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by Ladi D
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Cameron has been dreaming of the mystery man who sits in seat 12!!
Cameron Eagles decided that this weekend would be her weekend. This weekend would be the weekend that she would get around to doing the very thing she should have done months ago. That vacation to Barbados this week was going to be just what she needed. She just could't wait for the week to be over. She had already packed her luggage and was all set to go. Today would be her last day at work until she returned back from her much-deserved vacation. She was going to Barbados to let go of some past issues that she could not seem to come to terms with. Her getting into this affair with an engaged man, her then getting pregnant by this said engaged man, and then him paying for the abortion that she was so against. I mean how can a man like Trevor tell her that he loves her but then gets her pregnant and pays for the abortion? Around this time last year, she thought she had the pick of the litter. Now she is a firm believer in the proverb, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". All the things that she thought she loved about Trevor was now beginning to be a pain in her ass. He was almost needy and wanting approval from her, and she didnt have a problem with that, but it seemed he used that same power to manipulate her because it was always about getting what he wanted. It was never, "Baby, how was your day?"Or "Baby can I take you out to dinner?" The only time he had for her was when he wanted to screw her damn brains out and even that was getting old to her. Last time she saw him she had finally broken things off with him, reassuring him that they could remain friends. She felt like a burden had been lifted off her shoulders, she was happy that she had made a hard but necessary decision. So...taking this trip to Barbados would be just the way to celebrate her being single again and loving it, and how she had overcome the disease of being blindly in love. Yeah it was hard not having him around sometimes, but she felt like deep within her there was something out there calling to her...something that was blissful and positive and satisfying...something she knew was coming to her....she felt that if she took a leap on trusting her instincts and letting fate guide her she would be fine. The hurt she felt today wouldn't be there tomorrow. Whatever she felt coming she certainly hoped that it revived her spirits in love, happiness, strength and joy. The relationship with Trevor was not always a dud, at least not until he got married. When he got married she expected things to change but never to the degree in which they had. She remembered how loving and supportive they were to one another at one time. Now all they bickered about was how much time he would spend with her or when was the next time he was coming to see her. Every argument would end the same: her well fucked, Trevor out the door back to his wife, and her still feeling the same as before he came. She let it happen every time. Cameron was so sick and tired of all the broken promises and fake devotions of love and affection. She knew for a fact that if his wife had what she had between her legs he would not even have given her a second look. Cameron felt that all he wanted was some side ass because he had made it perfectly clear that they didn't have a future together. Every time she said something about their future together or even making plans for the future together he would shut down completely, after awhile she only included herself in her future endeavors, and even he would only include her in her future endeavors. It hurt to know that the man she was so deeply in love with didn't want kids with her, didn't want to grow old with her, didn't want to share a beautiful home and life together. She realized now that he just didn't. She realized that all this time she thought she had her prince and he was just another frog unworthy of her sweet kiss. Yep, this would be just the vacation she needed. She needed to get away to figure out why she was failing at the the thing she wanted to succeed at most in her life: LOVE. Every night she ached to be held by that special someone who really and truly loved her. She imagined wrapping her warm, curvy body into the mold of his strength. Kissing and loving each and every part that smelled of his beauty. She dreamed of making passionate love with this man whom she so desperately craved. The problem was she has never met him before, only in her wildest dreams. Sometimes she found herself anticipating the nights in her apartment asleep. Dreaming and caressing this mystery lover. She wish she could feel like this in reality no more wanting a dream to suffice for a love affair. She needed that kind of tender, love, and care. If anything she absolutely craved it. She needed to feast and feast (if fates on her side) she will.

Friday, August 8, 2011

Dear Journal:
First day of my trip. I am about to board my flight at this very moment. I'm so excited about the trip to Barbados!!! I plan to have alot of fun even if I will be spending my birthday alone. Its okay though at least I'll be somewhere where the air is crisp and clean and the people are alot of fun!!! I'm must admit that I do fear being out here alone but I do need this down time to clear my mind and focus on my next move. I guess when I get to the island I'll have a tropical mix or something and head back to my room for some romance reading on the veranda.

Love Cammie

Cameron closed the journal where she kept her most personal thoughts and threw it back into her oversized gold purse. SHe retrieved her phone out of the bag and turned off her cell phone since the plane was about to take off. Cameron felt it a good idea to get some sleep during the six hour departing time so she found a comfortable position in which she could sleep and begin to dose off......
She dozed off into a world set up inside a spacious rose petaled filled bedroom. The satin sheets looked like silky sex and the air smelled of steak and potatoes: a romantic dish. She looked down at her body well aware of the nakedness that imposed her. While she continued to subconsciously examine every rose petal she could and delighting in the loving scene, she had not seen her intoxicating lover come up behind her. Like in every dream, his sexual presence is bold and daringly inviting. Her mystery lover knew that she could not resist the masculine touch that she needed and wanted oh so badly! His masculine scent hugged every part of her senses. She knew what he smelled of even though she had never met him. She moaned as he touched the skin under her breast, she moaned at how he took her nipple into his hungry, ravenous lips. This lover she dreamed of had spoken to her. At first she couldn't make out what he said because of the intense passion and the blood pulsating her ears, so she asked what he said again. This time she understood loud and clear. "Excuse me miss but you're in my seat. Im seat 12". She realized that she must have been having a wet dream again. She shamefully looked to retrieve her diary once more and locate her boarding pass. Maybe she had sat in the wrong seat. Cameron read the boarding pass and her pass said seat 12 as well. There must have been a mix up at the airline company and they have managed to double book her flight. Fucking assholes!! Fuck! If she didn't get this flight there was no way she would even see Barbados!! How in the hell did they manage to double book them!! Didn't they know a damsel in distress when they see one?! Didn't they know she needed a break from the real world?! For the love of God why would they screw up her ticket now? Out of all the times she had flown why would fate intervene now and ruin her chance to recoup this way?! She couldn't get mad at fate so there was only one other person to blame: the airline company. Cameron got up from her seat fire within her eyes. She was so pissed. Cameron walked through the spaciousness of the plane and finally waved down one of the flight attendants. "Ma'm can you tell me why that man over there by seat 12 has the exact same seat as me!" she spoke furiously. THe flight attendant who stood about 6'2, with blue eyes and blonde hair, gave Cameron a dumdfounded look. I guess it were true...dumb blondes. Cameron became even more furious as the man who had the same seat as she came from behind her, placing his palm at the lower arch of her back. THe point of contact felt like electricity had rocked her body from the inside out. She heard he and the dumb blonde having a small conversation about the seating arrangements, but she was not paying attention to what either of them had said. She had turned around to see the very face that had been haunting her mind for months. SHe thought that she had dreamt up this person, but to know that he was actually a real breathing human stopped Cameron dead in her tracks. How could this be possible? How could she have dreamed up a real live person whom she had never met in her life? CAmeron felt herself getting lightheaded and saw the mystery man hold her balance as she fell into a dark blackout.

Terrence Matthew was a oriented-minded businessman. He owned one of the most prestigious record labels in the country. Life since his fame had become rather complicated and so had he. The papers were always running false stories on him and there latest jab was at his ex-fiancee abortion. He had wanted Kara to keep the unborn child, but Kara insisted that she didn't want to be a mother and that her career meant more to her than an actual family. With that he had no choice but to grant her wish and have the abortion, but he dumped her as soon as the procedure was done. Of course she ranted and raved about the termination of their relationship, but he just couldn't marry someone who didn't like kids and who didn't want a family. How would that look on papers? what would the public eye think if they knew that he stayed with her after having an abortion with his child. He not only couldn't be with Kara because of the abortion itself, but to continue his relationship with her would be a bad business move. He didn't want anybody to see him as a monster, especially not since his family was the proud owners of Hope Memorial Hospital. To continue his relationship with Kara would be a bad business move for everyone. After the break-up with Kara she became almost obsessive. She wouldn't stop callin or texting. She would leave gifts outside his home as apologies
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