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This is a poem about falling in love
I've always been so guarded
But somehow you passed by
My delibrate defences
That I thought wouldn't let anyone through

I thought I had the perfect way
To keep myself isolat
Though you proved me wrong
With just one song

Now I dont know what to do
You've passed though my protection
I know that I can trust you
At least I hope I can

I guess what I dont understand
Is why only you
No one could get pass my fortress
And then you came along

What hurts is not knowing why
Being out of the loop
I come across so shy
Yet so in this group

The answer is here
I just have to find it
But im afraid when I do
You wont be there

You penetrated my forces
And caught me off guard
Blew me off my horses
Then protected my fall
My Fall For You
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