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He was all male. He made it home from the fight. I found him dead in th front yard.
An Ode to Prince Fella Othella

I thank God that you found your way home,
It was always was your way to rome.
White and slinky, soft and furry,
From that last fight you should have hurried.

But you made your way home,
In Sunday morning cover of night,
Passing in the dawn of a full moon
As I left in the truck, I surmised your doom.

It was no plastic bag blown by the wind,
But my dear male white kitty
Stretched to his full length,
Almost comfortably, long end-to-end,
And rapidly hardening due to the heat.

I picked him up,and held him in my arms.
As if just the holding could bring back his charms.
I rocked him and me, myself planted in the grass.
All I could do was cry; in the end it is but "alas".

The bird population may be rejoicing,
Because of his penchant for chasing and choicing,
What would be his Mom's prize of company, his delivery.
It Always concluded with a word for the bird.
And a look toward "Fella" that he never heard.
He was all male feline to his heart and soul.

Adult fourteen pounds of lean, and the softest fur,
His predisposition to acne at times would occur.
So his chin was black and bumpy, lumpy.
Sometimes he let me scratch it,
Gently with a brush, and sometimes his tummy.

"Mr. Fella's" eyes weren't the best,
White kitty eye problems leaked congestion mess
On his face, was a place, just under his eyes.
We learned to clean, him in my lap, to look better,
And feel better, though he must've thought me mean.
Gathering him up like a sack full of 'taters in my lap
Never ever struck his claws to me,
For that was his gentle nature, this "Fella," my cat.

With a couple of cool, damp cotton balls,
I'd rub and I'd pat until the goup was gone.
Such a handsome boy, owning all my space.
And now that he's gone I'm uneasy of the place.

In better financial times, I'd have him cremated,
But August 2011 arleady leaves my finances deflated.
To spend a hundred dollars to plant a dead cat,
It's not in my budget, and that is that.

But I won't leave out on the curb to be moved
Piles of non-scientient garbage should not be his final hand.
But this is a night, that the moon will glow wide.
I'll find a resting place for "Fella" on my land,
So his nourishment will still provide
For the earth.

The rest of the family, there's nothing to say,
Just some things to do, then move his body away.
"Prince Fella Othella" is on to Rainbow Bridge,
To wait with our companion family
Till we meet again eventually.

But "Angel Bella," his absolute twin,
Comes crying to discover that she's missing him.
And 'lil sis "Stella" won't have to run,
Big brother's gone so the alpha battle is done.

But "Fella's" best friend was our German Shepherd,
Notoriosly vicious dark "Moon Shadow", and her shadow "Fella".
They'd guard the yard both day and night,
"Shadow" took the front gate, "Fella" the back fence of height.

Inside the house, where no one could see,
"Fella" rubbed, played house, did circle 8s around doggie knees.
"Shadow" looked embarrassed, turning brown eyes to me.
A dog loved so much by the cat that was he.

"Big John" will miss him, some evening time.
The four-footed boys laid in the den nights before suppertime.
"John" is thirteen, and "Shadow's" eleven.
It may not be long till their trip to Critter Heaven.

"Angel" doesn't need to see her brother dead.
I'd rather she just think he left the house instead.
But "Shadow" ought to know that "Fella won't be back,
We have two other kitties, but that won't change the fact
That "Fella" won't come for supper tonight.
And it's going to be some time
Before my home feels right.
I've lost my kitty companion, and I've lost my dear friend...

Until we can meet at the Rainbow Bridge.
I'll believe in forever, for as long as I live.

My Prince had the strength and will to get home
And before this night passes he must be dust and bone.
And on this night, with his will I vow
Cigarettes are history. I start living life
A bit differently now.

Sunday, August 12, 2011
Patrice Spurgin

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