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by Rhyssa
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something slightly insane: written for a BAD poetry contest
the rain is drenching down
like little drops of water falling from the sky
and landing like splashes of water
in puddles
and on my flowers
I have lots of flowers
some red and some blue
and some pink
because I like pink
especially the pink of bubblegum
which kind of reminds me of stomach medicine
and makes me feel more ill
whenever I smell it
but my flowers don’t smell at all of stomach medicine
they are like floral perfume
the good kind that
my boyfriend got me last valentine’s
that I never wear
because we broke up two weeks later
and so it makes me cry
but my flowers don’t make me cry
they’re so pretty
as they welcome me home
like a parade of flower beds
in the rain
that I can hardly see
because I have to use my umbrella
which isn’t pink at all
but has a ruffle
and makes me happy
which is why
I wrote this poem about
my flowers
they look so pretty
in the rain
or they would if it wasn't raining
quite so hard

line count: 37
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