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My very cynical view of this world, that everyone who surrounds me is consumed within.
Yesterday? Yes, I was just there today. And I’ll probably be there for all of my tomorrows as well…

         I feel like the world is being taken over… by technology. I should be more specific, by facebook. Is it now “cool” or “un-cool” to be a facebook whore? I am so confused. The people who check their statuses every day claim to never get on facebook. The ones who post every hour are obsessed and are overweight. The worst part is that they could care less about their obsession or their health. It’ll fix itself as they indulge in their addiction further, right? Sometimes I’ll go a couple of days without getting on. Sometimes I’ll get on twice a day. I’m not going to deny it. But I’m not going to place myself in the “cool” group either. As we all know, the “cool” people consist of those who have “better things to do.” Ironically these are the ones I catch checking their notifications as they wait for their party to show up, as they wait for their food at dinner, as they wait for their destination sitting in the passenger seat of the car, as they wait for the movie to start, as they wait for the clock to tick! Does it really pass time? Or do you not have an imagination worthy of keeping your mind occupied in another dimension, besides facebook? Or do you not possess the right words to say anymore? What happened to daydreaming? Or ambition? Dreams? Goals? Life? Conversation?

         These are the people who cry about unemployment, school, money, life. They missed the interview because they had to check how many “likes” their status obtained. As they did this, they mindlessly forgot their resume on the table. They spent two hours stalking the hell out of their co-workers last night so they blamed that big test tomorrow or their tardiness on lack of sleep. It’s so funny, because these are the people who find it most offensive when I mention the term… they snarl… you would almost assume that they didn’t own a facebook page at all. Then twenty minutes later they sneak a peak in the bathroom. They claim to have no association, misrepresenting their natural impulses to check their facebook, or to post a new status, and all for what? “I never get on!” eventually turns into, “Well I never get on, on my computer.” once they are caught. As if this justifies the circumstances. But c’mon, is there really a difference? You mean to tell me that your phone isn’t a mini computer? Last time I checked, it was. You are engaging in the same act in any case.

         Nonetheless I’m not even understanding why I’m sitting here complaining. I did the same thing for about 2 weeks. I literally posted every little thing I did. But then I went back over my 2 weeks of events, and laughed. I saw how pathetic it looked. I was in obvious need of attention. So I stopped doing it so often. Instead I stuck with things worth the bragging rights. But now I’ve decided to stop all together. I’m done.

         My last straw? I noticed something so negligible; you guys wouldn’t even consider it. (And I say that sarcastically because if the tables were turned, you would.) He lied. Then he attempted to humiliate me with these accusations, and then he took the liberty of judging me in this unjust manner, when it was quite obvious that he were the wrong one. He was the one hiding something, not me.

         In the future, consider me a pro at deciphering such devious technological behavior. I’ve been there, done that–and on both ends. The only difference is that I have learned at a quicker pace how unreasonable these actions serve your “other.” If we are humans, we should continue to consider our honest feelings. Now, if we were robots you wouldn’t be worth a nanosecond of my time either way. You simply wouldn’t be able to accompany me in any sort of intellectual conversation. I'm the hacker. Computer language is visibly foreign to your impenetrable brain. Otherwise you would have covered your tracks. (Or considered my feelings, of course.) But even so, I still would have found out. I was already online, over-stimulating my mind in the language of my own… (I was writing about you.) I was too quick. Sure, blame the discrepancies on the lesser of a notebook computer (the phone,) but I know better. I’ve already used these same justifications. I'm not stupid. I know you are deleting inappropriate messages off your wall.

         I hate what it’s done to me. I find myself looking for this shady behavior more often then what facebook was intended for: stalking the shit out of your acquaintances. Let’s be real, no one has 300 friends. And stalking your actual friends is out of the question, because you do engage in real-life time with them anyways, am I right? This is simply a matter of unfair judgment more than anything else. I don’t want your confession. I only want to stop hearing your rebelliousness against something that either runs your life or something that idles your mind as you wait for life to happen. Next time, I also don’t want to hear about your missed opportunity or the fact that you didn’t understand a problem because you couldn’t “comprehend.” Surrendering your mind to a constant state of mindlessness causes this. The complexity of a problem is entirely blamed on your dullness. It has nothing to do with the problem itself.

         For others (no one in particular), I feel like you are taking away the integrity of our relationship as you share it with the rest of the world. “Hold your friends close, but your significant other closer” isn’t being implied when every extremity of our relationship or your feelings is shared with the world first. Sometimes I’m not even included into your statement. Even when it is entirely about us. (When we go somewhere special... It's "I'm at the Football game!" instead of "I'm enjoying the Football game with my girlfriend.") But then again, this world revolves on reputation. I am one person who has never lived through such a thought. I used to be overweight and had acne. Still, these were the least of my problems. I can guarantee that I have had more issues than all of my “350 friends on facebook combined” yet here I stand without a care in the world… regarding an opinion so trivial that your judgment takes more effort than the impact that it actually leaves on my life. Everyone really is caught up with the perception, rather than the true meaning of their actions. It really is a shame.

         These days, all you have to do is go online, but make sure you bring your checklist with you. You want blue eyes? You got it! Blond hair? Check! A degree? A certain age? Check check! Vulnerability, easy, and domesticated? If you are capable of pointing out the obvious context between her statuses, check check check! What is my point regarding this rant? Find one man who is completely satisfied with what they’ve got… who owns a facebook. Whose eyes will not avert due to the promiscuous lady passing by. I bet you couldn’t, but if you could, this man would be quite comparable to the current Powerball winnings, because he is damn sure just as rare. I wish I could find this man, but this calls for another story…

         Facebook opens these opportunities for men to browse… ahem… for them to apprehend what they are currently missing out on. Facebook fulfills their fantasy checklist, until they realize that in person, these women are not the same. These women have perfected their online persona… Way back, didn’t men make the effort to meet us first? Then decide based off real-life encounters and qualities that we were worth the time? That we were satisfy-able? Any man who cannot meet me in person first, is a bitch. Any man who gets on facebook completely out of boredom to chat it up with any other female but their own, is a bitch. Excuse me for being a romantic, but I want our lives to be personal. When you’re with me, there is no “you” and “I.” It’s about “us.” And really, that is my biggest concern because I have a feeling that even if this pattern is “coincidental” it is still heart-wrenching. But you will never get it, because I could careless to show you how it feels any longer. I cannot keep doing this. This topic is just as exhausting as your disastrous effort to remain trendy within the world that you claim no correlation.

         But some of you sit there and claim your need for space! Your “space” as most of you men call it, will cause distance. With distance, comes natural fading. Look at anything from far away to witness this for yourself.

         The first thing these people do is grab their phone. They let their little fingers do the talking even when their mouth isn’t even capable of saying the very same things that they are typing. Sure, some things are worth the bragging right. But if you are publicizing your every move you are definitely out of control. You cry, you facebook. You laugh, you facebook. You have a question, you facebook. You have the answer, you facebook. It’s not so much an act any longer, but an impulse. You grab your phone whenever something happens, every time something happens. And sadly in an event-less day, I see this... “Tx me, i’m bored.”

         For me to notice these things, I am reprimanded for my observations. As I go back and read what I wrote, many thoughts come to mind. But the biggest concern is how everyone probably will deem yet another one of my posts, “dramatic.” It is really? Or are you trying to convince yourself that it is? I really hope that makes you feel better, but if not, then you should really put into consideration the veracity of your own character.

I definitely have my own share of problems. I just choose to keep them hidden, unlike the rest of facebook society.
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