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Sometimes it's better to look inside than out.
Just fishing, that's all that we ever do,
but fishing inside is much better for you.

A siren, a mermaid, one sent from below,
the ones you should love, not some scary shadow.

Looking for people that look like the stars,
can badly adapt just who you really are.

But to look, and to listen, and feel what's inside,
means there is much less that you need to hide.

How far can you run? How much can you think?
Just how much water do you have to drink?

We've all got our problems, and our ways to cope,
but daring to dream gives each one of us hope.

If you think and never act,
you'll scare some folks with games like that.

But if you wait for your right time,
you'll find the hill is much easier to climb.
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