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a short article on the importance of being the person you really are
Be who you are…..

Voices around us overwhelm us to the point that we tend to loose ours . Why do we feel this incessant need for the approval of the world . Are we really being fair to ourselves when we allow others to dictate the terms of life to us . Is it the fear of not being accepted

or being slotted that prevents us from saying what we want , doing what we love to do , following a lifestyle we wish to follow , shouting out to the world that this is what I truly am……..We are so plagued with self doubt and so overridden with fear that before we realize , our own true identity is snatched away from us.

                    Truly bewildering is our continuous refusal to acknowledge who we truly

are and instead of embracing one’s own true identity we simply pass our life in self denial . How many of us are truly unabashed to be who we are in a society that sees  everything as black and white  and judges everyone on the basis of how they look, how they dress and even who they choose to be with. Does that mean that it is absolutely necessary  for us to justify our every  action  to the people around us .

                The truth is society will always be critical and overbearing and that will not change in a course of a day or a month or even an year, what is most important in any individuals life is to find happiness and satisfaction in doing what they do and acceptance will come your way sooner or later . We must remember that the society in itself is not without its faults and hence we must not give them the power to judge our flaws. In the end have immense faith in who you are and learn to live on your own terms…

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