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Essay written to persuade readers to try volunteering
Give a Little Bit

Who wants to waste their time hanging around boring old people, stacking books, raking leaves, cleaning toilets, or serving meals? Would you rather spend some time learning to do better what you already like to do? If you rather not be bothered with volunteering, give it a closer look and see how much you would benefit. Volunteering benefits everyone involved when the right volunteer is matched to a suitable project. Personal development, job opportunities, recommendations, and meeting new people make volunteering a valuable feat. The benefits of volunteering may not seem significant at first sight, but a closer look may provide proof of its worth.

Picture yourself as the key to the kind of society you want to grow up in. Volunteering allows you to be the change you want to see in the world. Although one person can’t solve all the world’s problems, each person can make a little piece of their world a bit better. In the process of being a noble citizen you reap bountiful rewards: fun, achievement, self-esteem, and meeting people of the opposite sex (to name a few). All these things can be included in your volunteering experience. Volunteering in an area of interest allows you to meet people and make personal as well as professional connections. In addition to socializing, volunteer experience can lead you to lead you to discover a hobby or interest you were unaware of. Without a doubt, volunteering provides the opportunity for personal development and a well-rounded view of life.

Not only does it lead to individual maturity, volunteering can aid in future lifelong endeavors. Whether you want to get a college education, start a career, or see where life takes you, volunteering can be that stepping stone or guide. Volunteering is a good way to cultivate your interests and develop the stature that businesses and colleges are looking for. Surveys show that: employers would recruit a candidate with volunteering experience over one without it, employers believe that volunteering can add to skills, and employees who volunteered to learn new skills had benefited either by getting their first job, improving their salary, or being promoted . Volunteering is a perfect way to explore career fields of interests, especially for those looking to make a career change or enter the workforce for the first time. These experiences go a long way to showing people what you are like outside the environment in which they have usual contact with you. Volunteering can spear you in the right direction, helping you to answer the big question of what to do with your life. Not only do you learn about yourself and build your character, you set yourself up for success by exploring avenues that you want to take as an adult.

In order to benefit from volunteering it does not have to be time consuming and boring, but it does need to be meaningful to you. Whether it is one hour or 20 hours a week, each contribution can make a difference. Some volunteer experiences can be done sporadically like yard cleaning, visiting the elderly, helping at the library, supporting a community event, or cleaning up litter; other experiences may require formal training and bigger commitments for months to a year. Small contributions can come in the form of babysitting someone’s child so they can go to work or school. Babysitting is a great form of community service because it can lead to a family being self-supporting. Babysitting can teach time management, organization, child development, and multitasking. Each experience is what you make it and what you take from it. Something as small as yard cleaning can lead to a landscaping business for one person or just be a pain in the behind for another. The goal is to make each experience significant no relevant to your success. It does not take a lot of time nor arduous effort to make an impact and reap the rewards.

One organization that needs assistance is Encourage Tomorrow. Through hands-on learning activities, their programs focuses on improving students’ attitudes towards school, their work and personal habits, as well as their attendance and academic achievement. This is a good opportunity for those who may be interested in social work, teaching, child development, making friends, or mentoring. Whether you decide to give this organization a chance or go with something completely unrelated, it’s important to choose something that you will enjoy. Volunteering doesn’t have to be time consuming, it just needs to be rewarding.

For some, the words volunteer and community service probably produce a team of negative reactions that make eyes glaze over. This need not be the case, whether you are making giant leaps and bounds or making small effectual contributions, you can benefit yourself and your community if you chose the right effort to get involved with. Volunteering is a great way to build yourself personally into the thriving person you want to be. It’s a great means of making friends, finding interests, exploring careers, preparing for college, and preparing for life. Volunteering affords many opportunities for those willing to explore such avenues, so take charge of a volunteering experience and see what it has to offer you.
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