I being immaturity or unreasonable? When we first got together I told her that I do not like her ex, but still she goes around my back and still "stalks" him on Facebook and twitter. She claims that they don't talk and that she follows him purely for the sake of her other friends. Can you see why I am so livid??? Why the hell should I care what my friends would say about me if I deleted that person from Facebook? If they are good friends and they are, then they should know what kind of hell she went through with this guy and they shouldn't be questioning her decisions regarding him not being on my Facebook. These are my thoughts about how it should go.

My wife knows that I don't like her ex, so she should just go ahead and delete him from Facebook. It is not like I'm asking her to get rid of her so called friends. I'm just asking her to rid her Facebook and twitter of him.

She should not answer me with "you only care about yourself, you don't care what my friends would say" and "your just thinking about you're ego". In my head I'm like what the fuck? Does she realize that she's saying this to her husband? Also, if you know that I don't like your ex why would you even go as far as adding him as a friend on Facebook and also following him on Twitter. Is he that important to your life that you cannot get rid of this one person? Without putting up a fight?

I know that this guy popped her cherry and I don't want to be constantly reminded of that everytime I hear his name or see his picture on Facebook and see his tweets on Twitter. All through this she's defending herself by saying that I should think that she's been with me for 7 years and married for 5. I just want you to delete the Fucker from Facebook and Twitter! She said she'll think about it. Not the answer I'm looking for.

I love this girl, but she keeps on doing these little things to annoy me... Doesn't she realize that she's hurting me? By simply saying that she will think about deleting her ex and not giving me a definite answer as to whether she is going to or not. I argued that it is just a simple request and she told me that I don't love her and all that I'm thinking about is me and not her. I am so confused! I'm really hurt and I don't want to lose her over something so petty, but I think that she just wants to ignore my request. She insists that I don't love her and all I'm thinking about is her losing her v card to mr. Asshole, but that's not what I'm thinking. When they separated he told her that no one would love her because she's not a virgin anymore. He went as far as telling her that we will not last and that I will just leave her for another girl. This is amidst the fact that he's the one who broke up with her before so that he can have sex with another girl. Twice. After he was done having sex with the other girl he goes back to her and dates her again. She did everything for him. She took care of him did his laundry, cooked his food, gave advise to his sister and cousin, but when it comes to my brother and sister she always has something negative to say. Even though they don't do or say anything mean to her. She doesnt try to reach out... Why??? Is her ex's family easier to get along with? I just want one thing, well actually two things. One-delete him from Facebook and Twitter and Two-dimensional don't mention her ex's name I'm front of me.

Is that asking too much?
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