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by Jemilo
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An anti-racist view of a man torn by one woman's arrogance.
Tell me why
I should care
That I can't
Your desire
To offend
Me though I
Always try
Not to cry
As you point
And you laugh
At the fact
That I'm black
Cause I'm not
Good enough
To withstand
What you can
Or transcend
All of the
That the world
Casts on us
It is a
Label that
Tells the world
That I will
Most likely
Forget my
Because that's
The conflict
And I'm not
A convict
Although I
Must admit
That I thought
We were friends
Sadly then
In the end
You pretend
That you don't
Want me dead
Even though
What you must
Is that you
Can't disguise
All the lies
In your eyes
You despise
Hate the man
Who I am
Cause I'm tan
More so than
Any man
Who you let
Take your hand
But I don't
Really mind
Cause you'll find
That I'm kind
Just when I'm
Out of time
As I reach
For the knife
So I can
End this life
With a halt
This assault
By default
Is your fault

But I can't
No I shan't
E'r submit
Nor commit
To your hate
Because fate
Made me great
So I can
Rise again
To the man
Who could not
Give a thought
To the words
Meant to turn
My body
Against my
Mind but theres
Who wants me
Cause I'm me

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