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Story take place in Athens, Greece sixty-thousands in the future. Women of Athens, Greece.
{I had to  reinvent this story, the just start this new thing: I have not developed the characters or plot yet. I hope I can create a cool experimental tale. My idea is a story of culture in Athens, Greece  that is a utopian  society run by women. The women in this society decide to explore the isolated pockets of civilization that have been ravaged by war and conquest. Their mission  is to give the  people knowledge overcame their war-torn past, to learn ways to protect themselves without resort to more bloodshed and violence. I am eager for help in making this experimental tale

that will span through centuries in the future.

    Tabitha Evergreen  is red-haired Irish  lady of spirit  who is  who gained  respect in the community of The New Women's  Athens; she is a part-time citizen due to spending summers in her native land of Ireland. Tabitha,s work as a cultural archeologist

  Helped the Athenian women bridge the societal barriers  and establish free trade of gold in her country Gold is the currency  of the whole country Of Greece.  Tabitha Evergreen a woman of late thirties,  healthy fit, good stamina, strong mental alertness.,Therefore, she loves paint in her spare time.  Tabitha,s assistant  Anastasia

Land-craft is  the  direct descendant of Natasha, the founder of The New Women,s Athens over sixty thousand years ago long.  Anastasia,s clan  traces their heritage through the maternal line.  The tribe beginning  developed from  maternal-local then  evolved into a matriarchal  society  inspired by the influence of Natasha,s

Control prevent her land from  a terrifying nuclear war by creating a solar-power force-field that employ radiation-proof material  acting like fireproof vest preventing an atomic bomb from  weakening the field of protection. Greece,s  effort proved successful resulting in isolation  triggering  a self- sufficient with no welfare  state:: People were required  to work in the community  regardless of status.

    The conflict in the Fantastic Journey is between different cultures that corruption and oppression had taken root  that threaten to undermine  the mission of Tabitha Evergreen and her crew. Some of the women are  from warrior tribes in which the outside world has never deciphered their language. Their technology is primitive, which causes discord and miscommunications from technological advanced civilization.  The  team,s purpose to observe, study,  teach peoples  they encounter  new skills to improve their community, medicine, literacy, family life, environment, other essentials of  diverse communities and their issues.  Tabitha encounter an unusual  statue in the less advanced tribe.
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