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by Mr.Ice
Rated: E · Prose · Experience · #1798446
This is an independant revealing of water that I would like to share to all readers.
                        "A Personal Revealing Of Water"
                        By The Rev. Ike Lawrence Reed

It is Monday, August 1, 2011 AD at 2:45 PM it was revealed to me of Water.I think it is with the intention of sharing this with the community of The Planet Earth.

First, as is sharing, Water is from above. Water is far beyond the skies in the very center of the universe of the cosmos. This is not an attempt to defy science because science is a very veracity. However, Water is what it is according to science.

Second, the revealing says that Water is from above the clouds. Yes. the sun rays do draw water into the clouds. Yet water is not of the clouds. Water is infinite. The earth is only a stopping point for Water.  Water is like that of the air that has no ending... Whereby needing to be said, there is no such as time when it comes to Water. Time is only a stopping point. There is no such as direction when it come to Water, there is no north, south , east, nor west. The earth is only a bowl for a stopping point for Water.

Third, Water is composed of air whereby, life exist in water but water is not the creation of life. Water is an evolutionary step for life. All bodies of Water does not provde the evolutionary step for life, like that of the "Dead Sea". The "Dead Sea" is only a message that Water is not the creation nor the orgin of life as we know it to be by the knowledge of Science and Biology.

Four, Water is greater than air, greater than matter, greater than fire, and greater than energy. Water contains all that is in existence and the essence of the image of life. Where there  is no water there is no life. Water speaks clearly to that of "Light", and what is meant is that life can exist in darkkness but life cannot exit without Water. Life has a great need for "Light" but life have a greater need for Water.

Five, Water is not greater than "Light", the two are in need of each other and this can not be explained by human knowledge. Water is not in the since of many tradition's claim, that Water is a God or controlled by gods to some degree.

Six, from the ideas of meta-physic the spirit has no need of Water or "Light" which the both are useful as well as relative. Indeed, "The Divine Spirit" is "The Pure Light" this is a gnosis that can not be known by human knowledge which is like that of the scienctist not knowing the veracity of the orgin of Water.

Seven, moreover Water's originality is "Pure" and never to be taken for granted, like that of life, thereby somewhat sacred but not Divine as is from the "The Pure Spirit Of Light". Furthermore, Humanity must do all it can to perserve the value of Water for it is teaming with the evolution of life and it is the need of all life and Water should not be sold or exchanged like that of supply and demand.

Finally, Water is sacred as that of life. Water is a need and Water as with all needs should not be the exchange for money nor sold for any means of exchange. Indeed, neither shall humans be sold and bought. Water, it is a provision for that of life and should never be sold. 
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