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This is a poem about chances
Stay up all night
Dream all day
Tell you I'm alright
What else am I supposed to say
Can't you see
That you're
Torturing me
With you're
One word answers
That I've heard all before
It's always been the same
Yet I play your little games
I swear to myself I'll stop
But I've already made the final drop
Dropped into the endless fight
Between my head and heart
Don't know when the time is right
To tell you or where to start
Tell you the truth
Or keep it shut inside
I can't make the choice
There's no way to decide
Can you even hear me
Do you see my pain
Because it's always been there
Printed in my face
I hide it with acts
With words and smiles
Just face the facts
Look in the files
If you could see me
Would you see my pain
If you could hear me
Would you act just the same
The answers remain unknown to me
For me can never meet
You will never see my pain
Nor the reality I face
I got lost in words and hidden meanings
I just can't stop
I'm through the ceiling
No conffesions, no truths
I can't handle the possibilities
Yes, no, maybe so
One in a million
Is too risky for me
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