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Rated: E · Poetry · Family · #1801098
The Mockingbird has a hard time not being himself and finding what he’s searching for.
As the sun rose up as it does every day
awoke now the Mockingbird so eager to play.

Though he did not make a sound, he did not say a thing.
He waited around to see what other birds would sing.

Here came the Jaybird, heading his way.
So he sat there to see what she might say.

Chitter chatter, chitter chat
sang the Jaybird as she sat.
Chitter chatter, chitter chat
sang the Mockingbird like that.

The Jaybird looked at him oddly, and then flew away.
The Mockingbird was sad that she did not stay.

As he sat there on his perch hanging his head low.
He heard the sweet sound of a nearby swallow.

Twitter tweet, twitter tweet
sang the Swallow in that beat.
Twitter tweet, twitter tweet
sang the Mockingbird to greet.

The Swallow ruffled her feathers, and then gave out a squeal.
She flew off so fast, and made such a big deal.

Upset and discouraged, the Mockingbird flew
over the tree tops, to some place new.

He then noticed a Cardinal, sitting close by.
The Mockingbird went over, just to say hi.

Chirp cheep, chirp cheep
sang the Cardinal so sweet.
Chirp cheep, chirp cheep
sang the Mockingbird as neat.

So sure that he had impressed her with his best.
She simply turned around, and flew back to her nest.

This hurt the poor Mockingbird, so hard he had tried.
He felt all alone, so sad that he cried.

As the night fell as it does every day
there was the Mockingbird, so lonely, so gray.

Ignored and mistreated this wasn’t right.
The Mockingbird still sang into the night.

Twitter chirp chatter
sang the Mockingbird tattered.

With no one around and nothing close by.
Not hearing the sound of the Mockingbird cry.

Although it did not matter that nothing was near.
Just then “Twitter chirp chatter” is what he could hear.

Rang out like an echo, all through the night
along came another bird, to him in flight.

It was a Mockingbird who had heard his song.
It was she that he had searched for so long.

They danced and they chirped, they twittered and chattered.
Flew circles around like nothing else mattered.

The Mockingbird was happy, he felt light as a feather
As they both were grateful to fly off together.
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