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From Science to God..
      "They had transgressed the law and broken the everlasting covenant."

      "Are you sure we have his DNA?" Inga asked.

      The family crypt of Joseph had been discovered for many years.
      What was not common knowledge was the sarcophagus of Jesus.
      Inga was a wealthy playgirl. She had become obsessed with the
      Da vinci Code after watching the movie several times. She was the heiress
      to an international car rental service. Her institute for the preservation of
      antiquity had resurrected the woolly mammoth.

      Inga held the new born babe close to her breasts.
      A Mennonite Jewish surrogate mother had been selected ...
      Could this be the Christ reborn ?

      Inga looked into the little girls eyes..
      She named the babe Sarah.


              The infancy of Sarah.+

      Inga said nothing of Sarah's genetic engineering to the little girl.
      Why trouble her? She behaved like any other child.
      There appeared to be nothing extraordinary about Sarah.
      She was an average student and like to make friends.
      Her hair was wavy and auburn.
      Her eyes were brown.
      Her skin copper.
      It was obvious she was not Inga's maternal child.
      Inga was pale and blond with blue eyes.
      No one was bothered by this.

            "Mother, who is my father?" Sarah asked.
            Inga adjusted Sarah's collar, "Joshua .. . He died before
            you were born."

            "What was he like?" Sarah asked.
            "He was a good man, a carpenter." Inga felt a sadness.
            "Do you have a picture?" Sarah asked excitedly.
            Inga felt a lump growing in her throat.

            "I will see... there are some around. Go and do your
            algebra ... Run along." Inga was nervous. She needed to
            construct a history for Sarah with pictures.

      Sarah skipped off, wagging her ponytail .. Inga called the institute.
      "I really need some profile worked up on Sarah quick. She is asking
      about her father." Doctor Sowells had anticipated this.

      "I have a work up with photos. You knew this was coming.
      Now, how long do you want to lie to your daughter?"
      His voice sounded like gravel, to Inga.

      "It's too soon. She is only a child." Inga looked to the doorway
      of her living room.  Sarah was standing there, holding her algebra book
      open in her left hand. She dropped the book and ran to her room.

      "I think I've let the cat out of the bag." Inga whispered into the phone.
      "Good! Now, you can deal with this directly. Tell Sarah the truth."
      Sowell hung up. Inga stared at her reflection in the window.
      She placed the phone in its jack. It was raining and the trees were
      brushing their branches against the log house.

      Inga was not ready for this.


                The annunciation.

        Sarah had locked her bedroom door. Inga knocked, but there was no
    answer. This was not how Inga imagined her Da vinci Code to unfold.
    She called her friend Ron Howard. They had met at many charitable events.
    Inga consider the director of the movie to be an expert problem solver.
    Howard was away from his phone. She left a message.

              "Ron. It's Inga. Sarah knows. She is very upset. Please call."

    Inga paced in the kitchen. She had made herself a tuna sandwich.
    The phone rang. She scrambled to pick it up.

              "Inga this is Howard. I think you need a councilor .." Ron was
    interrupted by Inga. "How can I explain this to a councilor? The whole
    procedure is illegal. Jesus!"

            "Okay. I'm calling Tom Hanks. He's on vacation near you.
            He's great with kids and he knows the Da vinci Code backwards
            and forwards. Just stay calm." Ron hung up.

    Inga gobbled her tuna sandwich. "Mom? Can I have some too?"
    Sarah stood by the center kitchen counter. Inga gave a bright smile
    and made her a sandwich. "I have something important to tell you..."
    Inga voice faded as the door bell rang. "Guests!" Sarah clapped her hands.
    Inga was feeling dizzy as she walked timidly to the front door.

            "Hi! Tom Hanks!" the actor shook her hand vigorously.
            "Where is Sarah?"

    Sarah waved . She had been standing behind her mother. Tom knelt
    on one knee before Sarah,  "You are a very special girl."
    Sarah offered Tom some of her tuna sandwich.

            "Let's go sit down." he continued, while eating some of Sarah's
    sandwich. Inga led Tom to the living room and sat on the tweed couch
    with Sarah. Mr. Hanks stood before them with a copy of the best seller
    The Da Vinci Code in his right hand.

            "Well, Sarah your a very special girl. Your mother has done
            something amazing. Do you remember the Wooly Mammoth?"
            Tom nodded his massive forehead at Sarah.

            Sarah looked confused, "Yeah. It's in her zoo."

            "Well, the way they brought back the Wooly Mammoth
            was by splitting it's cells with a living elephant. They found some
            Mammoth meat frozen." Tom spoke with a big toothy smile.

            Inga's jaw dropped. She was not happy with Tom's explanation.
            "Tom! I need to talk to you in private."

    Mr. Hanks nodded his massive forehead at Sarah and went into the
    kitchen with Inga. "You are not going to tell that little girl she is made
    from dead meat." Inga scolded. Tom made a code fish expression.
    "Trust me. I know how to entertain." he said, raising one eye brow.
    Inga hugged Sarah as she sat back down beside her.

            "Sarah. Your mother found the bones of Jesus Christ.
            She used his cells to impregnate a surrogate Mennonite
            Jewish woman. You are the daughter of Jesus Christ."
            Tom raised his eye brow at Sarah.

    Sarah giggled. "Awesome! Can I walk on water?"
    "This is serious Sarah. Do not tell anyone. I could be arrested ..
    You could be studied like a lab rat." Inga looked her daughter in the
    eyes, holding the girl's shoulders. Sarah broke into hysterical laughter.

            Tom took hold of Sarah and slapped her across the face.
            Sarah started crying. "Listen to me! You must except your
            heritage. You are the sole surviving heir of Jesus Christ!"
            Mr. Hanks looked directly into Sarah's tearful eyes.
            Sarah nodded yes.

  "Please stop shaking me. I think I'm gonah throw up." Sarah mumbled.
  The girl was sobbing .. Inga hugged Tom, "I think we got through to her."
  Tom rubbed Inga's back,  "It was tough love." They paused and looked
  into each others eyes and then kissed passionately.

            "Gahd! Mom! Get a room!" Sarah dried her eyes from a box of
            tissues next to the couch. Tom and Inga laughed. Sarah was sent
            to bed. Tom shared Inga's wine in the kitchen.

  "Someday you will have to tell the world." Mr. Hanks sipped the red wine.
  "Why do you think I'm living in Switzerland? It has no ban on cloning
  and no extradition." Inga sipped her wine with a smirk. Tom smirked back
  and they tapped their glasses together.

              Sarah sat by candle light on the floor of her bedroom.
              She had drawn a pentagram under her rug. The rug
              was removed as she prayed in the center of the circle.
              "Apollo. My lover. When will we take the throne of David?"
              she asked in a hollow voice.
              A cool breeze fluttered the candles at each point of the star.
              "Soon." a soft voice replied.



    Sarah was not a Devil worshiper. She had learned about the pagan symbol
    for the sacred feminine and masculine from watching The Da Vinci Code
    with her mother. Inga was obsessed with the cult movie.

    The pentagram was the joining of two triangles each symbolized feminine
    and masculine: Apollo and Venus. The upward triangle was symbolic of
    a phallus and the downward triangle represented the cup of the womb
    together they made a star. Sarah dreamed about being famous. She wanted
    to bring a new vision to the entertainment media. She wanted to be a

                                    It all made sense. Now she knew why
                                    she felt so different. She was the daughter
                                    of Jesus Christ; a great prophet and
                                    perhaps . . .. God.

        Sarah took a long steamy shower. She savored the hot water,
  cleansing her. "You know your mother has a steam bath." the maid said.
  Cloris had brought fresh towels. "Jesus. You scared me." Sarah stepped
  out of the shower and reached out to Cloris for a towel. "Your towel."
  Cloris replied and handed Sarah a large red towel. "Tell me about Aaron's rod."
  Sarah asked. Cloris had many stories about the Bible. She was a Jamaican.
  "Oh? I think you know that one." she smiled;

              "Aaron's rod was one of the twelve rods cut down by God
              from the Tree of Knowledge. The legend says that this rod
              was given to Adam by God and passed from father to son
              until it came to Joseph, who was taken into slavery by the
              Egyptians. Jethro, an Egyptian planted the rod in his garden
              but could not pull it up.

              Moses came to Jethro to marry his daughter a Midianite.
              Moses read the name of God engraved on the rod and took it
              up in his hand. Jethro, therein, gave his daughter Zipporah to
              Moses. It was by this rod Moses lead his people out bondage
              in Egypt."

    "What became of the rod?" Sarah asked.

    Cloris looked with bemusement at Sarah.
    "You want it?" she replied with a toothy smile,
    " Some say it was planted in the promised land or cut into small
    wands for magic. It is loss to legend."

        Sarah wrapped her red towel about her and pointed her hair brush
    at Cloris: "You mean like Harry Potter's wand?" Cloris gave Sarah a tap
    on the belly. "Don't go looking for trouble girl. The legend also says that
    men carry a rod from the Tree of Life. Do you want that?" Cloris asked
    with a toothy smile. Sarah smirked and brushed her hair.


        A Baptism

        Bobbi was a Dutch beauty from a small town near the border with
    Germany. She didn't get to see Sarah often. She was 22 and bisexual.
    Sarah, of course, loved Bobbi very much. Bobbi was one of Inga's many
    lovers. Bobbi had just heard about Sarah's secret from Tom Hanks.
    Tom liked to get massages from her.

        "Sarah. You have a big secret. And you must decide when you will
        share it with everyone." Bobbi said. She was applying makeup for
        Sarah. "Are you a virgin?" Bobbi continued.

    Sarah nodded yes and smiled at her makeup. It was difficult for her to choose
    what makeup to wear, because she had a copper complexion.

          "Well, you shouldn't wait until marriage. You might not enjoy your
          husband's sex. It is better to have some experience .. with many
          lovers." Bobbi kissed Sarah gently on the left cheek.

    Sarah felt uncomfortable and left the room. She found her mother swimming
    in the pool outside. Inga liked to swim daily.


            The Meaning of the Law.+

          "For Christ sake! She's my daughter!" Inga shouted at Bobbi.
          "Don't be such a hypocrite. Your an atheist .. just like me.
          I was just giving Sarah some advise. She has to grow up sometime."
          Bobbi answered smugly.

          Tom had emerged from the pool with a snorkel. He was wearing
          his yellow ducky swimming trunks. "Now wait a minute! Just because
          someone is an atheist, doesn't mean there amoral. Atheist value life
          and mental stability. Sarah needs a structured life with boundaries.
          You can't expect her to jump around from one bed to another.
          That's crazy!" Tom made many waving gestures as he spoke.

          Sarah walked in on the argument. She had been ease dropping
          from behind the den's sliding doors.

          Sarah read from the Bible: "Shall there be evil in a city, which the Lord
          hath not done?" (Amos 3:6)
          "And after sixty-two weeks Christ shall be slain and the people shall
          deny him. And the Persian king shall destroy the Temple." (Daniel 9:26)
          "And it was given him to give life to the image of the beast and that the
          image of the beast should speak; and should cause, that whosoever
          will not adore the image of the beast, should be slain." (Apocalypse 13:15)

          "Ah.. That's a lot for a kid to deal with." Tom made rapid eye movements
          at Inga. "Where did you get that Bible?" Inga queried. Sarah smiled,
          "Cloris gave it to me." Sarah hugged her Bible with a big smile.

          "Do you believe in the Devil?" Bobbi asked Sarah.

          "I believe in Apollo and Venus." Sarah giggled.

          "Oh-boy." Tom rubbed his hand over his mouth, "You should call Sowell."

          "Do you believe in God?" Inga asked her daughter.

          Sarah laughed, "Of course; we live in the mind of God.
          Everything is connected even the rocks have a purpose."

          Inga sat down on her sofa. She drank some wine and called Dr. Sowell.
          Tom shook his massive forehead in the affirmative at Inga.


            The Plucking of Corn

            Sarah liked to ride her pony about her mother's estate.
            On this day she felt an odd bulge in her panties.
            She was so surprised she pulled up on her pony and
            dismounted. There was a nearby thicket of forsythia for

            Sarah slipped out of riding britches and slowly let her
            grey trunks down. She thought she might see a baby,
            but screamed at the sight of cock and balls.
            She had always been flat chested.. This just dropped
            down from her tiny who-ha.

            Sarah fell to her knees and sobbed. "I'm a dick!" she cursed.
            Then, instinctively, she/he began to stroke her erect cock.
            It was more exhilarating with every stroke. Sarah felt a savage
            lust, she had not known. "Grrrrrrrrr." she growled.

      "Okay. So, your daughter believes in a higher consciousness.
      So, what? She just found out her father is Jesus; for Christ sake."
      Tom Hanks paced back and forth in front of Inga and Bobbi as
      he justicated.

      "She is talking like a psychotic. Next she'll be talking to rocks!"
      Inga stood up and shouted at the fading leading man.

              Sarah was making the forsythia bushes shake.

      "Inga?" Bobbi pointed to the forsythia bushes and the pony grazing
      nearby. "What the Hell?!" Inga could make out some of her daughter
      in the thicket of forsythia. "What the Hell is she doing in the bushes?!"
      Inga hawlered. Tom snickered.

      Inga sent out her security to investigate. Sarah was caught with her/his
      pants down and frothing like a bull.
      "Ah-um.." Bill the security guard could not think of what to say to Inga
      on his walkie. "Just bring her to me!" Inga shouted.
      "This has been a horrible day." Inga took an Advil and some bottle water.
      Sarah was escorted into the den.

      Inga held up Sarah's chin with her index finger and thumb.
      "What were you doing in my beautiful forsythia bushes?" Inga asked
      calmly with a gentle smile.

                "I was whacking off." Sarah answered with a big toothy smile.

      Bobbi laughed. Her long blonde hair fell over her face.
      Inga took her hand off her daughters chin and looked down at the
      bulge in Sarah's pants. Inga's eyes widen as she cupped Sarah's
      balls within her palm.

                "Wha-the-fuck-is-this?!" Inga garbled a curse.

      "Well, I guess you have a boy!" Tom answered and patted Inga on the back.
      Inga turned a murderous look at Tom. Tom stepped back.
      "Sometimes genitals can be held inside a vagina.. and drop out." Tom
      continued at a safe distance.
      "I think I need a new name." Sarah said with a toothy smile.
      Bobbi ran her hand over Sarah's bulge, "How about Rocky?"
      Sarah looked up at Bobbi's round breasts and licked her lips.
      "I like Michael." she said and bit at Bobbi's blouse button.

      "You are a 12 year old girl." Inga insisted and fainted.

      "Maybe, she can be a Mormon?" Tom asked profrontly.
      Inga threw up on the Arabian rug.


            I believe in Miracles ! You sexy thang !

    "When our hearts are wintry, grieving, or in pain,
      Thy touch can call us back to life again;
      Fields of our hearts that dead and bare have been;
      Love is come again like wheat that springeth green."

      Alicia read from her hymnal. Sarah stared blankly back.
      "Sarah do you wish to except Jesus into your life?" Alicia asked.
      Sarah held back a giggle and then nodded yes. Alicia gave a steady
      gaze at Sarah, "We Mennonite do not Baptise our children.
                              We give our faithful a choice to be Baptised
                              when they reach the age of reason."

      Alicia took a deep breath and blew on Sarah's face.
      "Do you Sarah Guida accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?"
            "I just want to talk to you. You are my biological mother?"
            Sarah said staring directly into Alicia's brown eyes.

      Alicia shut her hymnal. She looked out her small apartment window.
      "I needed the money. It is not a sin. Abraham took the slave girl when
      his wife could not conceive." Alicia was clearly uncomfortable about the
      question and offered Sarah some tea.

            "Hmmm. I like the sweet honey in your tea." Sarah smiled;
            "Can you tell me about your family?"

      "I am from Canada. We immigrated before the war." Alicia showed
      Sarah her family photos. "The Rubinstein family repaired watches in
      .. Germany." Alicia made a clank with the tea pot after mentioning
      Germany. "Ah! That is my father, your grandfather." Alicia smiled and
      tapped her index finger on the photo; "His name was Michael."

            "Oh? That is amazing ! I've chosen that name." Sarah gave
            a big toothy smile.

      "What?" Alicia was unaware of Sarah's transformation. Sarah explained
      how her balls dropped out during a pony ride. Alicia looked ashen.
      "You are a Changeling." she said pointing at Sarah with terror in her eyes;
      "A child of Lilith."

              Sarah put down her tea gently and stood up;

      "Lilith was Adam's first wife, but she would not be his beast of burden.
      God banished her to the land of Nod. God made Eve in her place.
      Lilith cursed God and Adam and his children. She made Changelings
      from wolves and bats and new born children.. You are not human."
      Alicia stepped back from Sarah.

              Sarah shook her head in astonishment, "You gave birth to me."

      "What seed did your step mother put into me?" Alicia spoke slowly
      with an icy gaze. Sarah shrugged, "Jesus."
      Alicia shook her head slowly no,  "Jesus rose into Heaven on a cloud
      of glory. How could she be certain she had his bones?"
      Sarah felt a shiver go up her spine.

      Sarah clenched her fists and the silver tea serving tray flipped off the table.
      Alicia bowed her head in prayer and made the sign of the cross on her
      forehead and chest; "You are a Witch."


          Among the new-mown hay.

        Among the hushing of the corn
        where drowsy thatch nod.
        Where good and fresh scent is born.
        Out of the fields with God!

        Cloris closed her hymnal ..

        "Okay. That's very (ah) profound. But, what does that have to do with Sarah?"
        Inga had asked Cloris to explain what she had been teaching Sarah.

        "Sarah has questions about God and why she is here.
        I just told her what my momma told me. It's a matter of faith."
        Cloris smiled.

        Tom Hanks was sitting next to Inga on the couch.
        "So God is nature?" He queried and ate some Cheese Puffs.

        "Why of course, there ain't nothing God hasn't touched."
        Cloris gave a radiant smile. She was seated in a french chair to
        the left of the couch.

        Sarah came into the living room.
        "My birth mother believes I'm the Devil's child."
        She sat abruptly in a bean bag.

        Tom scratched his head.

        Sarah explained the legend of changelings and Lilith.
        She was very upset and ate a Kit Kat with large bites.
        "Oh? Well, maybe you should try to conjure up your Godmother?"
        Inga said sarcastically. She took a handful of Tom's Cheese Puffs.
        Sarah made bug eyes at Inga and her mother smirked.

        "Wait-wait a minute, if Sarah does have the Davenick bloodline,
        then she should be able to summon spirits; like the Witch of Endor ..
        summoned Solomon .. ?" Hanks voice trailed off .. He was not
        certain what he was saying.

                Sarah threw herself to the floor on all fours
                and howled like a wolf. She whipped her hair back
                and then over her face.
                "Lilith! Daughter of God and Lucifer!
                Show me your face!
                I am your child and servant!"

      Everyone took a look about the room.
      There was nothing, but a mewing cat in the corner.
      "Who's cat?" Tom asked.
      "I do not know." Inga answered with a squint at the shadow of the cat.
      "It may be a stray" Cloris said, "But, I'm not touching it."
      Sarah laughed, "The great witch returns as a pussy?"

      The cats mew turned to a deep growl. It's shadow was getting larger.
      Tom started to stand, but Cloris motioned not to move.
      "If this is the Devil; you can't out run it."
      Sarah was kneeling on the floor as the shadow grew into a dark woman.
      The woman stood over Sarah and stroked Sarah's hair.
      The dark woman's eyes glistened as she tilted her head slowly to the left.
      "God looks after fools in a Paradise lost. What did you want?
      All courage dies in eternal night. What do you want?"

      No one could speak.

              Sarah struggled to stand there was a gravity forcing her down.
              She could feel herself falling, forgetting herself.
              It was death.

    The dark woman's hands moved over Sarah's face.

                "The gate of wisdom is in the ground.
                What can you want?
                And Angels sing for those therein.
                Precious living partake of others.
                There time will come.
                Yes, my darling daughter.
                I alone am immortal."

    "I may be a foolish thing, but I know love
    and it gives me hope!" Sarah stood up.

      The dark woman stepped back as if blinded by some unseen light.
      "Silence may cover us all, but while we live we can love and pray
      for a greater love with God!" Sarah felt stronger.

          The dark woman stepped further back and pointed at the girl.

                  "The years go by in a line of days.
                  Your strength will fail.
                  I will prevail!"

          "Not today!" Sarah stomped her right foot at the apparition.

    It's shadow passed away.



      "Holy cow! I'm calling Jay Leno!" Tom dialed Leno's private number.
      "Jay! It's Tom! Hanks. Ah-yeah.. I just saw some serious shit.
      I'm here with Bobbi .. Yeah! She's great. Anyway Inga's daughter just
      conjured up the Devil! Yeah! Sarah. She kick ass! Ah?.. I'll have to
      check with her mother." Tom looked over at Inga stuffing her mouth
      with cheese puffs, "Jay wants Sarah on his show with me."
      Inga's eyes popped wide open;she started choking on her cheese puffs.

            "This is suppose(cough)to be a secret." Inga mumbled with cheese
            puffs in her mouth.

      "Oh, come on!" Tom laughed, "You can't hide her forever."
      Inga started cursing in Swedish. Bobbi comforted Sarah.
      "Jay.. it's a date! You'll love Sarah. She's a keeper!" Tom hung up.
      "I have spent a fortune on security and you want me to send my clone
      to the Jay Leno show?!" Inga motioned to strangle Tom. Bobbi held her back.

            "I feel it's time for me to be seen." Sarah spoke calmly
            and dropped into her sand bag chair.

      Tom shook his massive forehead in several directions.
      "Listen. The clone thing will never come up.
      She's just a girl talking about a strange encounter.
      It'll be fun.." Tom gave his cod fish smile with a squint.
            Tom got his cell phone and called his wife.
            "Hey hun! It's me.. Tom. Yeah. I finished with my sleep over
            with Inga and Bobbi. Right.. and I got the shoes you wanted.
            Any-who, I'm going to rent a jet and go on Jay's show..
            The Dysani dress? Yeah. Sure .. I can get that.." the call ended
            before Tom could finish. He put the cell phone in his pocket
            and took a drag on Bobbi's marijuana pipe.

    Sarah walked slowly to the pool and stepped out into the center.
    She stood on the waters with her hands outstretched.
    Then, she walked backed onto the tile patio.
    "I think I just Jesus in me." she said with a big smile.

    "I saw a magician do that in Vagas with magnets." Inga said with a wide
    eyed expression.

    "I don't have any magnets." Sarah replied with a wink.

    "This is going to be fantastic!" Tom shouted and puffed marijuana out his nose.


          A human being-

                                  Sarah followed John Stewart on Jay's line up.
                                  Jay Leno is the king of late night talk shows.
                                  He just has the mojo.

                                  Either you've got or you don't.
                                  Sarah had it.
                                  She was very appealing and fun.

                                  Sarah talked about being a human being.
                                  She said that many people had forgotten how.
                                  She said that we all need to know where our center is.

                                  Jay made many funny faces with his giant head.
                                  He agreed that the world seemed upside down.
                                  He hoped some balance could be found.

                                  Sarah told John Stewart to stop crying.
                                  He had been moved to tears.
                                  Sarah said that there will always be hope.

                                  The audience applauded.
                                  Sarah played a melody on here flute.
                                  It was an Australian swing.

        "I hope we aren't investigated by the tabloids." Inga groaned.
        She had escorted Sarah. The little family was back on Tom's rented
        jet. Tom had stayed behind to spend some quality time with his wife.
        Bobbi nibbled on a salad. "Mom your such a ... pessimist. This is
        what I was born to do. Did you see how I helped John? He was really
        fucked up. I'm gonna set up a website where I can help more people
        be human beings."

        Inga rolled her eyes; "Your asking for trouble. People crucify their saviors."
        Inga put on her sleeping mask and reclined her chair. Bobbi gave a toothy
        smile at Sarah; "When will you tell everyone your a boy?"
        Sarah giggled, "That's my secret."

                                      The Image of the Beast

        "Peter met the serpent man at the entrance to the town.
        Peter commanded the beast to begone and struck the small man
        over the head with his rod. The demon fled." (Dimensions; Jacques Vallee:
        from the Acts of the Apostles).

                  "Please. Stop!" Jemima pleaded with the boys. They were
        shooting at wolves near the vacation cabins.

                    "Ha! I got two!" a boy proudly proclaimed. Jemima was not
        Swiss and did not understand this sport. She was an Israeli student
        on vacation with these violent boys. There is very little to hunt in Israel.
        "Oh? You feel sorry for those Devils? They'd eat you!" a boy scolded

                    "They were eating the trash you left out. Idiots!" Jemima
        could see one of the wolves was limping away. A boy took aim.
        Jamima grabbed the barrel of his 22 and took it from him. The boy fell
        on his butt. The other boys laughed at him and shot the wounded wolf
        dead. "Now we skin them! It will be our souvenir!" the other boy shouted
        at Jamima. She narrowed her gave at the three boys. In 5 steps she
        disarmed them and knocked them unconscious. Jamima was Masad.
        Despite her youth, she was a highly trained assassin. She had killed
        her first man in her 12th year of age. Now, she was 16 an had been sent
        to Switzerland to kill a girl of 12 years of age.

                  Jamima did not enjoy her profession. It was her duty to protect
        the Zionist state of Israel. Her people demanded it. She would not fail them.
        Sarah Guilda must die.+

                                              *Born Again*

        Sarah asked Cloris to cut her hair like a boy. Today she would become
        Michael. Her wavy dark hair was hard to comb. Cloris cut short on the
        sides and combed it back off the forehead. There was a thunderstorm
        in the alps behind Inga's villa. "That's it!" Michael said. Cloris smiled
        into the vanity mirror in front of them. "You must show your mother."
        Cloris added. Michael ran from Sarah's bedroom down stairs to Inga,
        who was watching Fox News.

        "Well?" Michael made and excited expression at Inga. She was sullen.
        "Look at the news." Inga said flatly. "According to an unnamed source
        Sarah Guilda, a girl who appeared on the Jay Leno Show, is a clone of
        Jesus Christ. It seems that the family crypt of Joseph also held the bones
        of Jesus. No comment has yet been made by the billionaire playgirl Inga
        Guilda, who financed the cloning in Switzerland. The Israeli Archeological
        Foundation has filed a protest and intends to pursue Inga Guilda through
        Interpol. This has been a Fox News exclusive, fair and balanced."
        Inga clicked the remote shutting off the flat screen t.v.

              "You look .. cute." Inga blew some smoke from her Tipperella.

        Michael felt a cold sweat come over his face. He was bare chested and
        Inga could see his heart beating hard. She held him and rubbed the back
        of his head. "I've called my lawyers and ordered more security." She smiled
        and gave Michael some wine to calm him. "Can they arrest me?" Michael
        queried. Inga shock her head no and looked upward, "I will not allow it."


        Jamima was walking up their driveway. She had shot the two guards
        at the gate. Her weapon was concealed under a red riding hood.
        She rang the front door intercom. Inga picked up her phone and inquired.
        "I am Tina. The house keeper." Jamima answered. Inga took a deep breath
        the house keeping was to be done today, but she had canceled it because
        of the scandal. "We are not having any house keeping today." Inga hung up.
        Michael felt a twinge in between his eyes. Something was wrong.
        "Mother. Where do you keep the gun?" he asked. Inga felt compelled to
        retrieve the gun. She handed it to her son. He waved her to get down.
        She lay on the floor between the couch and the coffee table.

        Michael began his search for the house keeper.
        He knew how to hold the gun from watching cop shows.
        Jamima had already entered the house through the sliding glass doors
        by the pool. She had a small Beretta.
        The house was silent. Jamima crouched as she searched.
        She knew it was too quite. She spotted Michael from behind and shot.
        He fell to the right opposite of the doorway to the living room.
        Jamima could only see his foot. She raised her gun as she slid along
        the wall towards Michael. A shot fired through the wall cut through
        Jamima's left shoulder. She was thrown forward onto the floor.
        Michael rose up with his colt revolver aimed at her back. Inga fired the
        shot with her Winchester pump action. She came about the other side
        of the corridor. "Is she dead?" Inga's voice broke. "Keep your rifle on her."
        Michael ordered. Jamima was holding her gun close to her to make
        the kill shot. "Throw out your gun." Michael shouted with his gun aimed
        at her back. Jamima went for the kill shot and was shot by Inga in the
        back. Jamima was dead.

        Michael took her gun and handed it to his mother. He carried the girl
        to the couch and attempted CPR. "She's dead Sarah." Inga whispered.
        Michael continued and Jamima began to breath slowly. Inga blessed
        herself, "But-she'll bleed to death." Michael looked for Jamima's wounds
        there was no sign of them. Jamima looked up at Michael and grabbed his
        head. Inga knocked her out with the butt of her Winchester.

                "Tie her up." Inga said and kept her rifle on the assassin.

        Reflections: "The soul cannot truly serve God while it is involved in the
                          distractions and pleasures of this world." Saint Etheldreda
                          672 Abbey of the nunnery of Ely; France.

                          "There is no mind independent of words.
                          The mind is in words, but is not to be identified with them."
                          The treatise of Daiju on Zen in the 8th century.

        70 x 70

                                      +For Those Who Can Count+

                                      Inga had many hand cuffs and chains.
                She enjoyed sadomasochistic sex play. "Am I your hostage?"
                Jamima asked. Inga had chained her with pink fussy hand cuffs
                and fiber optic flashing blue chains. Inga made a wicked smile
                and left Jamima hanging from her sex swing in the center of the
                Dojo. Michael stepped into the dark room with a short whip of
                nine tails. Jamima was stripped of any clothing.

                                    "Who sent you?" he asked.

                                    "I can not say." she smiled and winked.

                The whip snapped across her exposed butt. Jamima laughed.
                "How will you dispose of the body?" she smiled at him.
                "We have hogs." he answered and whipped her butt again.
                "I hope you do not have many love ones. They are all targets."
                Jamima spun herself and let her head hang down.  Michael
                whipped her nipples. He grabbed her by the hair.

                                    "Who sent you?" he growled.

                                    "I can not say." she smiled and winked.

                Michael spun her and walked out of the Dojo.

                                    "She wont talk." He said to his mother.

                                    "I could have told you that. She is Masad."
                                    Inga showed Michael Jamima's military records.

                                    "How did you get this?" Michael sat down.

                                    "Money talks. I have spies everywhere. I've
                                    hired some Italians to dispose of her body."
                                    Inga said calmly.

                      Michael stood up, "I am not a murderer!" He threw the
    whip across the kitchen. "That's why I've hired the Italians. They have
    experience in these things." Inga sipped some herbal tea, "You can't
    release her. She will return to finish her job. She is a professional."
    Michael looked at his mother with disbelief: "How can you? Her blood
    will be on our hands." Inga put down her tea, "We are at war. This is
    necessary .. for our survival. Are you with me?"

                      "I am. . your son." Michael sat down and put his hands
    in his head. Inga ran her fingers through his hair, "You are God's only Son."
    The Italians arrived quietly a few hours latter. They left quietly with four
    full rubber sacks. Michael trembled as the their SUV drove slowly away.
    Nothing was said. Inga went to her Dojo an inspected it. It was clean.
    She turned up the ventilation to get more fresh air .. there was not even
    the odor of death.+

                    "Is this what Jesus would do?" Michael wept.

                    "No. He would let her kill him. Is that what you want?"
                    Inga held her son close to her bosom.

                    "Oh, God! Why?" Michael clung to Inga.


                                          RELATIVITY (?)

    "Fuck!" Tammy slapped her hands to her face.
    "Let me get this straight it just fell out?" she stared at Michael's cock and balls.
    "Yeah. Thank God I don't have breasts." Michael laughed and wagged his
    bishop at Tammy. Tammy was Michael's best girl friend. He loved her very much.
    They even practiced kissing with each other.
    Tammy got down on her knees and started to stroke the cock.
    "Jesus it really is getting hard." she mouthed the tip and ran her tongue about
    it. Michael began to pant heavily.
    "I have this dream about a crow. It's eating my eyes, while I sleep."
    Michael started to cum in Tammy's mouth.
    "Hmmmm.. That's horrible." Tammy took a breather and licked her lips.
    "Maybe, I'm remembering His last moments." Michael gasped and shut his
    eyes tight as Tammy fondled his balls.

              Tammy sat back on her bare feet and looked up at Michael;
              "So, what's your fucking agenda?!"

    "I do not know any more. I don't want to be a freak show. I just want to
    do something .. good." Michael flipped his right hand under his cock.
    He was asking for more. Tammy turned around on all fours. Michael
    mounted her. "We're like rutting dogs." he said. Tammy barked.

              "Am I going to be a grandmother?" Inga asked. She was standing
              in Sarah's doorway behind them. The couple broke apart: startled.
              Michael was red faced.

      "You should knock!" he shouted.
      "In my house? And you are my son. You should think before you fuck."
      Inga shut the door and walked down stares. Tammy was lying on the floor,
      staring up at the ceiling fan. "You should have locked the door." she said.
      Michael punched the wall and his hand went into it. He looked at his bloody
      knuckles .. "Hah! I enjoyed that. And I want to fuck you again!" he shouted.
      He pressed himself between her legs and held her wrists. They kissed.

              There was a knock at the door. "Dinner is served." It was Cloris.
              The couple listened: her foots move away and down then down the
              stairs. Michael and Tammy looked at each other with toothy smiles
              and laughed silently.

      "Oh, Cloris this salmon steak is delicious." Inga smiled.
      "Arf!" Tammy barked. And Michael spit up his food laughing.

      + ^



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