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More of Megan and Jennifer back in the past.
Rainey left like a puppy dog with her tail tucked between her legs. Bradley was commited to Jennifer. She wouldn't bother Bradley again. She was going to the ball still. Surely, there were young men there but Rainey didn't like boys. She liked Bradley. She wanted Bradley. Rainey was suffering her first broken heart. She would have to get over it. Rainey knew that Jennifer wouldn't even tell him that she had dropped by. Rainey got into the wagon and left. Seeing Jennifer half dressed, Rainey thought Jennifer was no better off then a lady of the night. Rainey was going home. She had chores to do.

Jennifer went back upstairs and looked at Bradley lying in bed. He was handsome. She loved him but she couldn't get Calin out of her mind. With that Rainey girl, Jennifer wasn't about to give up Bradley now. If only Megan and Jennifer hadn't met those gypsies.

Megan helped Mrs. Dawson fry chicken and make mashed potatoes and serve up a salad. The meal was delicious.

"I heard your friend Jennifer was sick. Is she better now? asked Mrs. Dawson.

"Yes, she is. She had a bad fever. We got caught riding in the rain going home from Jane's."

"Do you have a dress picked out for the ball?" Mrs. Dawson asked.

"No. I guess I will wear a dress I have worn before." Megan really loved the chicken dinner that they were eating."

"Nonsense. We will go into Bath tomorrow and buy new dresses."

"I would like that, Mrs. Dawson. Thanks."

After dinner, Megan and Miles went to Miles house near by. Megan loved being with Miles and they made love. Megan was so happy.

Bradley woke up. "Jenny, Darling. I can't believe I fell asleep. I am sorry."

"That is alright. I made pork chops, mashed potatoes and baked a cholcolate cake."

Bradley kissed Jennifer. "No wonder I love you."

Bradley and Jennifer ate and Bradley loved the meal. After the meal, Bradley went outside to check on the tobacco plants. He talked to his men. Jennifer straightened up the house. Jennifer felt like she could live here but would she be happy? For now, she was.

Calin wasn't happy about Jennifer leaving with Bradley. Did she really love him or was it she was just getting over the fever. It was obvious she wasn't ready to be with him. Manolito knew Megan loved her puppy dog, coward rich boyfriend. He was ready to move on. Calin wanted to see Jennifer and he was going to go see her later when it was dark. He knew she was at that rich man''s house.

Jennifer missed watching TV and being on the computer. She and Bradley played cards. Boring. Jennifer wanted to ask Bradley to take her home to Vicki's but he was taking her to Bath to buy her dress for the ball.

There was a moon out and it was nice and full. Bradley was working on his bills of sales. Jennifer looked out to the woods and she saw a man riding a horse by the woods. Calin! Jennifer's heart raced and she didn't know what to do. She wanted to see Calin. Jennifer poured Bradley a glass of brandy. She had bought along some sleeping potion that Zalita had given her to help her sleep. She poured it in Bradley's drink. Bradley drank the brandy and he started kissing Jennifer. They went upstairs and Bradley fell asleep as he was undressing Jennifer. Jennifer felt guilty but she had to see Calin. Bradley was sound asleep and Jennifer kissed his cheek and went outside to see Calin in the woods.

Calin grabbed Jennifer and kissed her. "Are you going to run off with me?"

"I can't right now. You used to be a knight and make an honest living. You are a thief and you tried to burn down Bradley's plantation. I can't live that way."

"Were you making love to your rich man?"

"Please don't ask me that. He recently suffered an accident. He invited me to the ball. I can't be with you until I break up with him."

"How did you sneak out just now?"

"I gave him a sleeping potion that Zalita had given me. He will be out for awhile. I love you. I truly do but you need to be honest. I would love to travel with you but I won't steal from people and you have to prove yourself to me."

"How can I do that? When will that be?"

"The next time you come back. I will have my affairs in order. I promise. I will decide if I can be with you or Bradley."

"Who is the best lover, my Dear? Yiu make love to HIM and you tell me you will run off with me if I change. I love you but the next time I come back, you had better be sure that you want me no matter what my faults are."

"I love you. Give me more time. Please think about being honest."

"Gypsies make their own money. How much longer can you resist me, my Princess? Calin kissed Jennifer and she didn't push him away. She would leave Bradley. Let Rainey have him.Jennifer stopped Calin from seducing her. She couldn't make love to Calin until she broke it off with Bradley. One man and one lover at a time.

Calin released her. "When I come back next time, you go with me or you will never see me again. The choice is yours."

Jennifer whispered: "I know. I love you. I really do." She kissed Calin again and left. Her heart was heavy. She couldn't go on like this.

Jennifer walked back to the house and went back to bed with Bradley. He was still asleep. Jennifer loved him, too but it was all she could do to keep from going to Calin and offering herself. Life was hard or was it just love was the hard part?

Megan fell asleep after two hours later after making love with Miles. She was content. She loved Miles. If it wasn't for Miles, she would be ready to go home to the present but with Miles she was home.

The next morning, Megan ate breakfast with Mrs. Dawson, Mr. Dawson and Miles. Miles had business in Bath so he was taking his mother and Megan to Bath. It was a nice quiet, sunny day. Mrs. Dawson expressed herself as a true lady. She was dressed in a sheer powder blue dress with flowers. She wore pearls and pearl earrings and held a parasol over her head. Megan admired her.

Bradley woke up and Jennifer was just waking up. Jennifer hadn't slept too well.

"I fell asleep. We never finished what we started." Bradley smiled as kissed Jennifer and they made love. Jennifer would miss this about him someday. Maybe Calin was wrong for her. Bradley loved her and would give her the world. If she left him, Rainey would probably still want Bradley. Why did Calin come into her life?

Miles, Mrs. Dawson and Megan arrived in Bath. Mrs. Dawson and Megan went shopping. Megan picked out a lavender and mauve dress that was some what low cut and had a sash. It was lined with pearls at the bodice. Mrs. Dawson picked out a light blue dress with a high neck and empire waist. Miles liked Megan's dress and couldn't wait to show Megan off.

Bradley and Jennifer got a late start. They arrived in Bath and Megan, Mrs. Dawson and Miles were eating at the Duck Inn. Jennifer bought a sea green dress that was low cut and she looked like a southern bell. Bradley was pleased. Megan and Jennifer didn't see each other in Bath. Megan had Miles take her back to Vicki's. She said she would see him in a couple of days for the ball. They kissed good bye. The gypsies had left again.

Jennifer came back home later. She poured herself a glass of whiskey and one for Megan. Megan accepted.

"How was your visit with Bradley?" Megan asked.

"We made love yesterday after you and Miles left. That Rainey girl came by but Bradley was sleeping and I answered the door in my under clothes. The Timmons had invited him to dinner. I told Miss Rainey she didn't need to worry about Bradley anymore because I attended to all his needs. She was embarrassed. If I do leave him, I hope he doesn't take off with that little girl. I saw Calin last night. I gave Bradley a sleeping potion and I went to see Calin in the woods. We didn't make love. I can't do that until I break it off with Bradley. I told Calin that he had to be honest and not steal. I will decide when he comes back next time about who I want to be with."

"You ran around in your under clothes and it was still day light. You ran Rainey off, drugged Bradley and go out to see Calin in the woods. This is better then THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. Let me guess. You are still torn between two lovers. WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY FRIEND JENNIFER?"

"It is still me. I am just confused. I will decide what to do when Calin comes back next time. Are you mad at me?"

"No. I just want you to be happy. I can't throw stones. I have a husband in the present. We are living double lives. At least I am."

"Right now, let's just worry about the ball. I love going to balls."

"Me, too. I could live out my life here and be born 150 years from now and marry Ray and make sure I go no where near the past."

"Me, too. Right now, we are living in the moment."

"Let's enjoy it. Like Scarlett O'Hara said: "Tomorrow is another day." Megan drank her whiskey and Jennifer did the same. They poured another drink and decided to drink the whole bottle.

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