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Campfires I've been involved with.
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Campfire Creatives

*Fire* Still burning *Fire* 2011 to present *Fire* A fantasy co-writing project born in the WDC Chat Library:
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This item number is not valid.
#1804035 by Not Available.

*Fire* Still burning *Fire* 2011 to present *Fire* Inspired by "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor :
 Life's Complicated (A Soap Opera)  (18+)
A story about Parallel Worlds, Alien Invasions, Annual Cooking Contests...
#1792923 by the last cicada

*Fire* Still burning *Fire* 2011 to present *Fire* Inspired by "Invalid Item"   [] by A Guest Visitor :
 It's All In The Cards  (13+)
Fortune telling, festivals, castles, magick, tradition, a quest -- read to find out :)
#1787739 by brokensoul <3 darksaint

*Fire* Still burning *Fire* 2011 to present *Fire* After a great deal of soul searching, I decided to upgrade my WDC account to premium. I could barely recognize the site due to all the new bells and whistles. So with the help of my friends, Acme and splasher, I set up this campfire to help me re-familiarize myself:
 Writing.com Daily Journal  (13+)
Charting my impressions of the new Writing.com
#1742500 by the last cicada

*Mushroomr* Extinguished *Mushroomg* 2008 to 2008 *Mushroomb* My first campfire was inspired by "Tourn-a-Rounds"   [ASR] by Robert Waltz :
 To Parley With Demons  (13+)
About to lose his home, a viable human host shops around for the best home a soul can buy.
#1386676 by the last cicada
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