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Rated: E · Bulletin · Other · #1798220
Portfolio Table of Contents
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Short Stories
*Vine1**Flowerb**Vine2* 2011 *Vine1**Flowerb**Vine2*

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1801597 Thou Shall Not [E] 0.5 KB
 Thou Shall Not  (E)
Break the rule, and you break the ruler.
#1801597 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1796119 Lilly, Our Bluetick Coonhound [13+] 1.0 KB
 Lilly, Our Bluetick Coonhound  (13+)
Names our dog has gone by. A 55 word story.
#1796119 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowerv**Vine2* 2008 *Vine1**Flowerv**Vine2*

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1389996 The Ankh [E] 0.6 KB
 The Ankh  (E)
99 words: Loki versus Horus -- goal: tell a story in 99 words with Egyptology prompt
#1389996 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1382789 The Nara [ASR] 10.2 KB
 The Nara  (ASR)
1634 words of fiction: Khonshu hijacks Ace to battle the Nara.
#1382789 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1374260 Leaving Las Vegas [18+] 8.9 KB
 Leaving Las Vegas  (18+)
1597 words, fiction: What happens here, stays here, whether we like it or not.
#1374260 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowerb**Vine2* 2007 *Vine1**Flowerb**Vine2*

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1362025 The Showoff [E] 0.7 KB
 The Showoff  (E)
55 words, fiction: on eggs, 12 days of Christmas
#1362025 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1361534 Four Mocking Calling Birds [E] 3.4 KB
 Four Mocking Calling Birds  (E)
500 words, fiction: Monologue for 12 Days of Christmas
#1361534 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1360685 Two Turtledoves [E] 6.2 KB
 Two Turtledoves  (E)
974 words fiction: co-authored by racingpeanut for 12 days of christmas
#1360685 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1355897 A Partridge In A Pear Tree [ASR] 3.9 KB
 A Partridge In A Pear Tree  (ASR)
629 words; fictional monologue by a partridge in a pear tree
#1355897 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1346090 The Old Hag's Bag [18+] 7.3 KB
 The Old Hag's Bag  (18+)
1160 words: fiction: When a man unwittingly lets the cat out of the bag.
#1346090 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1331000 Conrad's Costume Shop [13+] 8.7 KB
 Conrad's Costume Shop  (13+)
1350 words: fiction: a Halloween story about a were-fly.
#1331000 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1330998 The Replacement [E] 2.0 KB
 The Replacement  (E)
300 words:fiction
#1330998 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1330333 Monsters [13+] 2.9 KB
 Monsters  (13+)
430 words: fiction
#1330333 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1322504 Apocalyptic Beast [18+] 12.1 KB
 Apocalyptic Beast  (18+)
1992 words: A vampiric realization of the Apocalyptic end of days.
#1322504 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1322265 Dropped [13+] 3.9 KB
 Dropped  (13+)
643 words: story of betrayal.
#1322265 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1318916 Waste Not, Want Not [E] 5.1 KB
 Waste Not, Want Not  (E)
836 words: How a hospital makes back its money from a mistake in inventory
#1318916 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1317022 Tortilladon [ASR] 28.8 KB
Tortilladon  (ASR)
4750 words: People mysteriously disappear from a ghost town.
#1317022 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1314865 Super Hero Convention [E] 6.4 KB
Super Hero Convention  (E)
1045 words: fiction: When a Super Villain crashes the Super Hero Party of the Century
#1314865 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1314614 On That Birthday [13+] 5.7 KB
 On That Birthday  (13+)
999 words, Writer's Cramp. Good birthday or bad birthday? What do you think?
#1314614 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1309814 Hidden Hunter [18+] 45.5 KB
 Hidden Hunter  (18+)
People see only what they're allowed to see.
#1309814 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #1307289 Island [E] 6.2 KB
Island  (E)
993 words: A relative has died and left you a small island in the Caribbean.
#1307289 by the last cicada

*Vine1**Flowerv**Vine2* 2002 *Vine1**Flowerv**Vine2*

*Vine1**Flowert**Vine2*   #369123 All The Right Words [ASR] 6.2 KB
 All The Right Words  (ASR)
A meeting between old friends turns into a perfect date. Contest:190463
#369123 by the last cicada

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