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The struggle of the Takeda clan during Sengoku Jidai,and how they become masters of Japan,

Feudal Japan

1545, Feudal Japan

‘’Beauty and Harmony, both governed by one eternal Law, all that begins must end, the reign of the old Shogunate is over.’’

This is Sengoku jidai, the age of the country at war. For 237 years the Ashikaga shogunate has ruled from Kyoto, bringing peace to the land. Great power and splendour was theirs, but in 1467 The Onin War(Civil War) of 10 years led to the fall of the Shogunate. Once the power of the old government failed, the warlords of Japan could not be contained, forming clans that led to Japan being divided. The Country is now at war with the clans fighting to become new Shogunate.

Who will be victorius?

Ten Legendary Leaders will fight, but only one can win. The Takeda are a brave and proud clan, masters of the Horse. Their warhorses are famed across all of Japan for their superiority and power: thundering across the plains. Takeda Shingen has used this to bring his clan back to their former glory. They now hold enough power to dominate Japan. But, does he have what it takes to be Shogun? Only war will tell in the darkest age of Japan.

Chapter 1

Kai Province.

The Home of the Takeda Clan.

The Bird flew across the rising sunset,a deep yellow shone rose from the dark lanterns of the earth.It moved to the right to get a perfect angle to balance.But the wind fought against it.Each time it flew the wind blew.This went on for hours until it grow exhausted.

Takeda Shingen,damiyo and ruler of Kai province, watched as a bird flew, gliding through the air, like a ship sailing calmly in the sea. The bird froze as an arrow pierced through his heart,its body fell fast on the ground,its head twisted and body broken . It lay on the ground, two hunters hurried to where the bird lay, and they took it.Takeda smiled. In war you must observe, if not, he thought, then you would be dead, and that was the bird meant, he who is not aware, will be finished.He then swayed away and went into the throne room. His 24 generals dressed in their samurai armour appeared .He sat down on his chair cross-legged.

"What's new general?" asked Takeda, nodding towards his most trusted general, Akiyama Nobutomo who bowed in response.

"The Shinano clans have assembled a large army Daimyo Takeda -- their force is to be estimated at twelve thousand Shinano warriors." replied the general. A smile grew upon Takeda's face. Nobutomo showed a look of concern and began to speak again, "My lord...."

"General, we're masters of the horse, our war horses are famous across the land for their superiority on the battlefield: thundering across the plains with no equal." interrupted Takeda who was staring directly into the general's face. "We shall defeat them, we'll just need three thousand men to be precise."

"Yes, my lord." replied the general. "I will summon the men at once." General Nobutomo bowed once again and exited the room.

Nobutomo's face grew angrier,his eyes twitching and his mouth tight.

''My Lord,I beg you to you think.....three thousand men is not enough to face a one hundred thousand strong army!You must be mad!''.

Takeda laughed.

''That is our force General.We don't have as many men,we can only raise three thousand men to be precise''.

Nobutomo blinked his eyes,His face was in surprise.

''My lord....It was....''

Takeda turned his head and stared at Nobutomo coldly

''Did you not think I would find out?Do you think I am a mere fool?Or do you think my brother was more suitable for the throne of Kai,I hear there were rumours of killing me?''.

''My Lord!That is not what I mean!I am loyal to you no matter what!I...we...did not reveal the numbers because it would....would..damage your confidence.You expected more men but we could only raise three thousand''.

Takeda bowed his head like a wise man

''Hmm..It does not matter,what we do now is march forward and crush the Shinano army at dawn,is that clear?

Nobutomo bowed and replied

‘’It shall be done my lord’’.

Nobutomo bowed again and rose, he turned his back on Takeda,The other Generals did the same and they walked out of the throne room.Takeda watched ,then thought for hours.

Shinano province.

The Damyio of Shinano province Ogasawara Nagatoki watched as he saw the Takeda Army encamped.His horse Yokoshui seemed worried, he sensed seeing the might of the Takeda Horses, it was true that they were real masters of the horse.His Generals, Suwa and Murakami stared at the Young Shingen, dressed in his famed red samurai amour.

Suwa said ‘’This young man that threatens us shall be destroyed my lord’’.

Ogasawara stared.He nodded his head.

’’We shall see young Takeda,the strength of your might’’.

’’Murakami’’?Ogasawara ordered.’’Yes my lord?’’ replied Murakami

’’Ready the Army ,we march at noon’’.’’Of course my Lord’’.Murakami bowed and then left the 2 of them.

Takeda HQ.

The Tent was alive,buzzing with noises,The rest of the army was asleep and resting,while Takeda and his Generals discussed the plan to defeat the enemy.

Takeda Shingen was seated among his Generals.Nobutomo explained his plan as everyone watched on the table,where the battle plan map was layed, as he dictated his plan to defeat the Shinano army.

‘’I will be leading the Infantry section; it will be cut into 3 columns ,The Yari Ashaguri and the Loan Yari Ashaguri shall be making the first line of defence, our Samurai will be the strength of our Infantry column as they will fill out the right and left flanks, the Naginta Samurai will be in the middle’’.

Nobutomo turned his head around to see everyone was listening.

’’The Cavalry will be hidden in the bushes ,one here.He pointed to the map’s symbol ,two bushes. ’And one there, Our Archers should be in the first lines,spread thin out and in loose formation,We shall begin the first stage’’.

‘’First.Our Archers will fire flaming arrows while we wait for the enemy to come, if you look at the centre where will they put their strongest forces’’? Nobutomo looked at Takeda.

Takeda thought for a moment, then made his reply.

’’In the right and the left flanks, General Nobutomo''. Nobutomo nodded.

’’I see that my hard work has worked off you, you will one day be Japan’s true hero, I am sure of it’'.

‘’Now back to the point, If the enemy will attack us from the right flanks, we shall respond back, how?

‘’They will send their cavalry to attack our samurai,at that moment, we strike! Our Archers shall fire!’’.

‘’Now It is up to young Takeda to complete this’’.Nobutomo bowed.’’This shall be your finest moment my lord’’.Takeda said nothing as he stared at Nobutomo and his generals. Then he raised his hand and stabbed the dagger on the map of Japan.

‘’Shinano Province will be ours by torrmow,Soon all Japan will be under my rule, Our archers will fire first,.I want the Cavalry hidden in the trees. The Archers will be firing until we run out of arrows.The enemy should be damaged at that moment, they shall send their entire warrior force against us’’.

‘’The Yari and Loan Ashaguri will be charging first then the Naginta Samurai shall make a heavy impact and our main force the Katana Samurai will fight when we are losing the battle. Our Cavalry will impact when both sides are at end’s equal. The Shinano will send their horses towards us. We then strike with our hidden Cavarly,the light and heavy will do the work’’.

‘’I laugh at the stupidity of our enemies, for them this will be nothing more than a one, two, three step, first they will engage us, second they will over flank the right but not the left, then crush us by surrounding us, I say’’.

Takeda looked up, his head straight and calm, his eyes staring at the Generals among him.’ ‘They will be defeated, and by one day, The Shinano Province will be ours!’’.

Takeda Shingen rose from his chair and pulled out his Katana Sword. He then walked out of the tent.His hands firm on his Katana sword, He then stopped, and shouted.


Men brust of their tents to see what the commtion suddenly burst out.Takeda Shingen watched and then smiled, he continued .

‘’I bought you here today, to fight. But why you may ask is our army is so small? I shall tell you why, Soliders of the Takeda!I have bought the clan to its former Glory, we shall fight, like hell! Like hell I tell you!!!Our Cavalry will shake the earth as we tremble! I say, it is better to listen to orders! That way. True soldiers! That way, we will win, with courage, think of your loved ones! Think of what will happen If we lose tomorrow! Think! We shall be destroyed! But let us put those words alone, For I promise you by today and torrmow,we will reach the gates of Kyoto itself! We will crush the ones who oppose us, we will last in Glory and Victory for ever, Long live the Takeda!!!

With that he raised his Katana sword high in the Air. The Army cheered.Meanwhile Ogasawara and Suwa watched as the Young Takeda gave his orating speech.

‘’I would not underestimate this lad, this young Takeda, Suwa.Ogasawara replied with a hint of uncertainty in his voice. Suwa nodded his head and said

‘’Do not worry my lord, the Takeda have bought only three thosuand men. It won’t be enough to defeat a large army, let alone the Shogun in Kyoto!’’.

Ogasawara did not reply, as he watched Takeda, then he left. Suwa followed him.

The Battle

Early Dawn.

‘’Those who use an army skilfully do not raise troops twice and do not provide food 3 times’’.

-Sun Tzu ,The Art Of War

The Takeda Army was drawn up. And what a sight it exposed, thought Takeda.As he zoomed his eyes over to the front line, he could see the Bow Ashaguri stretched in a thin long line,their red armour gleaming off the sunlight as they readied their bows.

He the glanced at the Samurai, Many were waiting and some were training. The Naginta Samurai would be useful in the battle as to be proven, he then turned his head to the Yari Ashaguri training and sharpening their spears. The Cavalry were at the back, he noticed, and they would make a devoting impact.The Shinano Army had arrived, he observed seeing the large army facing him. He turned his head to Nobutomo.

’’General, prepare the Army’’.

‘’Of course, Daimyo Takeda’’.

The Takeda army formed in the formation of the Spear point. The bow ashiguri were placed at the front. The Loan and Yari Ashaguri at the middle, and the Samurai,Naginta samurai at the back, the Cavalry at all sides.The Shinano Army had thousands of Samurai and Yari Ashaguri,Bow Ashaguri and Light Cavarly.

‘’Light Cavalry, what they do think of us? ’

said one of Takeda’s Generals.Takeda nodded his head.

’’You see General, they underestimate us!’’.

Both Armies stopped.

The Takeda Bow ashaguri formed into two straight lines.They waited as the Shinanao sent their samurai forward.When they had them in clear sight,they fired,kept on firing.

Suwa watched as his samurai force were being cut down. ’’This is not meant to be!!!’’.Suwa shouted.The Shinano light Cavalry immidealty charged at the Takeda Archers. The Takeda Yari Ashaguri moved forward. The Archers retreated back. And what was very still much of the Shinano Samurai charged with the light Cavalry charging as fast as ever.

Youshi Tujo, commander of the Yari Ashaguri seeing that the fast charge of the Shinano force was going to make a heavy impact. ’’Men, form Spear wall!!’’.He ordered.The Yari Ashaguri moved quickly into the spear wall formation.The Light Cavalry charged first moving deep into the formations of the spear wall, but they were cut down easily as the sharp spears pierced their amour and many fell of their horses. By then the Shinano Samurai arrived, exhausted.

What they saw was a large force of Yari Ashaguri and a entire army facing them.

Their Commander charged so did the others. The Takeda Samurai came out of nowhere and cut the Shinano Samurai to pieces. Suwa observing all of this immidealty broke into anger. He screamed and kicked the tables.Suwa calmed down.

And in that moment he raised his sword high then plunged it down to the ground. He looked at Murakami.’’Send the army forward, we attack their flanks now .Daimyo Ogasawara send the Cavalry now!!!’’.Murakami and Ogasawara nodded and walked to their horses.Murakami raised the first hand.The Shinano Army charged. The Shinano archers fired. The Cavalry of The Shinano galloped fast.

Takeda Shingen smiled.

‘’Generals;it seems our plan is going well’’.Nobutomo nodded and Takeda’s other generals went to their posts.The Army adopted a defensive formation. The Takeda Bow Ashaguri now spread again a thin line fired.The Shinano Army was being cut to pieces.

No matter the samurai fell they still charged. Both armies met. The Takeda Infantry were charging and hacking the Shinano warriors to pieces .But more and more Shinano Samurai and Shinano Yari Ashaguri came forward, replacing their fallen comrades.

Nobutomo sheathed his sword out and with his horse charged down at the battle, 100 cavalry or so accompanied him, their swords gleaming as the horses galloped fast down the hill. The Shinano Cavalry apon seeing the advancing Takeda Cavalry rode forward to meet them.

Takeda looked at the entire battle,men were dying by the minutes,Cavalry were coming and going,some falling and the Yari Ashaguri of both sides fighting well equally.

Takeda’s other General Naitō Masatoyo touched Takeda’s shoulder.Takeda turned around.’’Yes General?’’.

’I think Nobutomo is in trouble my lord.It would be wise to get the rest of the army in the battle.We can’t keep with the Shinano army.

Takeda turned back. ’’You underestimate the enemy Masatoyo,The time is not right to intervene ,If we intervene now! And I mean now, we will lose. No General.I would rather wait,we must let the battle slip into our enemy’s hands. Only then we will strike!!’’.

Masatoyo gave a angry look.’’What is wrong with you my lord???? Do you not think intervening in battle is important or are you a coward?’’.

Takeda tightened his fist and slammed Masatoyo to the ground with his fist.‘’YOU WILL NOT CALL ME A COWARD YOU HEAR THAT?WHEN I SAY WHAT I SAY ,I MEAN IT RIGHT!Now is not the time to intervene, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!’’.

Takeda breathed heavily, fury growing in him.Masatoyo got up, bowed then left.Takeda turned towards his young brother Takeda Nobushige.

’’Send in the Naginta Samurai, Nobushige,aslo send the Samurai and reinforce the Right and left flanks’’.Nobushige bowed.’’Of Course Brother’’

.Nobushige raised the banner of the Takeda.Naginta Samurai and more Takeda Samurai charged.The right and left flanks were won back by the Takeda samurai.Suwa moved his entire bodyguard and his special forces the Yamanushi to attack the and left and right flanks.

Very soon,the battle was going to the Shinano side.Takeda sensing it was the right time,got on his horse, sheathed his sword and charged.Thousands of Katana Cavalry of the Takeda charged,Yari Cavalry charging.They charged deep.Takeda Shingen rising his horse up and sword at hand he galloped to towards the enemy.The Shinano Army resisted a long time,but more and more Takeda Cavalry came.And for the Shinano it was over .They retreated.The Takeda Army followed to cut them down.

Suwa shouted to his men to regroup but none obyed.Murakami fled. The Shinano Daimyo bravely fought to the death.Takeda lunged a spear in him,and the Shinano Damiyo fell to the ground.Suwa in frustration was fighting to the death,his bodyguard defending him.The Young Takeda stepped of his horse and ran to Suwa. Suwa saw takeda and lunged his sword at Takeda.Takeda avoided the lunging, and pulled with great might his katana sword to Suwa’s sword.

His sword fell to the ground, and Takeda kicked Suwa to the ground. He then made Suwa stand on his legs.Suwa looked at Takeda.’’When the time comes Young Takeda…I shall see you die’’.’’That maybe General Suwa,but for now,you must repsect your ancestors’’.Takeda smiled and with his sword,cut off Suwa’s head.Suwa’s head fell to the ground rolling.

Nobutomo,the Generals and the rest of the army had come back,after taking a couple of Shinano warriors as prisonors and cutting down the rest of the fleeing army of the Shinano.Nobutomo got of his saddle and walked to Takeda.He looked at Suwa,then Takeda.He bowed.The Generals and the army bowed.

‘’My lord’ .’Replied Nobutomo.’’You have given a great victory today for all of us.Me and My men bow to you’’.He then shouted.’’LONG LIVE TAKEDA SHINGEN!!!’’.The men shouted the slogan.‘’We march on Shinano Province by torrmow!!!’.said Takeda Shingen.The Army again cheered.It was night and soon the

army was celebrating,drinking their sake.

Takeda was walking with Nobutomo.‘’Nobutomo,tell me,we march on the Shinano capitial torrmow,is it well defended?’’.’’No my lord it is not,fact is there is only 1034 men there’’.’’Good news General,We shall have a early victory torrmow''.With that Nobutomo bowed.

Shinano Captial.

Shinano Captial.

Takato Castle

The Shinano Daimyo’s son Ukesi was watching as the Takeda troops were attacking the castsle and his troops fought desperately to repel the Takeda forces.He nodded to his commander.The Commander drew his sword and with a large force charge down to repel the Takeda Troops.The Takeda troops climbed the castle walls.The Shinano Archers were proving to be a far greater threat than the Shinano force.

Nobutomo with his horse ran to where the Takeda Bow Samurai were forming up.Accompying Nobutomo were the Cavarly archers ,each one firing a shot at the Shinano Archers.The Bow Samurai extended their bows to a long length then fired.The Shinano archers were hit badly.Many of them fell.On the wooden walls of where the Archers were firing,The Takeda Samurai and Naginta samurai were quickly taking the castle.Ukesi fought bravely.His defending force were cut down.They,the Shinano were defeated.Very soon,Ukesi stood on his legs.He weared a white dress.He took out a dagger,and plunged it in his stomach.A samurai raised his sword and cut Ukesi’s head off.

North Shinano

Takato Castle.

Takeda walked around the room.Nobutomo walked in and bowed.’’Sire, Uehara is taken; we have done the surprise attack. Suwa is taken. Now all that remains is to march on Hida’’.Takeda looked at Nobutumo

‘’Hida, that’s under the control of Anegakojii, what news? ’Sire They have already assembled a force and they will be attacking us soon but their numbers are not many’’.

’’How long do we have? .

’If I may, 1 month, the Anegakojii don’t have enough men to attack us’.


‘’Yes my lord? ‘’Prepare the army, recruit more Yari Ashaguri and some Bow Ashaguri, they should be ready when I want them, if the Anegakojii attack’’.

‘’Of course my lord’’.

Nobutomo bowed then left.

Anegakojii Lands.Anegakojii army camp headquarters.

General Anegakojii stood with his generals, the army had already camped and many of the new recruits had already joined the Anegakojii force.

His 3 generals, Yuso, Anegakojii Hida, and Ishida followed him to the Main tent.They entered the tent and sat down on the chairs.

Anegakojii stood,but not seated.‘’Generals’’. He said.‘’There has been a major disruption of the Natural cycle. Some might say The world has fallen, which it has indeed. I have come here to turn things back to its normal position! That young takeda has taken North Shinano! The Shinano lands will be destroyed soon if we do not react now. That devil of a whore!I suggest only one thing. We go and take North Shinano back! We restore its rightful owners back!

Yuso raised his hand up

‘’I would not say this ,but we don’t have enough men’’.

‘’Yes,Yuso that is why we are camped!’’.

Yuso raised both his hands up

‘’Just saying’’.

‘’We have 2456 men at the moment; Generals of the Anegakojii Clan .I tell you this now. That young lad Takeda will one day be the scrounge of Japan.He will be at the gates of Kyoto himself. He will take everything. Which is why it is necessary to defeat him, we will be in Kyoto not him! Ishida how many men do you have?

‘’300 men General Anegakojii’’.


‘’As usal,Angeakojii-san two hundred men’’.

Anegakojii did the mathematics. ’’That equals 2856 men, not enough, we need more men. How much do the Takeda have?

‘’At the moment, General only two thousand three hundred men ’’.Ishida replied.

Anegakojii nodded his head.

‘’Then all is set, we march on dawn, to the Angegakojii Clan!’’.

North Shinano.

Two Takeda Yari Ashaguri stood on the castle entrance and watched the sun rise. A large army suddenly came out of nowhere displaying the banner of the Anegakojii.Ushj kaeda one of the Yari Ashaguri ran fast.He ran to the throne room where Takeda Shingen was talking with Nobutomo.He crashed into the throne room, tried and exhausted.Nobutomo raised his voice.Takeda put his hand up.Nobutomo said nothing and didn’t move.‘’What news? What has happened solider?’’.

‘’Damyio Takeda’’ groaned Ushj ‘’The Anegakojii have arrived, oh damn not an arrow in my back!’’.

Takeda looked at Nobutomo.

‘’Nobutomo prepare quickly, get the men to the defences now!’’.

Nobutomo quickly got out of the room.

Takeda took Ushj to another room. He put Ushj on the bed. ’Now you stay here.My sister will treat you well’’.

Takeda’s sister Hunu entered.Takeda looked at Hunu .’’Take good care of him, sister’’.Hunu bowed.Takeda ran out of the room, he left the main castle and came to see The Takeda troops fighting a whole load of incoming Anegagkojii troops. Where was Nobutomo?He glanced at Nobutomo charging with a handful of Samurai Retainers and Katana Samurai charging at the Anegagkojii Naginta Samurai.His father’s General Yamamoto Kansuke waved to Takeda .Takeda waved back.Yamamoto ran to Takeda.

’’My lord, come quickly, the troops are losing morale every minute, we need your help now!’’.

Takeda quickly scanned the battle.

‘’Get the Bow Ashaguri now and get my bodyguard to defend them,now!’’.

Takeda got on his horse.The Bow Ashaguri quickly formed and the bodyguard dismounted and ran to the areas where they would be defending the archers.The Bow Ashaguri fired.The Anegagkojii Yari Ashaguri were hit.The Bow ashguri quickly kept on firing.The Anegagkojii troops of the left side broke through the Takeda Resistance and charged at the Bow Ashaguri.Takeda Charged at the Anegagkojii troops.The Anegagkojii troops were thrown back by the powerful charge of Takeda Shingen on his horse.Takeda skilfully cut down many of the remaning Anegagkojii troops.Meanwhile Yamamoto Kansuke and Nobutomo had turned the battle into their favour. The Anegagkojii troops began to retreat as more and more Takeda Samurai charged and cut them down. The most striking thing was Takeda Shingen.Everyone watched as him as he killed and galloped with his horse to defend his archers, he imposed a striking magnifance with his horse.

Takeda Shingen charged at the Anegagkojii troops who were thrown back by the powerful charge .He skillfully cut down many of the remaining Anegagkojii. Meanwhile Yamamoto Kansuke and Nobutomo had turned the battle into their favour. The Anegagkojii began to retreat as Takeda Samurai charged and cut them down.

The most striking thing was Takeda Shingen.Everyone watched as him as he killed and galloped with his horse to defend his archers; imposing a striking magnificence. Then he turned and charged towards the Anegagkojii troops.The Anegagkojii suddenly threw their weapons to the ground and ran off in cowardice. General Anegagkojii and his three generals saw their army retreating from the castle.

‘’What is this????’’ exploded General Anegagkojii.‘’They should not be retreating! Yuso,send in your men.Hida and Ishida send your men into! We will storm that castle now!!!’’.

They sheathed their swords and rode to the castle ,more Katana Samurai and Katana Cavarly moved along with the Generals .They reached the castle. The Generals quickly dismounted and and the troops quickly climbed the walls.

The Takeda drove back from the castle walls.Takeda ordered Yamamoto to make a defensible formation.Before the Anegagkojii could charge the withdrawen Takeda.Takeda charged at them.He cut them down.

General Anegagkojii raised his hand up.

''Ah General Anegagkojii''.Takeda got of his horse walked to Anegagkojii.''Your army is destroyed Anegagkojii ,I suggest you die by your dagger''.Anegagkojii sheated his sword.''You're going to be DEFEATED!!!'' Anegagkojii shouted.

Anegagkojii raised his Katana sword and plunged down at Takeda.Takeda blocked the dive and kicked Anegagkojii to the ground.Anegagkojii groaned and got up.Anegagkojii slowly withdrew back both his hands on his katana sword.Takeda glared at Anegagkojii.Anegagkojii raised his Katana sword high and let out a sharp yell and charged.Takeda watched slowly.Anegagkojii advancing further.Takeda watched slowly.Anegagkojii coming more further.The time was set.

Takeda sheathed his sword fast with precise precision.Anegagkojii shouted and screamed.Anegagkojii rotatoed his sword to the left to get a good cut head sweep.Takeda blocked using his katana sword.Anegagkojii staggered back his rhythm broken.Takeda's eyes fixed on Anegagkojii's movements.Both of them circled around each other.

Anegagkojii made the first move.He parried two attacking blows.Takeda moved his feet two times.Each time blocking Anegagkojii's sword.They then became engrossed in a endless void of their two swords dancing like the wind.The troops of both sides had stopped fighting and watched as Anegagkojii rotated Takeda's sword round in a circle.

Takeda's sword stabbed the ground.Anegagkojii sensing Takeda weak's positon kicked Takeda to the ground.Takeda fell hard.Takeda struggled to get up.Anegagkojii gave a grin and kicked Takeda around many times.Takeda saw his sword next to him and seeing Anegagkojii's next move.Takeda pulled the sword and stabbed at Anegagkojii's ankle.Anegagkojii screamed.

Takeda used his feet and kicked Anegagkojii's legs.Anegagkojii's legs slumped.Anegagkojii screamed again,loud in pain.Takeda got up.He took Anegagkojii's sword and his sword.He raised them high in the air and plunged it at Anegagkojii's stomach.Anegagkojii froze then spurted out blood.He screamed and gurgled in pain as more blood spurted out of his mouth.

Anegagkojii stood there for a while withering in pain.He tried to get up struggling.Finally with not much power left in his body.He gathered all the strength he had left and found his sword.He raised it and charged at Takeda.This was the moment Takeda was waiting for.Anegagkojii's sword touched Takeda's neck.

Takeda moved fast before the sword could completely cut his head .Takeda plunged his sword into Anegagkojii's stomach.Anegagkojii froze.Then his whole body lost weight.The body fell fast on the ground.

Takeda bowed his head in respect.''You were a worthy opponent ''.He muttered.

Ishida and Yuso looked around not knowing what to do.Hida outraged screamed and shouted.Hida ran towards Takeda.Takeda waitited as Hida ran fast.Hida came.Takeda gave a grin as he suddenly moved and stabbed his dagger on Hida's neck.Hida screamed.Takeda caught hold of Hida's neck and slammed Hida hard to the ground.

Hida lay on the ground.His back facing Takeda.Blood poured out.Takeda looked at Yuso and Ishida.Yuso and Ishida both looked at each other and nodded.They walked gaining speed every minute.Takeda watched as their swords were perfectly raised.Their bodies still in that motion as their legs carried them.Nobutomo took his sword out of his scabbard.Takeda looked at Nobutomo .Takeda nodded .Nobutomo's sword went back into its scabbard.

Ishida and Yuso still charged.Takeda walked and put both his hands on his Katana sword and stood still.He watched as Yuso and Ishida came more closer.Takeda observed their movements.He put his right leg back.Ishdia came closer.Yuso slowing but still moving.Takeda observed again.He closed his eyes.The Way of the Samurai he had learned as a child had not left him.He opened his eyes.He saw two swords flashing at him.

Takeda moved at once.He saw's Ishida threating sword and Yuso's slow sword.He attacked Yuso fast giving no time for Ishida to react.Yuso staggered back.Takeda then turned his body fast and sliced Ishidia's hand holding his sword.Ishdia screamed.His sword dropped and he with great pain bended down.Takeda could now turn on Yuso .

Yuso and Takeda let out a sharp yell and they both charged into each other.Both bodies collided their armour producing a sharp noise .Takeda pulled his sword and stabbed at Yuso's back.It was a poor attack.As Yuso saw what Takeda did.Yuso elbow slammed hard on Takeda's head.Takeda's head swriled and his body fell to the ground.

Takeda was shocked by that attack.He got up and saw both Ishdia and Yuso facing him.Takeda grinned.Takeda gripped both his hands on his Katana sword.Takeda turned his body and rotated his body high in the air and his sword striking both's Ishida and Yuso's sword's.Takeda landed to the ground.

Yuso attacked first.Takeda turning back and pulling Yuso's sword into the air.Takeda then striked Ishida to the ground.Yuso and Ishida both got up.

Their swords gleamed.And then becamea dance of light and sword.Takeda's sword touching both swords.Both Ishida and Yuso tried to stab at Takeda's shoulders.Takeda blocked the attack and kicked Yuso in the balls.Yuso froze but with great pain still fought.It was enough thought Takeda.Takeda then stabbed Yuso's heart and plunged his sword thinly at Ishdia.

Both of them fell .Takeda watched as the Anegagkojii troops retreated their Generals fallen.

Nobutomo shouted.''Cut them down!!!''.

It became a bloodbath.The Anegagkojii troops fighting for their lives.Many fell down.

Takeda watched as he saw Yuso dead.But Ishida was still alive.

''Nobutomo take General Ishida to the castle''.

Nobutomo bowed and turned his head to two samurai.The two Samurai bowed and took General Ishida to the castle.

By then the battle had finished.Not a single Anegagkojii man stood alive.All of them were dead.Sake was bought out as the army celebrated their victory.

Nobutomo dined with Takeda.Takeda's other 24 Generals dined in the castle.The army celebrated outside.

Takeda eat sushi with rice.He used his chopsticks precisly to eat.He put his bowl down as Ishdia was dragged by Two takeda samurai.The two samurai bowed and pulled Ishida to his feet.

''General Ishida ,a pleasure to see you''.

Ishida spat at Takeda's bowl.

The Samurai punched Ishida in his stomach.Ishida groaned.

''As I was saying ,General Ishida,a pleasure to meet you''. continued Takeda. Ishida spat again.The Samurai were about to punch Ishida when Takeda stopped them. ''No do not punch him anymore.Let him spit for as long as he wants,now General will you answer?''.

Ishdia gave a furious glare.

''I know you are Damiyo of the Ishida Clan,am I correct?''. Ishida looked at Takeda.

''What damyio?I am no Damiyo,I am a General of the Anegagkojii Clan and the way you are treating me is outrageous!!!''.Takeda nodded his head.''Hai.Then why is your name Ishida Guoen?''. Takeda looked up at Ishida.

Ishida stared at Takeda.

''Who are you?''.asked Ishida.''Nothing''.replied Takeda

''You were Ishida Guoen,Damiyo and ruler of Ishida.You were overthrown by your family.Your sister took power and she now rules.You are a outcast to your family,they never loved you in the first place did they?Oh and no matter how much loyalty you showed to them even love maybe.They never gave any respect to you,no matter how many victories you won.You may ask how I know all of this?Simple.Its Rumour's,stories,legends and myths''.

Takeda looked at the two samurai.The two samurai dropped Ishida to the ground.Ishida groaned and managed to sit on his legs.

''That is a lie,you devil of takeda!''.Ishdia shouted.

''You imprisiond your father ,you took power like that!By not letting the rightful ruler of your clan take power!''.

Everyone stopped eating.

''Yes,yes,if he had reigned any longer my father would have bought the clan's destruction.I was the elder and more experienced leader,not my brother.Had my father regined any more,you would have used him for your own needs,therefore not letting the Takeda acheive power''.Takeda started eating again.

Ishida glared furiously.

''I was exiled.By my sister,yes it is true that my family hated me.Those bastards.I did everything for them and they payed me nothing,no love and no respect!I hated my mother and father.Always they would critise me what ever I did!Then there were my sister's,Isha and Kono.I loved Kono as she was such a sweet sister.But Isha that ungrateful women was the worst.Then my brothers who defeated me everytime!I then became Damiyo.No one troubled me,I was the leader,I was the ruler''.

''Then she Isha ,seduced me with a women.And then again Isha took more of my power while I wasted time with that women.It was only until she had full power had I not noticed.Then they threw me out and I was disowned by my family''.

Ishida's face grew into anger.

''Then I joined the Anegagkojii Clan.I could have joined other clans but I chose this one''.

Takeda gave a wise nod.

''Then why not serve the Takeda?''. Ishida looked at Takeda. ''Why,you may ask well,General Ishdia.You have been overthrown by your sister.Fair deal that may be because in 10 days we march to the Anegagkojii lands.And we will destroy them.You agree to join me,I shall overthrow your sister and give Ishida back to its rightful ruler,Which is you''.

Ishida gave a grim smile.

''Takeda-san to march on Ishida lands may be a bit dangerous.I think you're underestimating my sister.She is a powerful leader in battle.I have seen it with my own eyes.Her Samurai skills outmatch me.I would rather serve the Anegagkojii than join you''.

Takeda shurgged his shoulders.

''Why serve the Anegagkojii? We march on thier lands in We march on thier lands in ten days.By then they should be finished.Then we go to your land and restore you back to its rightful owner''.''You think this is possible Ishida?I do.So I say,you join me and I will reward you''.Ishida blinked then thought for a while.He then looked at Takeda.''All right,But if this goes wrong be warned''.

Ishida bowed and left the room Takeda gave a grin.''Generals it's seems our first ally has been made''.

Chapter 3Anegagkojii Castle.


Yuishe yijo ,commander of the Takeda bow Samurai walked in darkness.His bow samurai archers followed behind him.The Anegagkojii Guards stood still on the castle entrance.Takeda accompanied by a large army followed behind Yuishe Yijo.Yuishe pulled the banner of the Takeda up.Ninja's sprung out of nowhere and disappered stealthy.For a moment the Takeda army could not see the Ninja.

Then the ninja's came into view.The Ninja's climbed the walls.The Anegagkojii guards stood seeing nothing.The first guard fell down.The Second felt a light touch in his neck.He froze then dropped to the ground.The Ninja's nodded to each other and before you could know it ,the castle gates were open.

The Takeda troops walked throught the castle gates,others were climbing and the archers were forming up.The Anegagkojii were asleep,their force not awake.Yuishe raised the banner.The Archers fired flaming arrrows.The Castle of Anegagkojii became lit with fire!The Takeda troops advanced slowly.

Yusihe shouted ''Charge!!!''.And the men behind him gave a great cheer.The Anegagkojii Samurai were woken up.Each started to shout for cries of help,but it was to late.The Takeda army chargedd and slaughtered the people in the castle.The Anegagakojii Damyio and his son were killed.No one remained alive.

Takeda looked at Ishida.''You see Ishida?They never were going to last long.And now we march on your lands''.Takeda smiled.Ishida stared but said nothing.Takeda shrugged.''The old ways of Japan are gone Ishida.You can not do anything about it now''.With that Takeda bowed his head and rotatod his horse and left.

Ishida lands.

Ishida Castle

Isha Ishida walked into her room,previously it had been the Damyio's room.But now she was Damiyo ,she was the ruler and no one could stop her.She sat down on the chair.Her advisers quickly hurried behind her and bowed down to her.The Advisers then sat on their chairs

Uehsi Konni ,her most trusted adviser began first.

''Damyio Isha at this moment a large army is advancing towards our lands''.Isha looked at Uehsi.''Is this true?''.Ueshi nodded.''Who and what is this large army coming before us Ueshi?''.Ueshi replied ''It is of the The Takeda.Isha laughed.She laughed so hard that the advisers in the room flinched.

Ueshi bowed again. ''Your highness ,you do not realize the threat the Takeda pose on us!''.Isha still lauged then spoke.''I know of the Takeda.They've already taken Anegagkojii and North Shinano.I would not worry Ueshi.We will send our army to crush the Takeda''.

Ueshi had a worried look on his face.''Highness ,do you not know of Ishida?Your Brother.He is serving with the Takeda''.Isha did not reply.Instead she got up and walked beyond her advisers.She turned her head around.''We will defeat them ,prepare the army''.

Ueshi nodded.

Takeda Army Camp.

Takeda army tent.

Takeda was surronded by his Generals,Ishdia and Nobutomo stood next to him and Yamamoto was seated at the far end.

Takeda dictated his plan on the battle table.

''The Ishida army will be mostly made of up Onna Bushin.Which generals is a very nice thing''.The Generals laughed.''To fight female Samurai is even more better!''.Everyone laughed again.''Now the army is to be in a L -shaped formation.The Calvary will be the L side''.Takeda nodded to the servant.The Servant quickly set up the red blocks on the battle table.There were 2 triangle red blocks indicating the cavalry.Then there were 5 more blocks of Samurai in front of the Calvary.Next to them were ten blocks of Yari Ashaguri and 5 blocks of bow Ashaguri in front of the Yari Ashaguri.

Next to the red army on the battle plan were the black blocks indicating the Ishida Clan.

''Generals.Our Samurai shall engage first''.The servant moved two blocks of samurai.He did the same with the Ishida forces.''Then I want our samurai to break when they lose''.Everyone looked at him.''Do not worry you will see why''.Takeda pointed to the 5 blocks of the Takeda bow Ashaguri.''They will need to be hit first by the Ishida archers,we'll be doing this for a while.Then we should send our cavarly on both sides to attack the hidden archers from the back, when the enemy feel they have done enough.They will send their main force.The battle will go easily in our favour once our cavlary has done their work''.

''Ishida,let us see what your sister is made of eh?''.Ishdia said nothing.''Now to battle''.Takeda muttered.

The battle.

The Takeda army sought for battle.But Takeda Shingen was seated on his horse and he knew better.As he saw his large army prepared and ready to fight,he began his speech.

''Soliders of the Takeda!I,Takeda Shingen bring you here to battle today.I have no desire to fight my fellow people,but this is a time of darkness!Our fellow countrymen betray all of us and they all turn to Kyoto.These are truly dark times''.

''But that does not matter.I promise you we will win,and we will.I see today we face a bunch of peasants with spears!And arrows!These godforsaken pigs will be destroyed!''.Takeda clenched his fist.''A soilder's job is to obey and the samurai is to obey,killing is nesscary.Despite it.And only focus on one thing!We WILL WIN!!!''.

The army cheered as loud as the Ishida army could hear.

Isha walked out of the tent.Her Generals bowed.

The Ishida archers fired first.Flaming arrows came and hit the Takeda bow ashaguri badly.The Takeda bow ashaguri formed into 2 lines deep.And then they replied back.The Ishida archers were cut down like hay.

The battle between the archers of both sides raged firecly for hours.Isha screamed in anger as the battle merely went away with the archers firing.Takeda smiled.Nobutomo had a concered look on his face.His lips tight he turned his head to Takeda.''Takeda-san is this going to be on forever?The troops are restless!''.Takeda gave a wide grin.''Do not worry Nobutomo.We should wait for a while-''.

Takeda shut his mouth as the Ishida archers stopped firing.Then the Yari Ashaguri of the Ishida came out and the Ishdia archers turned back.Nobutomo raised the banner to the takeda archers to stop firing.The archers on both sides stopped.The Takeda Yari Ashaguri advanced quickly against the Ishida Yari Ashaguri.

Both of them meet in a thunderous clash as armour met armour.Spear stabbing bodies as the Yari Ashaguri of both sides fougth fiecrly.Many of them fell.The Samurai of the Takeda clan charged and let slip the dogs of war!The battle then turned into Takeda's favour.The Ishida were losing the battle by the Minute.

Isha looked at Takeda.Takeda saw Isha's eyes and bowed.Isha shot him a glance back.Takeda turned to General Ishida,as everyone now called him.''General,you never said your sister was so beautiful''.Ishida replied

''That is none of your concern Takeda-san.She is my sister.And I will not have men seeking her for power''.Takeda grinned.

Isha ordered her speical forces to charge in.Then the Ishida archers came out of nowhere.They had all been hidden.Takeda sheated his sword.

''General Nobutomo''.

''Yes,Damyio Takeda''.

''Send the katana cavarly to attack the samurai over there''.Takeda pointed to the Ishida samurai wating.Nobutomo nodded.

A large force of cavarly charged where the Ishida Samurai stood.The Ishida archers were hidden in the forrest.'Steady lads,steady,when they come we fire flaming arrows!''.Their officer muttered.

The Cavarly charged faster.The Ishida samurai sheathed their swords.The Cavarly sturck as if a punch had been given desicivily.They were flown out by the powerful cavarly charge.''Fire!!!'.The Ishida archers shouted causing a great shout from the horses of the Cavarly.Flaming arrows flied out and hit the Takeda Cavarly.Many of them were cut down by the disruption of the arrows.

The Cavarly were finsihed by the time they could have retreated.Takeda looked at Nobutomo.''Send the other one''.Nobutomo bowed.The banner rose and the cavarly on the right ran.Nobutomo leading them.

They moved around the back and formed.The Ishida archers on the other side were having a good time firing their arrows.Nobutomom ordered the cavarly to remain slient.Then as soon as they gained speed they charged.

The Ishida archers were flown of their feet.Many landed on their faces ,others crushed by the hooves of the horses.The Cavarly set to their work.Meanwhile in the midst of battle the Ishida and Takeda forces were in full conflict.Neither side taking victory as they intended.Both sides were engaged in a diffcult struggling conflict as they were all packed and crowded.

Nobutomo watched the battle rage on.He looked around his battle harderned cavarly. ''Men!Ride with me!!!!''.

He shouted.The Cavarly shouted and cheered.Nobutomo forwarded his horse on.They charged down the hil and crushd straight into the battle!Men of both sides were flying while the powerful hooves of the horses crushed the men.

Isha screamed in frustation.Her body panted as she breathed.Ueshi stood beside her.''Ueshi send our special forces now!''.Ueshi however did not move.

''Ueshi you will listen now!!!!''.

She screamed even louder.Ueshi still did not say a word nor did he move.


''That may not be Damyio Isha''.

Isha swept her back.She saw a man in red armour mounted on his horse and more cavarly probaly his bodyagurd facing her.''Who are you?''.The man in red armour bowed his head.''I am General Nobutomo of The Takeda.I swear my loaylty to the true shogun of Japan,Takeda Shingen''.Isha turned her head around to see her onna bushin charging.Isha lept quickly and vainshed from sight.The Cavarly cutted down the Ishida troops.Nobutomo steered his horse to find Isha.He saw her running.

Nobutomo then saw that Isha had vanished.He scanned everywhere with his eyes.Something tookm grab of him and he was fallen from his horse.Nobutomo tried to get up but everytime he did.The same force gripped him again and throwed him to the ground.He looked around to see what was pulling him.He didn't see until he saw a female samurai punching him and beating him up.

Isha maintend her temper and kept on hitting Nobutomo.Men were such fools she thought.Then a sound came from nowhere.Isha turned to see Takeda Shingen mounted on his horse but Isha had never known what Takeda looked like.Takeda got of his horse and walked to Isha.

''Damyio Isha sama''?Isha looked at Takeda.''Who are you?''.Takeda gave a mere grin.''I'm Takeda Shingen''.Isha said nothing but sheathed her sword.''My god your brother was right you do look very beautiful,perhaps we could spend time together in bed''.Isha still said nothing but raised her sword.''Always the females ain't it?Women are so much better ...why without them we men would not be here today!".

Isha shouted a war cry and charged at takeda.Isha's sword stood in the air waving like a menace .Takeda was ready.He moved quickly sheathing his sword with quick precision and blocked Isha's plunging move.Isha attacked again this time making her sword to cut Takeda's body into two parts.Takeda saw the sword coming to his body and the two swords met.

For an hour it was a light of dances.The swords kept on attacking each other, trying to find the enemy's gap but to no avail,it never happened.Isha grew tired and more tired.Takeda was to exhausted to fight.But both of them kept on fighting.What they had not noticed that everyone had stop fighting watched them fight.

Isha made three attacking blow's each of one them to stab the shoulder.Takeda blocked them.Isha kicked with her left leg and Takeda fell to the ground.Takeda gave a mere smile.Isha did the same with her right leg.Again Takeda was thrown to the ground.Takeda rose up again.Isha was going to attack again,but Takeda caught her early and threw her to the ground.

Takeda raised his sword and swept it.Isha moved fast.Both swords met,yet did not move.Takeda pushed and pushed on.Isha pushed on and on.Both swords suddenly fell out of their hands.Takeda and Isha had now no sword.Takeda moved into a defensive stance.Isha attacked again,this time using her fists.She punched Takeda in the groin then in the stomach and finally his shoulders.Isha screamed and used her legs to swipe Takeda of the ground.Takeda was thrown off his feet and landed to the ground in hard cold pain.

Takeda tried to get up but he could not.Every move he made interned with pain.Isha smiled now knowing she had got ''Takeda Shingen''.Isha kicked Takeda in the head.She punched him with all the strength on her body.Takeda could not move,as he was losing his life.Isha smiled again as she knew victory was in her sight.She kickd once more.The head that had been kicked was of Takeda's.No one could indeed recognise it as it was splattered with blood.

Where was Nobutomo? thought Takeda.Isha lowered her sword to Takeda's neck ,she raised it high.Takeda groaned but what he was doing was fake.As the sword fell down fast,he gave a mere smile and rolled his body.Isha sword's stabbing the ground.Isha looked bewildered.Takeda got hs body up fast,picked up his sword and ran at Isha.Isha looked even more bewildered.Takeda gripped her neck and slammed her hard to the ground.

Takeda smiled.''So my dear lady,where we?''.Isha looked away at Takeda.Takeda released his grip.

The Ishida army had lost the battle.The Takeda proweled around to find the fleeing Ishida warriors.Nobutomo arrived exhausted.Takeda looked at Nobutomo.

''Where were you?''.''Sire,I was busy fighting the enemy''.

Takeda nodded his head.As he looked at Isha,he saw how beautiful she was.Her soft beautiful skin glowing as white paper,her eyes of emerald blue,her nose like the finest on the earth,her hair silky and smooth as the sea.He beckoned to Nobutomo.Two Samurai came and pulled Isha to her feet.

Ishida walked in.He saw his sister ragged and a furious expression on her face.Ishida walked towards her and touched her face.

''Isha..''.Isha spat in his face.

''Go away from me you bastard!''.

Ishida wiped the spit of his face.Takeda walked in to subdivert brother and sister.

''Well since you two won't stop fighting...I suggest that we talk this over dinner,hmm sushi...that will do something good with sauce''.

Both brother and sister stared at Takeda in disbelif.Takeda shurgged and walked on.


The Shogun's Palace

Shogun Ashikaga Hotomote sat cross legged.Beside him stood his adviser Hanatama and his general Bushei.In front of the shogun stood the clan leaders.The shogun watched as one of them stepped towards and bowed to him.''Shogun Ashikaga,we have come to tell you of the Takeda Clan''.

''What of the Takeda?''.Reliped Ashikaga with certain hint of dismmisal in his voice.

''Well he has..taken shinano.All of it.The clans that were defeated now lie in our lands.This Takeda Shingen of theirs is proving to be to much of a threat''.

''To be honest Hauie Noto he's not proving much of a threat.He's doing our work for us.This just give's me more advantage''.

Noto began to speak,but the shogun gave him a waning look as in ''Shut your mouth or you'll be dead''.

''But do keep me informed,I think Takeda could be a threat to you,but not to me''.

The other clan leaders began protesting.The Shogun turned his head to Bushei.He nodded.Fiftheen samurai appaeread and killed the clan leaders.Some surivied,but the rest couldn't as they were not in armour.

''That will show you fools to learn some respect!''.He shouted.

''General Bueshi!''.The shogun barked

''Yes my lord''?

''I want spies on Takeda's progress.Nothing must escape my eye!''

''Of course my lord''.

Chapter 2

Uesgai capitial.

Damyio Uesgai Kenshin wrote in his book.His book was one of buddha's teaching he was writing.Uesgai nagahino walked into the room.As the damiyo's brother he was supposed to be the Damyio.But such things never came.He sighed.Why did this always happen?He had done everything in life to gain this position.But his foolheaded brother Uesgai would lead this clan to ruin.

Nagahino shook his head.Nagahino bowed and sat down cross legged.

''Brother....we lost''.Nagahino frowend as he spoke those words.

Uesgai shrugged.

''It does not matter Nagahino-sama.We can still always win again''.

Nagahino swollaed his throat.

''But the Date clan destroyed our last line of defence! Aslo the Takeda are proving to be a threat!''.

Uesgai waved his hand to dismiss Nagahino's concerns.

''That does not matter.Send a diplomat to the date.We'll have a peace treaty.Takeda ....Takeda...Has he not taken northern Shianao?''.

Uesgai rubbed his chin.

Nagahino nodded.

Nagahino fumed ,He wanted to beat his brother up and kill him

''That does not matter.Send a diplomat to the date.We'll have a peace treaty.Takeda ....Takeda...Has he not taken northern Shianao?''.

''Hmm...We'll deal with the Takeda later.Prepare the army.We must deal with the Date first.And bring two diplomats aslo''.

Nagahino nodded.

''Of course Damiyo Uesgai''.

Nagahino rose and bowed.He left the room smiling.All was going to plan he thought.

Date Lands

The Army of the Uesgai walked through the forrest.The forrest was mist and grey.Cherry blossoms fell from the sky,leaves breaking off.

Damiyo Uesgai walked on his horse as hundreds of troops walked behind him.The Warrior monks were one of those that were very rare for other clans to gain.They were famed throughout Japan.It was said that the Oda had captured the lands to gain them.But none produced better than the Uesgai.They were Buddhist warrior monks.And a proud and fierce clan they were.

They walked quietly.Nagahino raised his hand high.Uesgai barely noticed.His other Generals grew suspicious.Arrows came from the forrest as if a hedgehog had raised his defences.And they flew fast.They hit hard as the force pulled the arrows forward.

The soldiers of the Uesgai fell down.A great cry came from the forest.Nagahino lowered his hand.He looked at Uesgai.Uesgai looked at his brother.

''Brother....why?Why have you done this?''.He said

Nagahino laughed.

''Look now,you will be defeated''.

Men carrying the Date banner charged.They shouted loud enough to scare the Uesgai.But the soliders of the Uesgai stood their ground.

Uesgai was moving his horse around and shouting orders.

''Warrior monks form line!!!!Cavarly charge!!Archers..in position!

The Uesgai Warrior monks stood in line.The Date Samurai charged in front of them.They were foolish to think to attack Warrior monks.But then they were the Date.A brave clan that were known to be arrogant.

Uesgai sheathed his sword and charged at the Date Samurai.More of the Date troops charged in.The Yari Ashagrui of the Uesgai formed up in a row of two lines.More and more Date Samurai charged.

''Men of the Uesgai,kill their Samurai now!'' roared Uesgai.

The Uesgai Samurai came out of nowhere and counterattacked the Date Samurai.Then the bow warrior monks of the Uesgai fired.Arrows and Samurai clashed into a dance movement.Nothing could be seen except the glimmer of the shinining swords.And the sharp sounds that came from them sounded like death itself was figthing.

More and more arrows were fired on to the Date Samurai.Uishe Date ,commander of the Date forces watched from his horse,his bodyguards around him.He raised his hand up and flung it.More flaming arrows came out and missles came.

The Date Yari Cavarly charged.Thousands came from everywhere.Uesgai seeing the fruitless situation he was in he moved his horse and ordered the Yari Samurai and Ashagrui to attack the Date Cavarly.The Warrior monks were still fighting to the death.Alougth the Date were winng the battle,a lone Uesgai Samurai fogutht to the death.All the Date soilders that came to him were killed by his sword.He lung his sword time and time again to stop the Date Samurai charging in.

Then a loud noise came from nowhere,everyone stopped.Uesgai saw a mist of wariiors,like the deamons of hell.Their grey-shape fiugres stood as each of them appeared from the mist.

As more of them came,they held the banners of of the Ikko Ikki clan.The Ikko Ikki clan was an estemmed ally of the Uesgai as both clans were extreme buddhists.Uishe's face crumpled like anger.His eyebrows narrowing down.His tiny eyes glaring like fire attacking a forrest.His mouth was tight and he said nothing.His face held no moustache but he had a faint beard on his chin

The Ikko Ikki had bought with them their Warrior Nuns.They were like warrior monks but more powerful than their male counerparts.The Damyio of the Ikko Ikki rode forward in front of his army and raised his sword.His golden wings behind his back shone like gleaming gold.

The Ikko army charged in.Uishe's face became like one of those master tactians that had not condisdered the battle before fighting.

''Commander.'' Barked Uishe.

The Commander bowed.

''Yes my lord?''.

''Send the special troops in!We are going to be defeated if we do not move now!Destory these foregin invaders!When will the reinforcements come in?''.

The Commander blinked his eyes and a worried expression came on his face.He pointed towards the Ikko army coming and more closer.

''My lord,your brother will take a week to come here''.

''What do you mean?He should have come here by now!''.

''My lord.......he has...not arrived....there are still rebeles he is dealing with''.

''Rebels!We have already dealt with them''.

The Commander did not listen as he pointed with his hand to the Ikko army coming closer.

Meanwhile in the Uesgai side of the battle.Uesgai roared with delight!

''The Ikko Ikki have come to help us men!Do not forget the oath ,you are the true buddhists!!!Now kill the date and kill them!!!

He shouted.

The Ikko Ikki army thundered into the battle like dragons.Their Samurai crashed into the hurrying Date force.From a bird eye's view it seemed a battle of colours,each samurai and each person had different colours.You could only identify them by their cavarly sashimo(banner).Uieshe was screaming and barking orders.The Date sended more and more of their men but it was fruitless as they were curshed down by the overwhelming weight of the Ikko Ikki army.

In a sudden desperaion,the Date Archers formed a line quickly ,in cowardice.And they fired.Arrows fell on the thundeering Uesgai foprce as they too were pushing the side to their battle.

Uieshe raised his hand and suddenly,the date cavarly came out from nowhere,but they were in such numbers no one could describe their sheer might.And these were Date Katana cavarly,they were well known cavarly and were rivals of their takeda counterparts.

And more came from behind the grey mist.

Uesgai shouted orders for the Spearmen to take form.Nagainta Samurai,Yari Samurai ,all of them formed a massive line to combat the charging date Cavarly coming in front of them.The Ikko Ikki archers spread into two lines,like a knife carving a butter.Flaming arrows were released as the Date Cavarly got closer and more closer.It hit the Date Cavarly and slowed down their charge,Many screamed as the flaming arrows burnt their bodies,unable to stop the fire spreading.The arrows hit with such force that it was something they could not control as they fell from their horses.More and More Flaming arrows were released.Uesgai saw Nagahino leading the charge.

That betrayer he thought,After all he had done for him.He had always treated his brother with respect.He had protected his brother,yet after all of this he betrayed him.Uesgai would never forgive his brother again.The Date Cavarly crashed in.The Ikko Ikki Damyio,Momoyoto Ikki galloped with his bodyguard to repel the Date Cavarly.The Great Guard of the Uesgai charged as in as they were mounted on their houses.Bow Samurai cavarly of the Ikko Ikki came from the mists and amied their arrows and shot.They were terrifying as hell.Some formed circels to shoot,and more arrows were released.

The warrior monks of the Ikko Ikki and the Uesgai were doing well.The Nagainta Samurai armed with their spears had entirely broken the morale of the Date Cavarly.The Yari Samurai charged in with their long spears.The Date Cavarly were trapped.Many of them tried to escape but were surroned by millions of soliders.Nagahino was in full fury,the Ikko Ikki should have hepled them!Betrayel!How he wanted his brother dead.He scanned for his brother,Uesgai,Uesgai where was he?

He had payed the Ikko Ikki handsomly,yet the Date Damyio had warned him,but Nagahino fumed.If it was one last thing he would do before he was dead,he would kill his brother.

Arrows came suddenly, hitting him.Nagahino pressed his horse forward to doge the arrows.He had been too busy thinking and not concentrating more on the battle.He turned his head to see the Date Cavarly were being cut down.He presed the reins of his horse and sheathed his sword,holding it up high he saw his brother looking straight at him.

Uesgai Kenshin saw his brother charging at him.He took his axe and flung it high as he pressed his horse forward.Both borhters were charging at each other.Meanwhile spearmen were cutting down cavarly.Cavarly were chasing fleeing samurai and spearmen.Most of them were surronded by two or three spearmen.Arrows flied as if it were spectators watching a match,Axe met sword.Nagahino was knocked off his horse.

Nagahino hit to the ground hard.And hard it was that it nearly killed him.He surivied,but he was growling in anger,his brother was watching him.Uesgai moved around him and struck him with his axe.Nagahino was hit on the head and it pained,mecisly.Uesgai dismounted and threw his axe.This was the moment Nagahino had been waiting for.Nagahino rasied his sword and flung it at Uesgai.Uesgai grinned and waited for Nagahino to come close.Nagahino was one inch closer to him.Uesgai grabbed Nagahino and slammed him to the ground.

Nagahino screamed in frustration and flew Uesgai out.Uesgai merely moved.For Nagahino everything was going fast.Everything seemed out of time.He got up but a saw fist coming at his forehead.Nagahino fell down,blood running from his face,His face red with blood,his neck spurting out blood.

Another blow to his head bought him down.Nagahino struggeld to get him up,every move he made burst with pain.The Date Cavarly were finished off.The Date Samurai were fighting to the death.Most of the Date Infantry had fled,not longing to take any more into the battle.The only last hope for the Date were their Samurai and their archers,the rest had fled.Uieshe saw his troops running,but he did not rally.Instead he took his sword and charged to his death.

His bodgaurds followed him,their right arms high with their gleaming sowds,and they made a terrific sight.Uesgai turned his head to the

Momoyoto ,they both nodded.The Great Gauds of Both armies charged at the last remaning Date Troops.They crashed into Uishe's Bodygaurd.Nagahino stood on the ground,groaning.

Momoyoto spoke as he fought.''General Uishe,you ae defeated''.

Uishe fumed as his sword was blocked by Momoyoto's sword as they fought mounted on their Horses.

''YOU BETRAYER!'' Uishe roared.Momoyoto laughed.As Uishe screamed,Momoyoto moved his horse and grabbed Uishe to the ground,Uishe fell of his horse.

Momoyoto spared no time.He stabbed Uishe's amour in the back.Uishe winced.The sword had cut through like a pie.He stammered,then fell to the ground.Momoyoto grinned with grim satisfaction.

The Date saw their leader dead ,lying in the ground,Fear spread through them,and they all retreated,the lot of them.The Uesgai and the Ikki Ikko armies continued to hunt them down.

Momoyoto and Uesgai dismounted,They walked towards each other and bowed.Their servant's came quickly and put chairs to where they were going to sit.The Servants out put a table and cloth over the top of the Table.Uesgai and Momoyoto sat as a large tent was put above them.

''Momoyoto'' started Uesgai.

''Uesgai,it is a great honour to meet the Honored Uesgai leader,I bow to you''.Momoyoto bowed his head.

''Of course,I the same''.Uesgai bowed.

''How much did the Date pay you,Momoyoto-san?''

Momoyoto smirked.

''They did not even pay half of what we would want,Still Lord Uesgai a clever move you did by telling us.I was reluctant of course,why should we help you?But now we can see the reason why'',

Uesgai replied.

''This is only the first threat ,frankly.The Date will send more and more unless we deal with them first''.

''Wise words,but we will need the Hattori.Their Ninja's ,Lord Uesgai will be useful''.

''The Hattori will be a great use of help,Momoyoto.But there are disturbing matters that concern us''.

''That is my Lord?''

''The Takeda''.

Momoyoto said nothing.Silence took him.

''The Takeda,Takeda Shingen is proving to be somewhat a threat,he has won recent victories,marching through the lands of their allies,the Hojo.The Takeda is to be dealt with aslo''.

Momoyoto replied,but with a hint of uncertainty.

''They have the Imagawa and the Hojo as their allies.Such a battle would be costly indeed and would overwhelm us''.

''I can agree on what you say,But if you can keep the Date in bay,we shall deal with the Takeda first''.

''Lord Uesgai,it concerns me,we are a race of buddhist warriors.We do not help one ally just for the sake of your own benefit,what do we get out of it?''.

''Lord Momoyoto,I hear your concern.But what if the Takeda march through your lands,then what would you do?''.

Momoyoto said nothing,crushed by Uesgai's reply,it made sense,if they did not help their allies that very much often,the enemy would come in and destroy them.

''It is a reason.I'll better leave you some of my finest troops, Diplomacy with the Hattori should begin soon,how long before we enter diplomacy with them?''.

''My Lord,only thirty four days from now''.

''Good,Momoyoto,do deal with the Takeda and spy on them,notify the progress of the takeda clan''.

''Of course,Lord Uesgai,I am indebted towards you''.

Uesgai bowed his head.

Chapter 4


Lanterns and torches shone brightly.Female Dancers danced while people gazed intently at their beauty.The Musicians played seductive and slow music.Soft gentle music drowned out the noise and all was silent as the dancers moved gallantly and the music sliped through.

Takeda sat seated on his grand chair.His Generals,of all them were seated beside them aslo.No one said anything as they saw the beautiful female dancers moved their legs around.

Nobutomo drank from his cup.

''My lord?''.

''Yes,General Nobutomo?'',Takeda was rubbing his chin

''Your sister and that solider Ushj,they have been ignored''.

''Have they?Strange.I thought I had done something about them''.

''Why not ,my lord'' Nobutomo sipped from his cup.

''Why not form a marriage?''.

Takeda blinked his eye's for a moment.

''But Ushj is a commner!Nobutomo,you know I would...''

Nobutomo raised his hand up.

''You have much to learn ,Takeda.Just because he is a commner does not make him any different than any of us''.

''Remeber,if you want loyal generals,you will have to talk with the common public,you will make them respect you,if we give them victories,many of them will flock towards us.Aboanding their old clans for a new and powerful one''.

Takeda looked at Nobutomo with a hint of suprise on his face.

''You should have been a phiosplar''.

Nobutomo smirked

''I was not meant to be one,my lord''.

While the conversation between Takeda and Nobutomo contuined,Yari Ashaguri gaurds stood out from the room.They wore coned hats and they were armed with a sword and spear.

They held lanterns.Samurai were undressed and were walking in their usal robes.Their Katana sword's were strapped on them.

Shadows moved around,on the roof,the walls and the top of the castle.Ninja's.They walked silently,as steady as the wind.The Samurai did not notice them.

Arms spread to the Yari Ashaguri guards.The arms grabbed themand took them up,covering their mouths to stop them from screaming.The Lantenrs fell.The Samurai reacted quickly sheathing their swords,they looked up and saw five ninja's staring them.One of them shouted,the Ninja's esacaped,with the samurai following them.

In the room where the dancers were dancing.The Ninja's fell from the top of the roof and splattered everywhere.The Guests screamed in terror,the dancers fled.The Samurai bisrt in.Nobutomo shouted ''Protect the Damyio!!!''.

The Ninja moved in,knowing that the first thing they would do is protect their lord first,not concentrating on saving of their lives,thought one of the Ninja's.Foolish Another thought,as Takeda and his generals sheahted their swords.

One of the Ninja raised two finger's,two ninja came and attacked the samurai,fast.The Ninja raised 3 fingers and they lauched themselves on takeda and his generals like tigers attacking their prey.

Takeda only smiled,he moved his foward,his two hand's were holding the grip of the swords and he flung it like in a circle movement.The Ninja's made their move.A small dagger slit the throat of a samurai behind Takeda.

Nobutomo moved his sword and it flew across Takeda's Head killing the ninja that was about to pounce on him.The ninja screamed as his guts splattered out.The Ninja fell to the ground writhing in pain.Takeda looked at Nobutomo and bowed his head as a thanks.Nobutomo nodded.The other ninja's were attacked the generals.

Swords clashed,dagger's split's throats and lunged into its body.Takeda's Brother ,Nobushige plunged his sword deep into a Ninja's body.The Room itself was damaged,curtains lay still,ripped parts of wood and paper slayed on the floor.Other Ninja's appeared from nowhere.

''Get the No-Dachi Samurai now!''.

The No-dachi samurai appeared instnatly,they had no helmet,only their kismo wrapped around their heads and they held large swods,one staped to the leg,one with their hands.One of the No-Dachi plunged his sword at a Ninja's head,the Nijna screamed as the sword cut his head off in two,Blood and brains splattered everywhere.

The Ninja's had grown in numbers.More of them came,killing the takeda samurai.Takeda himself know there was no choice,either surrender of fight.No,he would fight to the death rather than submit to these second class swordsmen.

The Ninja's had taken the advantage of the battle and it seemed anyway that they would be winning.Then arrows shot at the Ninja's.Takeda swept his back to see Ishidia dressed in his samurai armour,his helmet round and oblqiuqe,his face helmut in front of him,commanding the bow ashaguri.

Ishida's sister Isha had appeared,with the onha bushin(female samurai,warriors) and they cut down the Ninja down.

Takeda was amazed,he had not expected too see this,Ishida,Isha and Female Samurai attacking Ninja.It had grown all to strange for him.He saw another Ninja charge at him,He moved fast toward the ninja and cut the Ninja's head of.

The head fell to the ground,it broke hard.

More arrows hit the Ninja.Their leader kept on fighting,but the other ninja used symbols to indicate they were losing.Their leader refused and kept on fighting.Seeing their leader's foolishness they ran.

Their leader cursed and kept on fighting until it was only him and three more ninja left.

The arrows fell on them.And in a second all three lay dead.Their leader strugginling to live as the arrow had landed in his heart.

On the people's faces stood a stunned expression,many of them were splattered with blood.Bodies lay on the ground,those of samurai and ninja.Ishida walked to Takeda.

''I don't suppose ,Takeda that I would even recive a thanks from you''.

Takeda looked at Ishdia,then laughed.He put his arm around Ishida.

''My dear ishdia,this is only the beginning''.

Takeda looked at everybody in the room.

The Onha bushin stood watching their Damyio,a few samurai stood panting,and the geenrals looked at Takeda.He smiled at Isha.

''Isha,you have come''.

''You fool!'' Hissed Isha

Takeda laughed.

Yari Ashaguri hurried into the room,they held their spears high with them.Takeda looked at the damaged room.Paper was torn,wood was broken,colours of white,red and back exploded everywhere.

He turned his head to the seragant in charge.The Sergant had a round cone hat and stood high.His armour stood still,With a bright red spot in the middle.

''Sergant,clear up this mess and drop the boides in the lake''.

''Yes Damyio Takeda''.The Sergant bowed and barked at his men.The Yari Ashaguri quickly cleaned up the place.Isha walked away.Ishdia following behind her.The generals bowed and went to their beds.Nobutomo ,Nobushige and Takeda stood in the room.

''This has turned out to be mess,Nobutomo'' takeda's voice replied with sarcasm.

''My lord.....how was I ...to know?''.

Takeda waved his concern away.

''It does not matter,I was only testing you ''.

Nobutomo said nothing

''Though,do you identify this symbol?''.

''Symbol,what symbol? ''

Takeda took a round gold circle from the floor and gave it to Nobutomo.

Nobutomo looked at it.

''The banner of the Ikki Ikko''.He said.

Takeda gave a grim smile

''Nobutomo,we are now going to invade Japan''.

Nobutomo stared at him as if Takeda had said something mad

''Japan???? The whole of it? ''

Takeda nodded.

''Assemble the war council''.

''Oh and aslo,bring Ishida and his sister''.

Nobutomo could not believe what Takeda had just said,but nonetheless he bowed and left.

Leaving Takeda alone.

But he did not think,he read his thoughts aloud.

''Now Japan shall be crushed!The Uesgai present a threat to me.The Ikki Ikko now send ninja to kill me.Really?And what have I done to them?Nothing,but nothing.But this is a dark age''.

Takeda waved his left arm up.

''But how shall we do it?Easy.Recruit the troops.Build armies.''

Takeda face's lit up with a grim smile

''The Hojo and the Imagawa do not think I am powerful enough.I'll show them.I'll show them all,that fool who calls himself shogun in kyoto should be removed!He had enough time to remove all opposition!A shame we have to fight him,but,.....this is not the time''.

''We will attack Noto,Ezchien and subdue the Uesgai lands in the north.Then we turn our attention towards the Tokugawa and the Oda.And then,Kyoto''.

Takeda smiled and grinned.

Then he laughed,as laughed and laughed.

Chapter 4

War is nothing

The room stood still.High bamboo sticks supported the room's roof and celings.Takeda shingen was dressed in a iron suit,his Kabato(helmut) on.The Generals stood ,they sat cross-legged.

In the Middle of the room was a great map of Japan.It looked old but a very light green-white colour was parched on it.

Takeda rose up high.

Isha and Ishida said nothing and stared at the map.The Generals and guests bowed.

''Why it is a honour,a honour indeed.I am estemmed that I have such loyal generals and loyal vassals ''. Takeda met his royal dark black eyes towards Ishida's eyes.Ishdia moved his eye's away.

A grin came on Takeda's face.

''Now I hear that enemies harbor to invade us.We have done nothing to them have we?No.Yet those fools attack us!The Ikki Ikko send their agents to attack us for,The Uesgai will be attacking soon.The Oda and many clans long to attack us.This is something that is blocking our path to eternal victory for the shogunate''.

Takeda swept his back

''Something I will not allow.Now I shall not brag any longer,The first move is to destory the ikki ikko armies.We will then expand into the heart of Japan.I want Nobutomo and nearly half my generals to deal with the tokugawa.If we can attack the Ikki ikko ungaurded,so can we subdue the tokugawa,and then the Uesgai.They are proving as much of a threat ''.

Then he stabbed the kinfe on the map of Japan.

''This is where we will begin,establsing the rule of the takeda!I shall rule from there,and no other person will obstruct me,for if they do....''

He threw the table on the floor.

''They will regret crossing me! ''.

''This is only possiable if we do it together ,who is with me? ''.

The Generals bowed,so did Ishdia,but Isha did not.

Takeda grinned widely

''Isha you have been quiet for a long time,what do you think of my plan? ''.

Isha scworeld in anger.

''You are a fool,a fool all right you are,you are plain evil,if you think you will be in my bed,let me warn you,I'll feed your body to the tigers! ''.

Takeda laughed.The rest in the room shitfed uncomrbatly

''Maybe.But I'll see if I can win your heart Isha,like all things coem to me,they are destroyed ''.

Ishida merely watched,angered by what Isha had said,in the time being he had come to respect Takeda for his intellgiance and his kindness.

But what would happen if Takeda died?He did not know,but he would got to the tokugawa,they were hosptiable and would take him in,but for now,takeda was his lord,and he had to be loyal.

Date Captital.

Uesgai kenshin sat ,a row of his ambssadors sat besdie him.Facing them was the Date lord Ujyrama Date.Ujyrama was surrounded by his bodyguards,tall samurai with iron armour set in.

Both sides were in Samurai armour,even Kenshin and Ujyrama

Ujyrama began frist.

''Time and honour are being wasted,Uesgai,what do you want? ''' Ujyrama spoke in the famliar langauge of Japanese diplomacy.

''I think it is time we end this war,let us have a peace agreement,Ujyrama''.

Ujyrama smriked

''Bah,who do you think we are fools?We will countiinue this blooshed even if we have too ''.

Uesgai merely grinned.

''Really,Kenshin,you think this is funny? ''.

''I do,when you can't stop the bloodshed between us ''.

Ujyrama winced at Uesgai's reply

He changed tactics

''We'll crush your land,Kenshin, remeber that,you buddhists monks domniate way too much ''.

Uesgai drank from his cup

''Quite the leader you are,quite the good words you say,but not enough,I hear you send to form an alliance with the date ''.

Uesgai gulped his drink

Ujyrama winced but his face remained calm,revealing no emotion.

''Why would ever form an allaince with those horse lovers!We are the true samurai,not they! ''

''Yet they perform a powerfull ally for you ''.

Ujyrama laughed,but his laughter was fake,concealing that

''Why,why would they perform an alliance with us,we are feared for our no-dachi samurai! ''.

Uesgai merely laughed.

''You now control from the borders of Honshu.What is it are you exactly doing Ujyrama ?'',

Ujyrama winced again.

''In this case,my friend,this is war ''

Ujyrama rose from his chair

''Then war it is Uesgai!Your foregin lands shall be crushed! ''.

Uesgai nodded.

''Good,then I expect you to come in battle,and do not act like a coward,for you did that three times ''

Ujryama fumed but said nothing

Uesgai rosde and left,his bodygaurds following him behind

When they left,Ujryama's Brother Date Manahishke appeared in the room

''Brother,you acted foolshily ''. Manahiske said

Ujyrama looked at his brother

''You can't bully me brother,I know of what we do ''

Manahiske scwoled

''Fool,Father should never have chosen you,Takeda Shingen was wise enough to do that ''.

Ujryama fist's punched Manahiske's face.Manahiske growled and slammed Ujryama to the ground.

''You were always weak,always!! That why you were so easy to bully!An utter disgrace you are to the clan ,you are not date,but the tokugawa! ''

Ujryama's anger exploeded and punched Manahiske's face three times,But Manahiske was too strong and threw Ujryama to the ground.

Then he grinned and left.

Ujyrama's wife MasamI hurried to him and picked Ujyrama up

''Ignore Manahiske,Ujyrama '.

Masami smiled as she lovingly stroked Ujyrama's cheek ,she kissed it.

''He was a idiot,I never did like him,don't bother with him Masami,he's not worth it ''.

Masami gave mischevious smile

''You know ,I was supposed to say that my lord ''

Masami moved her chest towards Ujyrama's face and she kissed Ujyrama.

''You were always too beautiful,you know that Masmai? ''

Masami let out a light laugh,Ujyrama loved that laugh.

But Masami gripped him and pushed inot the floor.Their lips were locked in a tight embrace.They made love for hours,then rested.


Takeda's Palace

Takeda watched the drama.The Samurai fighting the common peasant.It was such a pleasant show ,and a great way to relax time,Of course everyone beside him was bored.The peasant quralled with the samurai,demanding his rights,but the samurai was pointing what the samurai actually did for the peasent.It was in a old tavern,and both were drinking sake while they argued.No one else however was interested in a mere common story including a peasant.But Takeda watched with pleasure,there was actually a lesson to be learnt from this play,But just as he was about to laugh,A servent appeared and talked into Nobutmos ear.

Nobutmo nodded and touched Takeda on his shoulder.

Takeda gave a irritating groan

''Must you disturb me? ''

''Sire,an emissary from the Date Clan has arrived ''.

Takeda laughed

''Date?Whatever would those bloodthirsty samurai want from us ? ''.

But Takeda got up and left the room.

The Date emissary had arrived in style he thought,as he observed their samurai.

The Date Emissary,a black coated samurai stepped forward and bowed.Takeda bowed his head.

''What is you wish to speak off? '' said Takeda,dryly.

''We request an alliance with the Takeda Clan ''.He replied back with no emtion

''Why would we ever have an alliance witth cruetly beneath us ? ''

The Black coated Samurai frowend,then he thought for a second and replied.

''Word has it,that the Buddhist factions are preparing to attack the Takeda Clan,The Shogun himself has sent spies to spy on you my lord ''

Takeda said nothing.

''They wish to destory the clan ''.

Yet Takeda said nothing,for he was not interested,he could defeat any of them.

''I hear they assmeble their forces to attack you ''.

That bought Takeda's attention.

''The Uesgai and the Ikki Ikko are planning to destroy your clan,my lord ''.

Nobutomo stepped in before taked could say anything.

''Are you sure on this? '' Nobtumo asked with a hint of fear.

The Black Coated Samurai bowed his head

''Yes it is true,our ninja have reported back.The Shogun is spying on you ''.

Takeda laughed and merely smiled.

Everything was going in his favour.

''In that case,will you be using us a buffer against the Uesgai,do you want me to help you against the Uesgai ? ''

This was truly a great advantage,now Takeda didn't need a excuse to attack the Uesgai Clan,it was merely coming to him.

''In that case,I accept ''.

Nobtumo's face grew in concern

''My lord,you cannot accept a alliance with the Date- '''

Takeda dismissed his concern by his hand.

''Enough ''

Takeda turned his head towards the black coated samurai.

''We accept ''.

Ikki Ikko Capitial


Storms rivalled across the sky.Lighthing and thunder shook the ground as the dead souls of those who fought centruies before clashed.It was the legend that dead samurai fought vionetly in the heavens.The egale soared throught the palace,Rain feel heavy,as guards stood still.

The Catsle was blazen with light

Damyio Momoyoto sat in the small room.Uesgai was seated next to him,a small table set them apart.The Shogun himself had appeared and was sitting in the dark.Oda Nobunga sat cross legged,he was already the Damyio of the Oda clan,a clever strategist,he had made the Oda a powerful clan, destroying the rivals of the clan,but on this dark night,his face revealed nothing.l .On the table sat a map of Japan and it on was red indicating the takeda clan.

Momoyoto began.

''We all know of Takeda's speech.His ambition to conqer the whole of Japan threatens our plans.Already those takeda fools occupy a large part of Japan,the borders of their lands extend to ours,which ,is a threat ''.

''He intends to attack our lands and loot them.I say we stand up to him and kill him now before he can go any further ''.

Uesgai rubbed his chin thinking,takeda himself was too powerful already to be killed.Why kill him now?When he could defeat him in battle?Those were his thoughts,but he kept them to himself.

Oda's face looked at Momoyoto with no expression.Then his eyes squinted,his thin moustache fiddled.He spoke,but with a hint of voice that could only be of a villian.He laughed,again he laughed but he did not say

''To be honest,Momoyoto ,this takeda is nothing compared to all of us ,we have the shogun,me ,Uesgai Kenshin,and you my lord,What could stand against us? ''

Momoyoto face's looked worried

''Oda,why would you ever say anything?Do you not hate us?After all,Uesgai and me are buddhists''.

''Your arrogance ,old man shall be repelled ''. Oda replied back.

''You honour yourself with Christen missionary,you let them roam free and lie with their woman.You use guns to finance's your armies ,you destroy seven centuries of warfare.One which has taken quite a long time ''. Uesgai replied,coming in.

Oda grinned back

''Kenshin,a matter of interest?Then let me tell you.Those foreigners that bought guns can destroy us.Portugal,their land is called,or whatever it is,however if we tried a samurai against a gun,who would win first?The gun,not the samurai.It doesn't matter how much you try, the blood doesn't wash off that easily ''.

''Which is aslo why samurai should be armed with guns ,only on the battlefield do they make a great impact ''.Oda replied sharply

The Shogun said nothing,enjoying the debate of this meeting.He was,to say quiet.

''If we stood against those foreigners we would lose!If you all used it,just think of what Japan would be in a hundred years or so!We would be the very helm of the earth!We would control an empire from far as china!All Nations would bow at us ''.

Uesgai laughed at the foolishness of what Oda had said.

''Why?Why do you aim to be so high?Why should we control the world?The Shogunate is the obvious place.It will destory us if we do not fight and Japan will be nothing.Making advances in other weapons is good,but one must raise the peace,for the weapon never solves anything ''.

Oda looked at Uesgai

''Wait a second there,Uesgai,you are a Buddhist.I have read of Buddhism.Never do non-violence.How is it you can do this? ''

Uesgai shook his head

''To be honest ,Oda,I worship Buddha for he blesses everybody.But this is war,I must survive ,no matter what.The Lord may be not be pleased by bloodshed and violence.But I am grateful for this life and what he has given me ''.

''Still if it is war,you could not be this and revert to neutral ''. Oda sipped from his cup .

''I could,but what about the Buddhist clans ? ''

''Destroy them. '' replied Oda.

''But Buddhism is much better than your stupid relegion,christanity '' replied Momoyoto.

The Shogun spoke clearly and carefully.

''Gentlemen,while we fight,the takeda are already expanding as we speak,and yet we debate,I am the Shogun,but none of you here hold any respect for me ''.

''That is because your ancestors did nothing to unify Japan! '' .Oda hissed

''Actually we did '',replied the Shogun.

''Then your ancestors would have been wild enough to stop the corruption and stop this,but they did it too little,too late ''. replied Oda.

The Shogun said nothing.What could he say?The old shoguns had grown corrupt.He frowned.

''Gentlemen,While you talk,I have arrived ''replied a voice so strange that everyone turned to look at a large man dressed in red iron armour.

''Who are you ? '' asked the shogun

''I am Takeda Shingen ''. replied Takeda

For a minute ,no said nothing.How could takeda himself appear,he should have been in Kai,How,Just how could he come here?

The Shogun broke the silence

''Come and sit ,Takeda Shingen ''.

Takeda nodded his head and sat on the mat,cross legged,behind him came Nobutomo and Ishida

''The shogun is right,Oda Nobunaga,And Uesgai Kenshin ,you deal too much with my ally,the date ''.

Uesgai observed him,so this was the takeda shingen they were talking about.

''You are Takeda? '' asked Uesgai

''Of course,Kenshin,you know my name ''. Takeda replied back

''But why do you come here?The Date threaten our lands ,Takeda ''.

''Kenshin,May I remind you that I have powerful allies?The Hojo and the Imagawa do not nobly protect their allies,but they stand for them ''.

''We could have an alliance ,Takeda ''.

''Kenshin,we had a trrade agreement,but then it was broken,I see your armies prowling around my lands,what does that suggest? ''

Uesgai said nothing,it was true that he had sent armies in the takeda lands.

''Well,takeda,you see- ''

''No,Kenshin,what you see is me being a threat to your plans.Well many do ,and Oda Nobunaga,I hear you raise plans to defeat the Imagawa ''.

Oda looked at Takeda's face.

''The Imagawa are enemies of ours! ''.

''Yet without their proteection,you would not be where you are ''.

''They defeated us in battle,this I cannot accept ,But now,The Imagawa shall be punished ! ''.

''Raise one hand on them Nobunaga,than face my wrath .''

''What wrath?You have none ''.

Nobunaga laughed.

''To learn is to do something '' Takeda replied back

Takeda got up

''Perhaps you would learn,that one day,The Takeda shall rule ''

And he left,Nobuomto and Takeda's brother getting up and leaving.

The Shogun looked at them

''Well Gentlemen,it seems you have your answer ''.


Commander Ueghe Takoda stood ,mounted on his horse,His battilon of Heavy Cavarly were deeply hidden in the forest.

Uesgai Ashaguri walked through the forest.Ueghe Takoda had been sent to rid the Uesgai off the Takeda lands.He had greatly accpeted this as a honour.

''Now,men...wait...wait.. ''

The Uesgai Ashaguri were walking ,unaware of the Takeda Heavy Cavarly waiting for them.

''For the Takeda !Charge!!!!!!!! '' he shouted.The Heavy Cavarlymen of the Takeda charged so fast ,there was no time for the Uesgai Ashaguri to react.The Takeda Cavarly smashed in,throwing the Ashagrui over the top and into the ground.Then they cut down them down.

North Shinano

Takeda Samurai waited in the forest .Uesgai warrior monks were walking with their archers.The bow samurai raised their arrows ,the samurai let a yell and charged at the monks,smashing into them.One plunged his sword into a monks throat. Another broke a warrior monk's spear in half. Yet another used his elbow to hit one in the guts.

For a while it looked as if the samurai were going to win,but the monks' commander clicked .He shouted ''Kill these cowards! '' But a samurai killed him first.

It now became even sided. The warrior monks were matrial artists, they reacted in such a way that the samurai could not move.

Uegesai Yari Cavarlymen walked ,with a band of samurai and ashaguri.Takeda Samurai walked in front of them,along with some ashagrui as well,along with yari and naginta samurai

''Move away from this land!This is Takeda Land '' the Takeda commander shouted

''This is our land now!Takeda fool! '' shouted the Uesgai commander back

''Kill them!!!!!!!! '' the takeda commander yelled

They clashed into each other.The Takeda commander plunged his sword though the Uesgai's commander's throat.The Takeda outnumbered them and killed them all.



The Years had passed,and the many skirmishes between the Takeda and Uesgai and had grown into a much fuller conflict.The Last battle had been fought in 1553,now it was 1559,Four battles had been fought by the Uesgai and Takeda,but they were only major skimshes.One had happened,but not on dry land.It happened in fortresses.

Takeda Shingen watched as he saw his troops advance through the lands.The Uesgai had been extremely helpful when they had a food shortage.He did not hate Uesgai,but he respected his ways of honour.The Man was obviously a equal in military standards.Nobunaga would have diffuclty in fighting him.

Uesgai walked on foot.He had 18,000 men with him,and he was determined to destroy Takeda Shingen.This man had clearly annoyed him too much.Enough was enough!He would destroy Takeda Shingen once and for all.He had left some of his forces at Zenkojii.He walked until he saw a building,it looked like a fortresses.to Uesgai,but it did not carry the banners of the Takeda.

Until he looked more closely.It did.The red banner had the four black diamonds on them.And there were samurai,one hundred and fithy of them ,and the retainers of them.General Kōsaka Masanobu looked in surprise, for he was one of Takeda's 24 generals.He nodded to the yari.

The Yari lit a fire and it travlled through the signal fires,where it reached to Tsutsujigasaki fortress.The Ashagrui walked to Takeda Shingen.

''My lord,Lord's Uesgai's forces advance now! '' he siad

Takeda Shingen smiled

''Very well,Generals!This is our moment!I know have Uesgai in my trap! We'll kill him of course,we leave this fortress now! ''

They left the castle,and arrived at Kawanakajima,Shingen had 16,000 troops with newely acquiring 4,000 more troops.He had set up on the on the west bank of the Chikumagawa (Chikuma River), keeping the river between him and Saijoyama.Uesgai was also camped over the other side.

Both armies faced each other.But none moved.They wanted to acheive victory but it would only require the essential element of surprise.

Kenshin watched from his horse.Takeda Shingen had practicaly planned this well.If both armies were to fight now,each side would lose.Takeda still did not have his mind set.He had bought guns to the battlefield.Takeda hadn't.Kenshin had noticed,that many damiyo's that led their armies,had different formations.Takeda seemed too have bought masses of infantry rather than cavalry.

He turned to his General ,Kakizaki Kageie.

''General,allow Takeda-san to enter his fortresses. ''

Kageie nodded

''Hoi '' he replied.

A signal was lit into the sky.

Uesgai moved his horse as Takeda was accompanied by his Generals.The entire army of Takeda Shingen was moving like a mass of sheep.Uesgai nodded to his father Uesgai Norimasa.

They followed down the hill to meet Takeda Shingen.

As they reached,Takeda moved his horse to the left.

'' Uesgai Kenshin! Ahahah! Now we finally meet! On the battlefield! ''

'' I never get tired,Takeda Shingen! '' replied Uesgai back.

'' Well,I am hoping to destroy your army! '' he replied back.

'' Takeda,I have the guns,you have the bows. ''

Takeda looked at Uesgai

'' We shall see.Let us see if true samurai would defeat you damn idiots!.The guns are worth nothing! Save against a army of archers! ''

Uesgai gave a brutal laugh

'' Well this is not like our formal meetings,Takeda '' he replied back

''It is because we're fighting a battle,Uesgai-san ''

''Hoi ,I shall hope to see what your battle plan is,Takeda-san. ''

Takeda smirked.

'' Let us see who shall go to Kyoto! I shall .''

'' Not if you are defeated,Takeda-san! ,You are allowed to go in your fortresses. ''

''Domo arigoto ,Uesgai-san '' he bowed his head.

He then moved,with the rest of his army moving behind him.The Uesgai troops watched with them as they moved.Nothing was said.They watched until the last takeda troopmen left.

Uesgai saw as they left.

'' Norimasa? ''

'' Yes,my son? '' Norimasa bowed his head

'' Send some spies to inform me of Takeda's plan for the battle ,I want

The gates opened,and Takeda entered the castle.


Takeda was in the room.A long room,it was a chamber ,filled with his Generals.Plastic and bamboo filled the floors.On the large table was a map of the battle.Takeda forces were on red blocks,and Uesgai forces were the blue blocks.The Infantry was represented in large rectangles,the archers in thin blocks,the Calvary in a Pyramid shape,and the special forces were not blocks,but individualized samurai painted in red,blue and black.

The map was a hilly moutain ,with it facing in the front ,a large field with a stream of the river.

Yamamoto Kansuke saw the map,he had planned a strategy,in his mind,and the great lord Takeda would let him speak.

Takeda nodded towards Kansuke

''My lord,to beat Uesgai's men,espcially the warrior monks,we will do the following.I want four ashaguri to take the line.The Archers behind them.Cavarly are to placed in little sections around the field.The Samurai are to be place down on the right and left flanks.''

''Uesgai will definitely have warrior monks,so it is my best advise we put our experienced soldiers against them.If it is one thing any warrior monk is vunberable to,it is a arrow.''

''Kansuke,While the Takeda Main force deal with the Uesgai,I want a batchment of my troops to come from Kaizu's castle and attack Uesgai without him knowing it.''

''My Lord,but one attack won;t do.The enemy have guns.''

Takeda scoffed his concern.

''Guns or no guns,We would rather have our archers firing at them.''

Katysoui,Takeda's son watched with great intrest.

''Father,May I say something.''

Takeda nodded.

''We do a cavalry charge on the guns.''

Takeda starred at his son.

''Are you mad?I've seen the effect of guns.Katysoui.A Cavarly charge will not do,I forbid it.''

''But Father-.''

''I FORBID IT!'' Takeda slammed on the table.

''That is our plans,Generals.We are to attack with the main force,another should be dispatched and attack Uesgai's left flank.''

The 4th battle of Kamninjawa.

Kamninijawa was a sea of grass.It had a gentle slope,which Uesgai had occupied,and a river stream ran through it.The Gentle slope was of course a hill,despite its concealment it looked like many a gentle slope,provided that If Takeda moved his full force,they would use Matchlock against him.

Takeda Shingen was mounted on his horse.He saw Uesgai's army waiting for him,his generals were beside him.

''Lauch the full attack.'' Cherry blossoms rolled down in the sun.Leaves flew away and grass moved around where the river stream fell.

Takeda Yari Samurai,armed with a powerful Yari spear,with it's curved edge,walked acroos the stream.The Bow Samurai and the Ashaguri archers lined up.

They fired flaming arrows upon Uesgai's matchlock(Men armed with guns).Uesgai matchlock warrior monks came in and loaded,they fired back with a demotivating hail of storm and thunder was released from the guns,their bullets hit the Takeda archers screaming.

Takeda saw how the guns were making a effect.A couple of years ago he had been defeated in battle by the guns.How he hated them.''Order the Yumi Ashaguri to attack.'' He said.

The yumi ashaguri charged,not wearing that much armour,with swords ,they shouted,the steel cone helmets on their heads at the matchlock.The Matchlock again fired another hail of bullets and they fled.Not wanting to take any more of the fire that had been released.

The Archers advanced,and then they dipping their arrows in oil,they fired.And fire came on Uesgai's mathclock.Then at that moment.Takeda siad.''Order the light cavalry to attack Uesgai's matchlock.LBring in the Yari samurai amd the ashaguri.''

The Fire burned Uesgai's men,they screamed ,as fire erupted on to their boides.Takeda light cavarly charged at them,and inflicted a terriable damage at them.

''That ,Katysoui is how you damage them.Not by sending thousands at them.''

Uesgai saw as his matchlock rubmled.

''Advance the Yari Samurai,Bow warrior monks are to fire.''

Uesgai let a out a war cry and charged.

The Uesgai Yari Samurai adavnced and attacked the oncoming Takeda Ashaguri and Yari Samurai.

Lurches were made as each side met each other.Banner rose high as they repsented the clan's banners and the their vassels,The Takeda symbol,red with four black diamonds in the middle fluttered in the wind.

Spears lurched as the Takeda fought like beasts.Unlike Uesgai's troops who were now facing heavy pressure from the Takeda Yari Samurai.

Sword Samurai and Ronin Samurai were in the reserves of both armies.

''Haishida!!!!!! '' shouted the commander of the Yari samurai and stabbed into the throat of Komchi,a Uesgai Yari Ashaguri.He took the spear out of komchi and moving his spear back,looked around.The Samurai that were leading the regiments of Yari Samurai and Ashaguri clashed in a epic prelude,sepearte from their men.

Uesgai was cutting down the Takeda Yari Samurai.He was an effective cavalrymen and knew how to deal with spearmen.

Takeda Shingen was enjoying the battle.

''I say,why not bring in the Loan Sword?Just like Ashaguri,but they should be effective in destroying the Uesgai Yari Ashaguri? '' Takeda clicked his fingers as he sat on the chair,now dismounted and his generals watched the action.

''Yes my lord.''

''Send them.''

The Takeda Loan sword Ashaguri charged,crashing into the battle,they fought like lions,killing many Uesgai Ashaguri.Uesgai clearly had the advantage as his army outnumbered Takeda's Army.He was out of the middle of the action,and his warrior monks were doing good work.

He had heard of Takeda dividing his army,so he could attack from the left and give Uesgai a crushing blow.Well,it was not meant to be.Uesgai had put his Nagainta warrior monks and some Ashaguri to counter-attack Takeda's invading force.

Takeda Shingen watched from the plain.His force would engage the Uesgai flanks and crush them.

''Order the Heavy Cavlary to attack.'' Takeda ordered to Katysoui.


Takako Ueashi,a Takeda Samurai plunged his sword deep into the Uesgai's Samour armour,spilling his blood out,He was met by another Uesgai Samurai,who attacked him with three blows.Takako blocked the moves,and he bended down fast and stabbed into his opponent's ribs with his sword.

Katysoui reigned his horse and sheathed his sword ,''Takeda Heavy Calvary,charge!!! '' Katsyoui shouted and a thunderous hail of Takeda Calvary was released from the Takeda Army.Masses of Calvary charged imto the Uesgai's flanks,Katsyoui smashed into the middle section,the Uesgai were taken by surprise.

The Takeda Samurai Cavarly,sattbed the Uesgai Samurai,killing them and plunging Thier throats when often there was a chance.Thousands of Yari Samurai and Yari Ashaguri were busy in combat.Steel helmets flew as the Yari abandoned their spears and fought with their swords.

The Takeda Heavy Calvary had done their work.Samurai plunged their swords into each's other body.

General Nobutomo,who was dismounted and fighting in the battle,Slashed his sword at the Uesgai's Samurai head.Then something grabbed him,and pulled him to the ground.

Nobutomo looked to see Uesgai Kenshin grinning with a axe on his hand and a sword in the other

''Takeda ,we finally meet in battle.''

Nobutomo laughed,holding his sword on the ground as he got up.

''I am not Takeda,I am his general.'' said Nobutomo in a horace voice.

''Your Name '' asked Kenshin.

''General Nobutomo of the Takeda Army.''

''We shall see about that.''

''Hai! '' shouted Nobutomo.

Crush,Crush,Crushing.Crushing it was as the two swords met each other,moving effortly.The swords rotated as Kenshin's sword fought Nobutomo's sword.

Kenshin attacked with his sword,throwing Nobutomo off his balance,then with his axe he hit into Nobutomo's ribs.Nobutomo winced in pain.But he did not give up,as he blocked Uesgai's flining axe.

Nobutomo tried to move Kenshin into his ribs,by pushing him with his sword and body weight.But it was no point.Kenshin threw him to the ground.

''Ute!!!!!!! '' shouted Okudaira,the Samurai of the Matchlock shouted,stabbing his sword into the ground.

The Peasant Matchlock fired.The Warrior Monks with their Matchlock fired.The Same order was repeated through the lines.A devastating hail of fire and smoke was released from the Japanese foregin guns,killing the Takeda Samurai who were charging at them.

Blood was split Yari Samurai stabbed into the Uesgai Ashaguri,killing them.The Naginta Samurai of both sides were proving their worth and were stabbing ,lurching at the enemy,cutting heads of,nearly avoiding their enemies sword's point.

The Bow Warrior Monks fired.''Ute!!!! '' shouted their commander,Tako Niesge,a Samurai.He saw the Takeda as a evil horse that were to trouble peaceful spirits.

Takeda Okamuri,he had named himself after the Takeda's victories,grabbed his opponet's head and cut his head off with one swipe.His face was blooded,for there was no smell,only the sounds of Swords and war-cries.

''Bow Samurai!!! '' shouted Noshimoto as he blocked another blow from Kenshin's sword.

The Bow Samurai walked calm and rigid.''On my order Takeda Archers! '' shouted Okamura Muraukai ,''ute!!!'' he shouted.The Arrows were released,making the fling noise and moving in the sky.

Flags fluttered in the wind,bearing down the mons of their Clans.Kakeshi stabbed his sword into a Peasant spear men's throat,he was one of the Uesgai cowards that had been born ,Kakeshi thought.

Katsyoui observed from his horse,seeing however ,if the matchlocks were that powerful,then they would be inaccurate as well.

''Cavlary,on my order!We attack! '' shouted Katsyoui.

Nobutomo prevented another attack from Kenshin's sword,Kenshin attacked again,Nobutomo prevented it.

Katsyoui raised the war flag and ran down,his Calvary charging down at the Matchlock next to their palsides.

They smashed into them,killing them as they fell,screaming,the peasent gunmen could do nothing,as they were thrown off by the horses hooves.Okadurai tired to ifght back,but he was stumbled by the takeda cavarly,ignored is if he were a mere speck of dust.

Katsyoui raised his other war flag,and the Takedaforce marching from Kaziu castle charged at the Uesgai flank.Hordes of heavily armoued spearmen running with naginta spears came agsiant hordes of Monk spearmen and pesant swordsmen.




Oda Nobunaga sat in his chair.He had just read the reports ,that Imagawa Yoshimoto had an army of twenty five thousand men ready to march on Kyoto.The Matsudaira clan of Mikawa Province had already joined them as well.He had already considreded the position of his army,which was only one thousand eight hundred men.

But Imagawa had not wanted to do that,he wanted to crush the Oda,and he first took the border fortresses of Washizu and Marune before setting up camp in a wooded gorge known as Dengaku-hazama.

This had all been reported to him.Nobunaga had a plan,a plan that would crush the Imagawa forces before they entered anywhere else.

He sat in the tent.His Generals and advisor's surrounded him

''Damyio Nobunaga,surely we can not go and fight the

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