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Understanding Mental Illness

    Lexington High School
    251 Waltham Street
    Lexington, Massachusetts

    January 29, 1985

        Vanessa has maintained a rigorous curriculum of college preparatory
    courses, earning a solid B grade point average and most recently a quite
    impressive scattering of A marks in her second quarter of her senior year,
    while many of her peers begin to regress.
        Outside of school she has made many invaluable contributions to
    Green Peace and the Humane Society's spade and neuter program.
    Vanessa has been peer nominated the field hockey Captain. She has
    maintained a positive attitude amidst a broken wrist and rigorous fall
    curriculum. She is a natural leader, who single-handedly changed
    raised money for new uniforms for the Lexington high school field hockey.
          Whether Vanessa is studying for a Science exam or volunteering in
    the community, Vanessa gives each task her heart and soul. I can state
    with absolute certainty that Vanessa will make a tremendous contribution
    to your field hockey program at the University of New Hampshire.




  I am Vanessa's mother Julia Plumb.. I have taught my daughter all
  the qualities of being a lady and respecting  justice. Vanessa is the victim
  of a corrupt institution. Field hockey is just one short stop in her life's
  journey, which she intends to use for in her attributes and manner for
  the betterment and greater good of mankind.. .

  I hold every possible administrative UNH employee including the office
  of the President accountable for the actions in this investigation maybe
  libel for possible criminal behavior. I am putting you on notice that my report
  is correct and the truth. I have watched Vanessa slowly become increasingly
  depressed and exhibit severe symptoms of anorexia and bulimia as a result
  of being discriminated against for the clear infraction that she knownly
  committed by smoking marijuana with 7 other girls from the UNH field
  Hockey team.

  She was called for a random "Drug Screening" and tested positive. .
  Vanessa's loyalty to her team lead her to lie in her statement to UNH
  investigator Boner. Mr. Boner kicked Vanessa off the UNH women's field
  hockey program. A boy, Rimon, who tested positive for marijuana, was
  allowed to continue to play for the UNH men's filed hockey program.
  I have discovered from my daughter's heart felt confession that she had
  sexual relations with Rimon and shared the marijuana with him. I am willing
  to sign an affidavit as is Vanessa that my report is truthful. There is clearly
  an example of discrimination against my daughter Vanessa Plumb.


  Julia Plumb

  Portsmouth Parvillion
  Portsmouth Hospital

  Dear Mom,

        I have admitted myself for psychiatric evaluation .
        The bullying at UNH drove me to try crack cocaine.
        While under its influence I engaged in public nudity in
        Down Town Portsmouth and had sex with a fire plug.
        I was arrested for public indecency and am awaiting a court date. .

        I want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day. I wish it had been a
        better year for all of us mothers. I have been diagnosed pregnant.
        I believe the father to be Rimon Makhlouf, the field hockey player.
        I can only tell you how ashamed and truly sorry I am for my failure
        in judgement and unforgivable things I have said to you. I spend hours
        with a counselor  discussing my options with my face wet with tears.
        UNH has expelled me.

        I know I will honor you by working hard to be a good mother to my
        son Devo. I have accepted Islam and hope to marry Rimon. You taught
        me a person does not have to feel ashamed for their mistakes. It is how
        you handle mistakes that matters. You made it safe to tell the truth and
        tried to help me problem solve...


  Vanessa Plumb

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