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Ch 1: Peter and Mark are kidnapped at midnight and shipped to a shack where danger awaits.
Peter Burgson and Mark Williams walked down the dirt caked sidewalk, with grim expressions, as for something that they did had brought upon the expressions their face had shown. The aura around the two brought up the hint that they were indeed in a lot of trouble for whatever reason why they had been out in the middle of the night. Putting that fact aside the two remained a small distance away as if they were unhappy with one another. The two did not dare speak a word to each other as they took a right going down an empty block, they both sighed, dreading going to wherever the location was. A grimy van pulled down the street, it's paint pulled all the way out. The person who was in the front seat honked their horn, cloaked in black.

"What do they want?" mumbled Peter turning to Mark.

"How am I too know?" asked Mark angrily stomping further down the sidewalk, clenching his fists in anger. The van driver however was relentless even as the two adolescents completely ignored it's presence. The van however continued to roll down the sidewalk.

"I got a bad feeling" Peter said turning to Mark. The two had no mobile phones with them so for a second plan they ran down the street but before they could the van sped up and completely blocked their pathway by rolling into the sidewalk. The two froze but before they could think twice about sprinting down the road. Another man got out, dressed in black everything as well and held a gun to their faces.

"Crap" cried Mark.

"Shut up and get into the van" said the man grabbing Mark by his collar and using unusual strength launched him in the van propelling him into the window, causing blood to ooze out of his head.

"MARK" yelled Peter. He punched the man on his right cheek but in retaliation the man threw Peter into Mark. It was a matter of moments as the man entered the van and it did an illegal u-turn and went the opposite direction.

The adrenallin and the fear from Mark and Peter would make you think you could smell it. The two were shaking in the corner, behind the drivers seat, frightened, teeth chattering and tears rolling down their hot cheeks. The two didn't say anything so the man in the passenger seat spoke up.

"Do you know why you are here?" he asked, voice deep and rusty. Peter shook his head no nervously. "I said do you know why you are here?"

"No sir" Peter spoke up, "Let us-s-s go and w-w-we wont-t tell the police" The two men laughed at the comment the fgrightened teenager made.

"You are here because of what you did" said the driver, his voice resembling those of a woman's. "Because you are profitable in the market, I needed possessions"

"WERE PEOPLE" yelled Mark angrily.

"Keep yelling and I am going to give you a cocktail" laughed the passenger looking in his mirror at the kids. "It's a pill concontion that will put you asleep for a half of a day, matter of fact let's get one right now. The passenger got out his seat and shoved two pills down Peter's mouth who instantly fell to the floor, asleep, from the pills.

"What did you--" Mark started. But he never got to finished as two pills were shoved down his own throat and the colors of the van became blurry until they resembled pitch black darkness.

Mark and Peter awoke the next morning on the floor behind the driver and passenger seats, tied up and gagged. Peter was behind the drivers seat and he was awake when Mark awoke. Mark cried, tears of pain and sorrow while Peter cried tears of anger. The van stopped abruptly within two minutes when they were awake. It pulled up to a run-down shack.

"WAKE UP MAGGOTS" yelled the female like voice grabbing Peter while the other man grabbed Mark by the ropes in which they were tied in and dragged them through the grass, staining their clothes and cutting their faces. They were put in a room with no future only a box of drugs and thrown on the floor hitting their heads. The man took off their gags and threw them aside.

"Where are we?" asked Peter. The men took off their masks. One was of African American descent, with a scar above his left eye. He had dark brown eyes and black hair in a short cut while the other one was of Asian descent, with blue eyes and white hair down to his cheek. He had a birthmark over under his lip and a mustache.

"Your new home" answered the African-American criminal. Mark looked around in dis-belief. "At ten you will be bough-ten, I suggest you start thinking of how you are going to please your new gang family, because if you don't sell then you are going to be useless, and I hate useless people around here."

Mark and Peter did their best to remain calm but true emotions poured out of them.

"Please stop" they cried out in unison. But their cries were not answered as the two left out the house and slammed the door.

"What are we going to do?" asked Mark to Peter

"How am I to know, we are going to be shipped off to who knows where" grimaced Peter.

Next- The family comes to judge the two kids, and what does this have to do with Mexico?

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