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Rated: E · Non-fiction · Biographical · #1803180
haunting, ghosts
“Guinea! Get out of the bathroom!”  I yelled at the dog shadow peeking out of the bathroom door down the dark hallway.  My wife looks at me strangely, “did you just see Guinea in the bathroom?”

“Yay, she stuck her head out when I yelled at her”

“What did she look like?”

“What do you mean? She looked like Guinea looking at me”

“You say her face? “

“No just her shadow, why”

“Look in the bedroom”

I swung my head around to find both of our dogs sleeping on the bed.  I was standing between the bathroom and the bedroom and no dog had passed me while my wife and I spoke.  I just looked at my wife questioningly, I didn’t understand.

“You must of seen Sam, he was the same height as Guinness”

“Who is Sam?”

“He was Grandma and Grandad’s golden retriever who died in the house years ago when my uncle committed suicide”

I knew about the uncle’s suicide when we moved into the house to Grandma’s house to help take care of her, as her dementia gets worse.  The uncle was depressed and shut the garage door and turned on the car, he didn’t think about the fact that the garage opens up into the house and the family dog was the only one home at the time.  They both passed silently into the house.

We have now been living in the house for just over 2 years; there have been many quiet whispers of spirits passed.  Grandma talks to her late husband in the dark of the nights, unliked nurses get locked out of the house when they run out to their car for something.  On anniversaries pictures move or Grandma gets very talkative or sleeps through the day.  I see flickers out the corner of my eyes and I hear little whispers of voices in empty rooms.  Guinness, our deaf dog, plays with Sam often.  Out of nowhere she will jump into the middle of the room and start playing like there is another dog there but there isn’t.  Our little rescue min pin sees things in the walls and backs at them even though there is nothing there.

I know that I live in a house that has shelter happy spirits and sad ones; I chose to respect them and to acknowledge them when they show themselves through shadows, whispers or thoughts, I only ask the same from them.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1803180