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by Lovina
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Suicide takes another soul
Death stands in the shadows
Watching the man prepare his end
As despair permeates the wind
Metal hitting metal rings loud

Reason beyond understanding
Life is too painful to live
The man no longer willing
Or able to comprehend

There is only one option
All other paths blocked
Nothingness is far better
Than the emptiness he felt

Death does not care the why
Only the when matters to him
If the man wants to go early
Death will take him with a grin

The weapon of choice is ready
As the man paces and shouts
Though there is no one to hear
The pain must be let out

Courage in a bottle
Clearing his mind of doubt
He sits in front of the shotgun
Placing himself just so

The Angel of Doom smiles
As the blast fills the air
Lost souls make great fodder
For they no longer care
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