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by Gim
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Exposes the mendacity of the "illusionists" and the value-production of the "realists!"
I emphatically believe as Socrates, "An unexamined life is 'not' worth living!" And
that's why I as an externally designated "divinely" ordained Truth-teller, an Evangelist-Muckraker am mandated to expose the mendacity and vile modus operandi (m.o.) of the callous fascistic and parasitic human-scavengers, whom permeate every segment and stratum of Earth's societies...

The following article is my primer attempt to expose the terrorism and tyranny of the
so-called status quo, the powers-that-be: the hard-core "illusionists," whose attitudes, character, and inner-being and propensity is thoroughly cemented and ingrained in policies and practices of deception, of denigration, of discrimination, of dogmatic-partisan-ideology, of hypocrisy and injustice, and of orchestrated sadistic-violence, and finally intentional character-assassinations and swift-boat vilification: these are the Godless charlatans, false leaders and un-sanctioned prophets.

The following is my latest assessment of the trick-mongers, "the Oracle Speaks":

The Ultimate Scam
by J. Lee Cooper-Giles

Bush and company were authentic human-parasitic-vultures and value destroyers of the worst kind: absolutely no regard for the safety, employment and labor conditions of the masses, not an iota of concern for the health and the welfare of average citizens and their families, and certainly not the seniors; they've always controlled and have de-regulated almost every industry associated with any of Earth's cultures and ecosystems and natural resources, as well as maintaining a minimal in oversight of our commercial and financial enterprises: these "robber-barons" are the most despicable and the most predatory of the human species: they're the basic terrorist and abusers: greedy hypocritical "bullies;" They breed and diligently-nurture the likes of Bernie Madoff, the $50billion Ponzi-scheme master. And they don't give a frigging-damn that their obstruction tactics and refusal to compromise in good faith: i.e. close tax-loopholes and end tax-subsidies for big-business and certain special-interests in resolving America's recent budget-crisis and debt-ceiling debate in Congress became a well-orchestrated-SCAM-sham of the Tea-Party operatives because these economic-human-vultures did "only" enact spending-cuts; and now after-the-fact, they don't give a "rat's-ass" that they alone have caused America's financial-rating downgrade from AAA to AA+ by Standard & Poor (the very first such downgrade ever in the USA's 235 year old history), and the possible damage to America's financial credibility and longterm economic status: these autocratic-intransigents in Congress are diehard obstructionists who adamantly refuse to compromise with Democrats and consider closing tax-loopholes and subsidies, which they disingenuously call raising taxes: "this is total BS," and they have the audacity to think that they can forever confuse and fool the people with their convoluted semantics. And many Americans are completely befuddled as to why Obama and the Democrats did not hold strong on closing the tax-loopholes and subsidies while making spending cuts, and why they capitulated to the fascistic-greedy stance of these so-called compassionate Republicans. Barack Obama should never "kowtow" to anyone; he's the American President!

And please remember, Obama and the Democrats inherited our current budget and economic problems from Bush and company because of their insatiable-greed and ferocious-mendacity!

And the Washington Republican powers-that-be are legitimate masters at playing the name-game, this is a longstanding m.o. and propensity of the so-called Compassionate-Conservatives and Republican establishment: they never accept or own their foul actions and policies which oftentimes damages the diplomatic-status and the fiscal-standing of America; they always point fingers at Obama and the Democrats as being the culprits responsible for all of America's current
budget, cultural, economic, employment, jobs and labor-relations dire woes and its diverse credibility within the country and the world-community; however, the fact-of-matter is that the Democrats have always governed for the uplift and welfare of the masses, while in reality, the Republicans have always been staunch advocates and supporters of big-business and its de-regulation efforts, and its non-safety and union-busting initiatives. Also, the Republicans have always supported property-rights over people-rights, management-rights over average workers-rights, company-profits and autocratic-work-rules over workers-rights and employee safety issues: the Republican Party has always been the party of the minority elite, the very rich, and all the fascistic-oligarchcy powers-that-be...

These miscreants are the imperialistic and fascistic oppressors and persecutors and plunderers, who've ruled our planet and its many diverse inhabitants and plant and vegetation species throughout human history: the Chinese Silk-trade and the Opium wars; the gross systematic enslavement of African and Islamic peoples and the imperialistic-colonization of their countries and cultures; the Holy Roman Crusades and Wars; the Spanish Inquisition and other Middle-ages insanely-cruel and treacherously-sadistic political, religious, and social persecution and oppression, including the burning-at-the-stake, Joan-of-Arc and some other notables ; the genocide of Native Americans and other indigenous peoples, and the theft of their lands; the burning and hanging of so-called witches at Salem and elsewhere; the communistic, the fascist and the Nazi uprisings and dominations of the 20th Century; the covert drug and medical and psychological experiments performed on unsuspecting participants; especially, the un-ethical and unwarranted use of Agent-Orange during the Vietnam War, and the other biochemical-weapons of mass human destruction used even to this day; the covert confusion and deceit, the discrimination and persecution, and the violence and the horrific wars implemented upon certain nations and its people, all in the name of parasitic-greed and vile imperialistic occupation; the undermining of labor-bargaining rights and organized worker-unions throughout the country; the big-business ponzi-scheme shenanigans and the myriad de-regulations for undeserved monetary profit and economic-gain for the corporations and the elite powers-that-be; the character-assassinations and the devious denouncing of these right-wingers opponents: these opponents are the creative critical-thinking independent-progressives, who can count among its ranks the very honest and transparent "divinely" sanctioned Christ-Man, President Barack Obama, who's an extraordinarily discerning and gifted and just public-servant, and the most powerful politician and Commander-in-Chief on Earth, and last but not least, one of a few American Nobel Peace-Prize Laureates: Obama 2009...

Regardless that Bachmann, Gingrich, McCain, Palin, Perry, Romney, and some other disingenuous politicians and their media-outlets, and their brainwashed robotic followers and spin-doctors always try to defile the persona of Obama and the Democrats; there are nevertheless many American conscious-critical-thinking-citizens who can comprehend the differences between the "dishonest-illogical-illusionists" and the "value-producing-creative-realists": these creators of magnificent ideas and innovative value-production are today's most patriotic citizens, whom are forging a new democratic-republic; "a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and not the elite status quo."

You will Know Them by Their DEEDS, "... And that's the 'real' deal!"

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