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This is the first little bit of my book that I'm writing.

Running through the streets, everything up in flames, everything was being ruined by the fires. How could someone do this to such an innocent place? But the truth was this place wasn't innocent at all. A woman and man were seen running with all the others. No one was able to see the baby little girl the mother held, hidden, in her arms, they were all too focused on getting out alive. The women staggered with every step she took and finally spoke.

"Go, Leo! Take her with you. I can't hang on much longer," The woman yelled to her husband, out of breath, as she began collapsing to the floor.

"Lorly!" The man cried, taking the child, and then tried to care for his wife. The burns and the wounds that the explosions and fire had created were too much for her to go on. He knew it, but refused to believe it. He loved her, but his daughter needed to live. She was their lifeline, their only option.

A few tears left his dry eyes and the baby started crying. "Shhh, Delila, baby girl, its okay," He soothed her automatically, and thought the war going on in his head. If he stayed, he would surely be killed, along with his daughter. If he left, his daughter would get out alive, but it is doubtful that he would make it as well.

He looked at his dying wife, the scars on her arm from blocking the debris, the cuts on her pale face from what she couldn’t block, and then the unbearable cuts on her feet from running. He cried as he watched the love of his life die right before his eyes. After her life passed on, he took the silver-banded ring off her left hand, along with their wedding rings, taking them with him as he continued to run.

He tried to keep the tears from clouding his vision to where it was impossible to see, since there were too many tears on his face and in his eyes already. He didn’t even have to close his eyes, but just though and a shimmering portal appeared before him, the only thing familiar besides his daughter the he knew anymore. He was washed over with a rush of feeling of what he could only describe as relief, as he walked through the mist. Everything was in ruins; nothing would ever have the same simplicity as it had before... well prior to everything happening. He set the infant on the third, and the widest tier of the waterless fountain located in the center of the hedge surrounded, cobble-floored, magical place the portal led him into, at his request, of course. He made sure his she was safe before stepping back. After he assumed everything was okay, he placed four essentials things on the top tier: an envelope, two rings, a locket, and the wedding bands, including the diamond engagement ring that his wife had been wearing. He figured that if he couldn’t give it to his daughter in person, he might as well keep it here.

He knew that his daughter would find them someday; she would know what to do with them. The child began to stir, sensing that he father was dying just as his wife did minutes before, which he was, incredibly fast. "I love you, baby girl. You are---" His words were never finished. He fell to the cobble floor, his soul leaving his body as he lost his magick and energy. After all was said and done, the elements started coming to life.

Vines flowed out of the soft hedges, engulfing Leo and carrying him into the soft, grassy walls. All the blood was cleansed with water from under the fountain, and everything was wiped clean of any residue that created even the remote thought that there had been anything but amazing and magical things could’ve happened there.

All the way back to where Lorly lay on the streets, her blank eyes loosing color as bushes and trees took her into themselves. Almost the same act as in what happened at where the child slept soundly and the fountain currently stood. Many were dead, thousands injured, but the elements acted as an agent to rid the realm of Warwick of all sadness and destruction. Trying to protect all the peace and innocence that once was there for the future, but it had been done. All the damage, the pain, the demolition, but it was beginning to recover.

As difficult as it would be for most to believe but there was a single cause for why all the elements were rising up and trying to overcome what happened to the once tranquil realm that no one except those who have been there knew anything about. The single cause wasn't a group or even a single adult. It was a child, a little baby girl that had no idea what was going on, but her powers were taking over, trying to make what she would one day rule a better place for all of those who live there.

The daughter’s eyes fluttered in her sleep and she opened them briefly, looking around in her curious baby way, not having any idea what was happening around her, or where she used to be, even who she was. She knew nothing, understood nothing, but she was an infant. After then it took that little girl 17 years to find out who she really was, where she came from, or the real truth about what happened to her and her family, the little girl's name being Delila Montet.
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