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by Lisa
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A brief description of my obsession.
I have had problems with bullys my entire life. My first true friend wasn't until high school and even then I did trust them; I had been getting used by my peers for as long as I can remember. Children these days are in a much worse position. When I was a kid the internet and cell phones we not nearly as popular as they are today. A child would be picked on at school but when they got home everything was okay because you were able to get away from the touture. I would not want to grow up in todays social system. With the extreme popularity of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the internet in general there is no way to escape. The overwhelming bombardment of comments and tweets makes children more suseptable to the level of depression needed to appease a bully. Unfortunally, appeasement isn't always enough; for some Bullycide is the answer. Bullycide is the termination of one's self due to extreme bullying. Now I know what your thinking, "my kid ould never do that", right? Wrong! Until October 17, 2006 Megan Meier's parents thought the same thing. Bullycide is the third reson for death among teenagers and the sixth for children. Recent psychological studies have shown that people attempt suicide after giving the option a very short thought, usually about 24 hours. I have devoted my life to attempting to wipe out bullying. I am currently attending the University of Massachusetts, Lowell hoping to join the Psychology department; upon graduation I wish to become a high school guidence counceler and a sexual and personal health teacher. Teenagers are the last chance to fix our child's future and it has become my mission to help them.
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