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anew way of looking at things

A little alternative booking advice in reference to the punk Cena situation.

“ What if…”

I have decided to take a new approach at it so bare with me please. In order to avoid the nonsense that was last Monday night in which Rey Mysterio was champ for a little over an hour, what if you kept Punk off TV for more then a week or two. What if you had him do some actual Indy dates and I don’t knowable Wrestle someone.

If the regime change is real, which I’m not entirely convinced that it is, then having Punk confront CEO Son in Law at Comic con in front of Mattel execs is a good sign that they are thinking outside the box . But then the next week he is right back on the show and they hang the new belt back on superman again. Smells like a last minute Vince Rewrite to me .  If your going to have him on Raw that quickly , have him in street cloths and in the front row of the crowd. Or better yet have him  behind the announce table and Mic him

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