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by tulips
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Change in writing procedures

         Presently I have noticed a change in requested submissions from websites.  In our ever changing literary world it seems flash fiction and humor has come into view more presently than ever. The call for Young Adult fiction is growing and even the elementary school children are called upon to create stories and publish their thoughts. Recently a grammar school child published a book with hand drawn pictures.

         Humor is also another genre called for, even in the flash fiction state, and reviewed favorable, acceptable and approved. It seems fast foods, fast cars, fast reading literature sets a trend of our ever speeding lifestyle. 

         Is it the draw for Americans to want everything immediately? Think about it.

Fast food places are thriving as we are all aware of the cost of a cheap lunch, satisfying, and price necessary in this economy. The growing unemployment issue and the need to "tighten our belts" is evident even in our literature.

         Ebooks have emerged as the price efficient way to get our information and pleasure without investing in big bucks. Perhaps this is beneficial to the environment, saving our trees, and allowing us to carry thousands of informative data and pleasurable stories in a short lightweight and portable Laptop, Kindle. iPod, Blackberry or any small device convenient to carry and inform.  Everything it seems is now available in a compact version.

         As our society stresses for excellence we sometimes purchase software that is outdated before we have even finished reading the instructions. Let us hope we can

advance our education by these new types of that solve our literature needs. If so, we can assure their necessity.

         There may be much more to say on the subject but this condensed version is condusive of the current trend.

                                       The End

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Connie Berridge

Tulip Productions     

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