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Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #1802524
Will Boblip be able to save his world by obtaining the Crystal?
In 426 years, the world will be divided into two groups: The Robotic Chickens, led by that one guy, Ha Tran, and the Monkey People, their leaders being the Elder Chimps. The Monkey People were a peaceful group, whil the Robotic Chikns were an aggressive people. They tried to find any way they could to hurt the Monkeys. Because of this, Ha ordered that the Banana Crystal, which kept the Monkey's land lush for food, to be stolen. This order was carred out and the Crystal was hidden deep inside Chikn territory. Without the Crystal, the Monkey People's land started to die off. The Elders knew something had to be done and sent out requests for volunteers to infiltrate Chikn land and get the Crystal back. One courageous little monkey volunteered himself to go and get the Crystal back. This is his story.

Boblip slipped through the trees in the dead of night. As he was hopping from tree to tree, he could see the lights of the compound where the Crystal was being held. Nearing the end of the forest, Boblip was in the air just as the sky opened up and downpoured. The sudden rain slickened the branch Boblip was landing on and as he landed, his legs flew out from under him, sending him down toward the ground and the newly formed mud. Hitting branches on the way down, he reached out with his tail, grabbed a branch and hung for a couple minutes, waiting to see if anyone heard the commotion. To his relief, no one came, and Boblip scurried up the tree to get a better view of the compound.

At the top of the tree, Boblip scanned the compound for guards or personnel. Surprisingly, there was no one, and nothing, on guard. Armed with tons of the chikns' only weakness, Famous Dave Rich and Sassy Barbecue Sauce, he slid down the tree, landed lightly in the mud, and sprinted toward the compound, aiming his dash for the shadows near the walls. As no one was guarding the entrance, Boblip was able to sneak inside the compound with ease. Once inside the compound and out of the rain, Boblip immediately hid inside a room to consult his blueprints of the building and to listen for chikns. After he found the route he wanted to follow, Boblip peeked outside and once again, no one was around. Baffled, Boblip walked to the room where the Crystal was being held, no sneaking or anything. Boblip was again amazed, as when he arrived at the Holding Room, not only was the door open, but the Crystal was in the middle of the room, just sitting there on its own podium.

Being the elite monkey that he was, Boblip was sure that the Crystal was surrounded by a bunch of lasers, trapdoor, and other nasty things. But after using up his supply of Acme-brand Laser Finding Powder and Acme-brand Trapdoor Finding Pebbles, Boblip was satisfied that the Crystal was unprotected. Still not taking any chances, Boblip took a flying leap and landed on the podium. As still nothing happened, Boblip turned his attention to the podium. If looks could actually do anything, the podium would have shattered under his gaze. Again happy with what he saw, Boblip started to grab the Crystal.

As his fingers hit the stone, Boblip felt a thin line of something on the outside of the Crystal and his gut lurched in realization. He had spent so much time examining the podium that he hadnt even considered that the Chickens would have booby-trapped the stone. Just as he knew would happen, a siren went off signalling he had taken the stone. Boblip leaped from the podium and landed outside of the room right before the door slammed shut. Taking off down the hallway, Boblip looked up and saw hatches opening up in the ceiling and chikns falling down to intercept him and the Crystal. As the chikns were chasing him down the hallways, Boblip took so many turns that the building turned into a giant maze. Boblip knew he wasn't going to be able to escape so he leaped into the nearest bathroom, not even caring which one.

Locking the door, which he knew wouldn't hold for long, Boblip raced to a stall and flushed the Crystal down, thinking that maybe its powers could work in the sewers. He then braced himself against the side of the room away from the door and waited. The door burst in, completely off its hinges and chikns flooded the room. Boblip snapped out his gun and fired away. One by one, they fell with more and more bursts of barbeque. He must have taken out hundreds of the chikns but there were just too many. His sauce ran low, sputtered a bit, and then ran out. Boblip tried to use his knowlege of martial arts but that didn't help. Any chikns he knocked down just got right back up again. Eventually Boblip got tired and the chickens swarmed him. Peck after peck assaulted his body and everything became hazy as his sense of reality was lost.........

"Game over", flashed the screen in big red letters. " Crap! Thats the 4th time today! Stupid, stupid, stupid...." wailed the human, smacking his forehead. He the turned off the console and, after doing an epic facepalm one more time, left the room
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