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For the Pond Poetry Contest, a Dorsimbra.
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I wish I could embrace eternal bliss
Away from my unbridled restless soul.
The worldly malice I want to dismiss,
Inculcate Thy divine elixir whole.

It is perfect freedom that I desire.
Absolute happiness is all I want.
Oh! liberate my soul from all the bondages
Of materialistic avarice.

Assuage the torment of my battered soul,
Relieve my anguish that I want no more.
Like children I crave to skip in delight.
Assuage the torment of my soul.

Prompt: image
Form: Dorsimbra

The Dorsimbra is a set form of three stanzas of four lines each. Stanza One: Four lines of Shakespearean sonnet (iambic pentameter rhymed abab). Stanza Two: Four lines of short and snappy free verse. Stanza Three: Four lines of iambic pentameter blank verse, where the last line repeats the first line of Stanza One. Since the Dorsimbra requires three different sorts of form writing, enjambment can help to achieve fluidity between stanzas, while internal rhymes and near-rhymes can help tie the stanzas together.

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