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My friendship with an Atheist.
A Quandary of Faith

I have a friend who I love and respect.
Although,we do not share the same beliefs.
Biggest variance of opinion is God.
His absence of faith in such a being.

My friend believes that God does not exist.
I remain relentless knowing that he does.
My friend continues asking for proof of God.
Ponder and meditate way to the right answer.

Speak of newborn babes and their perfection
Vocalize the order of the universe.
Extol love of mankind for one another
Reminding him of his personal blessings.

My answers are never enough for my friend.
He believes that we who believe are brainwashed.
To my friend God is a fairytale.
And worst of all, he knows that he is right.

We talk and talk and talk till exhausted
Neither of us waivers from what we believe.
Befuddled by his lack of recognition
My friend remains perplexed by mine.

Our differences have existed for years.
Time goes by and nothing ever changes.
The right words continue to elude me.
The wrong ones take him further away.

I pray my friend finds wisdom, before it's too late.
He does not seem to fear what the future holds
I hope for a blessed eternity.
He looks to an unending abyss of nothingness.

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