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As I wander through this world

        I number of passer byes have asked me how to get to Wal-Mart.
        You just can't beat the prices there.
        I like to do my grocery shopping at a Super Wal-Mart.
        In retrospect, I don't think I should have gotten a job at Wal-Mart.
        The management was not friendly.

        The elephant in the room is population control.
        I recommend COLLAPSE; Michael Rupert on DVD.
        How can the global economy provide for infinite demand?
        It can't.

        Someone somewhere will take drastic measures.
        That means another genocidal world war.
        Do I want that?
        Of course not, I am a gentle person.
        But, the law of social Darwinism is being played out.

        Folks around here-yah complain about Wal-Mart,
        forcing out little businesses .. Well, the horse and buggy
        and model-t are obsolete.
        My brother tells me that South Carolina wants to succeed
        from the union.. Is that legal?
        Civil unrest flares up, but civil war burns everything.

        The internet has much potential for progress.
        However, like any other tool it can be used as weapon.
        There is a new internet crime: MOBBING.
        The French Revolution was a good idea until mob rule
        took over.

        I think it is folly to place our faith in science to pull a rabbit
        out the hat on the verge of global collapse.
        What will happen?
        Typically, there will be crisis and a war will breakout.
        Only a miracle, will prevent thermal nuclear extermination.
        You see, the atmosphere can only sustain so many nuclear explosions.

        Without an ozone, the oceans would boil
        and the sky would catch fire.
        Every living thing would burn.
        All because of poor population control.

        I think I'll buy some oranges at Wal-mart.
        They're only 39 cents a piece...

        What else can I do?


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