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Rated: ASR · Serial · Fanfiction · #1799602
Jennifer remains torn between two lovers.
Miles and Bradley talked about business. Jennifer silently ate cherry pie and drank lemonade. Megan could tell Jennifer was fuming. Jennifer got up and went to the parlor. Megan followed her.

Jennifer sat down on Bradley's fancy couch with the blue hummingbird pattern. Megan sat down beside her.

"That Rainey. She is what? Twelve?" Jennifer grabbed a rolled up cigarette and smoked it.

"No, she is seventeen. She saved Bradley's life. He loves you and if you said the word, this house and plantation would be yours. You can't have Calin and Bradley both."

"I know that. He buys Rainey dresses and she looks at him like a love sick puppy. I don't like her. She isn't getting Bradley. She can find someone her own age."

"Jennifer, Dear, you have to decide. If you do leave Bradley, he will have Rainey. If you break his heart, Rainey will help him get over it. If you loved only Bradley, you would have a right to be jealous over Rainey."

"That little girl? I am a woman. She can't measure up to me!"

"There you go. You can't have both." Megan hoped Jennifer would choose well.

It was quiet in the kitchen and Bradley and Miles came into the parlor.

"Darling, I would like to take you back to Vicki's. I have to help Dad." Miles whispered to Megan. " On second thought, will you stay with me this tonight? I miss you and need you. I love you very much."

Megan kissed Miles. "I love you, too. Let's go to Vicki's and I will pack a bag."

"Jennifer, I will take you home later. I want to talk to you. I am sorry that I wasn't there for you when you were sick. I was having my own problems, my Dear."

"I know but that little girl Raining rescued you." Jennifer said it so snidely.

"Rainey. She is a young woman. Are you jeaous, my Dear?" Bradley winked.

"I will see you in a couple of days ." Megan squeezed Jennifer's hand.

"See you later." Jennifer lit another cigarette.

"See you at the ball, old friend." Miles shook Bradley's hand.

"See you then." Bradley really wanted to talk to Jennifer.

Miles and Megan left. Bradley sat down beside Jennifer. He took Jennifer in his arms and kissed her then released her. "I love you, you know. I wish I could have been there for you. Rainey helped me back home after my accident. I am friends with the couple who took her in. Mr. Timmons used to work for me. This is the first time I have ever met Rainey. I saw her with Mr. Timmons in town a couple of times. I bought those dresses for her because she rescued me. She bought over cherry pie because she is a nice young girl. Don't be jealous. Those gypsies are camping out at Vicki and Bill's. Have you seen that devil Cahill or Cahoot or what ever his name is?"

"Calin. He is with the gypsies. Manolito's mother gave me a potion when I had a fever. Calin is with them but I am here with you. We stop by and Miss Rainey is here. She looks at you likle a love sick puppy dog. Maybe she would roll over if you gave her a treat or pat her belly. She will be at the ball. Are you taking me to the ball?"

"Don't be mean talking about Rainey. She is not a puppy. She is a nice young girl. Maybe she will find a nice young man at the ball. You can have three new dresses, too. I will take you tomorrow to Bath to get them. I will give you treats anytime you want them. I will be your treat."

Jennifer's eyes twinkled. "I would like that." Jennifer loved Bradley but she loved Calin more but with Rainey hanging around Bradley, she was going to hang on to Bradley. Calin would have to wait. Bradley kissed Jennifer and she responded. She was torn between two lovers but right now she was with Bradley.

Miles and Megan got back to Vicki's house. Megan packed some clothes. She told Vicki she would see her in a couple of days. Miles and Megan got into his carriage as a jealous Manolito watched them leave. Someday Megan would be his. Megan cuddled up to Miles and they left for his house.

"Would you like to stay with me tonight? Bradley asked Jennifer.

"Yes, I would." Bradley lifted Jennifer and carried her up to his room. It was only the afternoon but Bradley and Jennifer didn't care. Jennifer was thinking that she was the woman Bradley was making love to and if he made love to Rainey, he would be making love to a child. Life could be good.

Miles and Megan arrived at his house and Mrs. Dawson was outside. She waved to them. Miles helped Megan out of the carriage and Mrs. Dawson kissed Megan's cheek. Miles told Megan he would see her at supper. He had to go help his father.

Mrs. Dawson invited Megan into the house and they had tea.

"How are you?" asked Mrs. Dawson.

"I am doing good. Miles wants me to go the Olson's Ball with him and I accepted."

"You will love the Olsons. They are an English family. Their daughter Mattie is eighteen and searching for a husband. This is her season ball. She is a pretty young red head."

"I love balls. It seems like their is a ball every month."

"Yes, it does. The Austens need to host a ball. Jane and Cassandra need husbands. Mr. Austen is so stern. You know that, Dear. You and Jennifer lived with them." Mrs. Dawson poured some more tea.

"I hope Jane and Cassandra find husbands." Sadly, Megan knew the two women would be old spinsters but Megan couldn't tell Mrs. Dawson how she knew that.

Megan was afraid Mrs. Dawson would ask about her husband. Megan couldn't tell her and Miles that she, Jennifer, Vicki and Bill were from another time era.

Megan and Mrs. Dawson worked on a quilt and the afternoon went fast.

Bradley and Jennifer spent the afternoon in bed. They both felt well enough. Jennifer went down stairs to smoke a cigarette. She was dressed in a camisole and short bloomers. Bradley had fallen asleep. Jennifer was sitting in the parlor smoking and there was a knock at the door. Without thinking, Jennifer opened the door. There was Rainey. Rainey was embarrassed and figured out what was happening with Bradley and Jennifer judging she only had her underclothes on. Jennifer's smile was wicked.

"I am so sorry. My adopted mother wanted me to invite Mr. Kentsworth over for dinner. She was hoping he would come over tonight. Would you tell Mr. Kentsworth I was here?"

"Miss Rain, Bradley is fine now. You don't need to check on him everyday. I am here and intend to all his needs and I do mean all his needs." Jennifer pranced around like she had no shame and she didn't. Rainey was so embarrassed that she ran to the wagon. Jennifer was laughing so hard. Maybe she had gotten Rainey out of Bradley's life. Rainey would know that Bradley wasn't saving himself for marriage. He had Jennifer. Who needed a little girl like Rainey? Jennifer was happy for the moment.

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