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The need for speed, burning down the asphalt
A rhythmic rumble shakes my seat
my body closed in tight
1000 horses paw the ground
each ready to take flight

Constrained by brake and clutch pedals
they're revving up to roar
With sound so loud it's heard for miles
makes motor-head hearts soar

I sit the line like Don "The Snake";
wait for the Christmas green
When it falls then my best hope
I get the hole shot clean

I've scuffed the tires and lit the fires
that drive this beast down lane
We've built this car with heart and skill,
hope engine stands the strain

The need for speed and will to win
have been my motive force
It's been the way since time began;
who has the fastest horse

But I can't drift I must attend
the other driver's stage
My heated tires have much more grip,
clutch waiting to engage

We're revving hard and shaking cars
the roar is deep and loud
The hammer drops when lighting pops
blue smoke obscures the crowd

A giant's hand just pushed me back
into the drivers seat
My vision blurred except the spot
I cross to have him beat

It's go go go and shift clutch shift
hands and feet all dance
Just keep between the lines and run
that's all I ask of chance

With hair on fire my hearts desire,
just let these horses run
And win or lose this life we choose
is in the end just fun.

Richard Higley © May 2011
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