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by Angus
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Most Nights It Doesn't Come Here...


Rarely does it come here
But even when it doesn't
I still don't sleep

I toss and turn because I know it will eventually come back
I know it will come into my bedroom
Like it did last night

It will stare at me with its orange eyes
And breathe its dirty
black breath into my face

It will slowly beat its gossamer wings
As it hovers over me
And smile with its chapped and puffy lips

It will touch me with one of its sharp claws
And leave those three long
red streaks across my chest

It will open its mouth and wag its long thin tongue in my face
And show me its small needle teeth

I will feel the coarse hard bristles of its hair
As it caresses my throat with the back of its deformed hand

And it will want to take me
But I will not go

Rarely does it come here
But maybe one night when it does...

Perhaps I will go

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