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I had to go rather deep into my mind to right this evil and sick song.
I'm bad, I'm a develishy slimy man,
with wicked and vile intentions,
and a infernal and hellish plan.

Corruptive and pervasive, and all together sick,
unholy and despicable with ugly hellish wit.

A genius in sheep's clothing, a devil in disguise,
my words are sweet as honey but I'm planning your demise.

You'll never see it coming, in your mind I'm your best friend,
Like adding sugar to a meal, it'll taste sweeter in the end.

I'll see your face in shock,
that I would have stabbed you so,
I'll grin a evil grin and stare into your soul.

your blood will spit and spurt,
and I'll watch it with such glee,
and all the while you'll know it was all because of me.

you'll finally breath your last breath,
it will fill me with such joy; to know that you never knew
that you where simply just my toy..
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