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Shade tree mechanics are a dying breed, The rise of the computer chip.
Have Pen - Will Wrench
by Richard Higley on Friday, June 3, 2011 at 9:04am

Back before computer chips

mechanics played by ear

Any one with shady tree

made problems disappear

Far from "The spreading chestnut tree"

where village smithy stood

Now logic block, decision trees

have really messed us good

I check the oil and air the tires

and pump the gas, that's all

Well nearly so that's the extent

of work within my call

Computer brains are far beyond

the cars I used to know

And anything that needs repaired

is best left to a pro

So now I'm wrenching words around

instead of spinning nuts

Still simple verse and rhyming words

can rumble in the guts

Sometimes the lines are running rough

with timing out of whack

I pull them in for tune ups

and lift them on the rack

"I do not know what to say" needs

a smoothing little tweak

An added word, or two contract

adjustments that I seek

"I do not know JUST what to say"

adds rhythm to the read

"I don't know what to say" can

also be the proper speed

I've oft had platforms with great lines

that lacked a motive force

Among my salvage yard ideas

I found a driving source

When pairing thoughts of different makes

adapters aren't that rare

Still with a little modify

I craft a hybrid pair

A line from here, a word from there

a concept gift or two

Now sifted through my inner ear

I hope it pleases you

What you see, my shady tree

so poetry enhanced

Has the power to mesmerize

and strand me here entranced

Richard Higley© June 2011
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