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A last piece of email poetry
As a muse you are beautiful and endearing.
As a person you make me sad
And I guess I just need to make the choice,
Because God knows I don't need to be sad.
I was sad for years and years.
Sometimes life hands you misery
Then God hands you a keen axe
And lets you think you have battled
Alone through hell and back.

I am never super sad anymore,
As long as I cry when no one is looking.
I break down for brief moments,
That's about it though.
I convince myself I wield my own ax.
I don't have to wonder
What keeps the blade sharp and clean.
Good thing that in your weakest moments
You are still stronger than me.
In your weakest moment,
Stronger than most, it seems to be

Kimberly Williams says she still loves me
Like an old poem, poorly written
Upon dog-eared paper; no Poe for sure.
I still love her too, though admitting
Sometimes dulls the concept of God Axe;
Double-bladed and infallible.
On a North Dakota day,
I still wish times were simple;
I once lived two frozen trailer lots away.

If I only had a broke back single shot 12 gauge,
I could cure this addiction,
But my laptop is dying so I must bid you adieu!
Thank you for the company
But as a shoulder provided,
These old memories provide more pain than solace.
I have miles to go before I sleep,
Dreams of a past without futures,
And axes to grind that I must keep...
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