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Why do we care?

      The school room of teenage debutantes fills. Muzzy adjusts his glasses.
    He is beginning his lecture on intelligent design. There is a lot of chatter
    amongst the students.

      "If I may begin?" Muzzy taps on his podium with his ruler.
    There is a hush. "Two points to our discussion .. What is it Kristine?"
    Muzzy is interrupted, "Yes. You may go to the restroom."
    "Ehm.. Can intelligent design be taught in a secular school?
    Is the essential Creator definable in scientific parameters?
    Muzzy pauses as Kristine returns to her seat. "Right. So, what is natural
    science?" Muzzy continues. Kristine raises her hand, "It's about nature!"
    "Yes. That's correct." Muzzy gives a toothy smile.

        "The natural sciences are a study of the material world. It is looking
        for material answers to the origin of life." Muzzy pauses and points
        at a skeleton of a squirrel. "Anthropologists study fossils to find a pattern
        in the evolution of life." Muzzy is interrupted by Kristine, "Am I a squirrel girl?"
        The debutantes giggle.

    "No." Muzzy takes a deep breath, "There is fossil evidence that all life originated
    on the African continent. The evolutionary process presupposes that all life
    arises from non-life to more complex life. The universe is, therefore, a selfcontained
    system, without the need of supernatural intervention."

              "So? How do creationists prove the existence of God?" Muzzy queries.
    "Who started evolution?" Kristine answers. Muzzy pinches the bridge of his
    nose and looks tired. "The origin of the universe is gaseous. It is impossible
    to deduce what happened before the Big Bang. However, a non material God
    cannot be proven to exist in scientific terms. This leads us inevitably to

                  "Oh! I was texting about this boy, who's so cute, but he's
                  Born Again. So, he can't do anything.. and I thought that
                  really sucks. I hate God." Kristine interjected bouncing and
                  smiling in her chair.

    Muzzy stares blankly at her. "Okay. .. I'd like you all to read Darwin's
    chapter on the old world monkeys and write a two page essay about your
    opinion on adaption." Muzzy dismisses the class and takes an aspirin.



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