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a short writing about the wonders of music and the power it holds over people.
Music is by far one of the most influencing forces on earth. No other man-made form of expression is as awe inspiring or captivating as music. Every  type of music influences human kind. From classical, to R&B,Rock to Heavy metal,Pop to country and everything in between, music inspires us, comforts us, gives us a sense of who we are as human beings. Without music, without the freedom that it gives us human beings, the freedom to express ourselves, the freedom to let out our emotions through, the freedom to let our ideals be heard through it, what would become of us? I should dare ask, without music, would we as a race of sentient beings be better off? I should think not. Music gives us freedom. it liberates us from our daily lives. It frees our minds and lets us speak our minds. Without music, i myself would have to say that i would be driven mad. and i am confident that others would say the same. Billy Joel once said "I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music." and i believe that he is right. music is i believe one of the few things that can truly give solace to a person. I know that i certainly do. when i am sad, i dont turn to people, i turn to classical music that reverberates how i feel. if i am angry, i turn on a rock cd and let the music take away my anger. music helps me express my self. As it does others. the next time you turn on the radio or your ipod or put a cd in, dont just listen to the music, absorb it, and let it sink into your soul.
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