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This poem is about Love
You see right through me
I am your ghost
Why can't you see
That I need you the most

I wish upon the glowing star
But even they can't go that far
All you see is her
All I see is you

When you walk by
I hold my breath
Don't trust my voice
I don't know what to do

You make me want to know you
All I think about is you
I want to know everything about you

What are your fears
Why do you cry those tears
What are the lyrics to your song

I cry in the night silently
Wishing you'd come to me
She never notices your eyes
All she can think about is other guys

You ask me for advice
It hurts the most
I want to bang myhead against a post
After you gone

Wanting you to know
I've fallen so hard for you
It's unreal
I can't tell you this
Because I know how you feel

When she looks at everyone but you
Only noticing when she wants something
She's you whole world
And you are mine

I wait in my room
Wanting to scream to you
How could you not see me
I'm here I'm all you need

She pretends to love you
You don't see her smirk
She plays you like a puppet
I have to watch you hurt

I want to say I won't be there for you
But in the end I'm always there
Maybe one day I'll tell you
One day you'll finally know

But for now I'll stay by your side
Because I have to
I'd rather be your ghost
Than someone who isn't there

I'm still invisble as air
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