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We make sure we have everything when we pack to move, but are we really ready?
As I stand and look about,
I see what use to be home.
Boxes all taped and stacked,
And all breakable items are bubble wrapped,
Time stands still,a chapter of life complete,
Now to take the big step of leaving it all behind.
  Looking very carefully closets,cabinets,and all around,
Making sure nothing is missed,nothing to be found.
"Load it all up", I hear them say,
It's time to leave this home and move away.
  Hearing those words, I can't help but think,
Is everyone really ready, are they clear on what's at stake?
This world is not our permanant dwelling place,
Eternity is in our near future, and soon we'll be gone,
All these earthly vessels will be empty and vacant.
It'll be paradise in Heaven or Hell with an eternal moan.
Have we took the time to take complete inventory?
Or within ourselves have we become complacent?
Moving time is coming, and it's coming soon,
It's time to look in our closets and cabinets too,
Just to make sure that nothing is forgotten and sin is forgiven.
Get all packed up, and make sure you got it all,
Because friend, it won't be much longer and it will all be gone.
Jesus is on His way and it'll soon be all over,
There'll be no last minute prayer to get it under cover.
Fill your boxes fast, wrapped, taped and stacked,
We're fixing to hear the Lord say, "load it all up",
And what we all know now will all be past.
Come on everybody, moving day is almost here,
Hurry,make haste, time is running out.
Moving day is at hand, and Jesus will soon appear.
Don't get caught unpacked and unprepared,
Eternity can be what we dreamed of or what we all feared.
  by Tori Smith 8/22/2011
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